Zenitsu’s Super-Fast Moves in Demon Slayer: Explained Simply!

If you love Demon Slayer, you’ve probably seen Zenitsu Agatsuma in action. At first, people didn’t like him much because he was scared of demons. But when he showed off his skills, everyone fell in love with him. Let’s dive into how fast his attacks are!

Zenitsu’s Journey: From Scaredy-Cat to Hero

Zenitsu used to be scared, but things changed. In season 1, he wowed everyone with cool moves, making him a hero. Fans couldn’t get enough of his exciting fighting style.

The Thunderclap and Flash: Quick and Flashy!

Zenitsu’s main attack, the Thunderclap and Flash, became famous. It’s tough to measure anime character speeds, but someone translated a board on Hulu that said Zenitsu moves at about 171.2 kilometers per hour. That’s faster than many other demon fighters!

Godspeed Unleashed: The Extra Cool Part

In another part of the show, Zenitsu used a super-fast version of his Thunderclap and Flash move called “Godspeed.” Even though we don’t know exactly how fast, it looked awesome, and fans wondered if Zenitsu became the fastest demon hunter ever.

Beating the Big Demon: Zenitsu’s Incredible Speed

Zenitsu surprised everyone by beating a powerful demon named Kaigaku really quickly. Even though Kaigaku was tough and had special powers, Zenitsu was even faster. It’s like Zenitsu’s super-fast move, Godspeed, is 2-3 times quicker than his regular attack.


Zenitsu Agatsuma went from being scared to becoming one of the fastest in Demon Slayer. Even if we don’t know the exact speeds, watching Zenitsu’s amazing moves on screen is enough to show that he’s a super speedy demon hunter!

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