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Yuko Ando Reveals Attack on Titan Inspired Songs on Her Latest Album

Yuko Ando, singer and songwriter well-known to anime fans for Sixth Assault on Titan ED (titled “Shogeki/Shock“), revealed that her most trendy album contains 2 extra songs that had been impressed by the licensed series. The two songs are “Goodbye Halo” and “Mori no Kora/Children of the Woodland“. The artist also talked in regards to the missing line from the “Shogeki“.

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Yuko Ando

Yuko Ando’s most trendy album “Kongtong Recordings” came out in November 2021, however on the time there was once no indication that the songs in request had been linked to the Assault on Titan universe. Alternatively, the artist now admits that she wrote them after studying the manga and that the connection is “glaring from the lyrics”. As many fans pointed out, “Goodbye Halo” is set Mikasa and Eren. The song talks about a pair “stepping on the rhythm of time and dancing to freedom” all whereas being led in direction of a “predetermined dwell”.

Goodbye Halo

Truly, I was once thinking of rising a darker song on the initiating.

The final song of the album ‘Shock/Shogeki’ is the ending theme song of the ‘Assault on Titan: Final Season Fragment 1’. When the final volume of the Assault on Titan series was once revealed I felt that I needed to bag a song that can conceal the genuine ending of the story. Then I created the “Goodbye Halo”. So when I began making “Your total itsy-bitsy issues” [the first track on the album] I was once thinking of conserving the identical tone of self-refelection that “Goodbye Halo” has.

Yuko Ando, Kyodo Osaka Interview

Tune “Children of the Woodland/Mori no Kora” shares a title with the 72nd episode/111th chapter of the Assault on Titan series. Lyrics mainly consist out of questions: “What was once the final thing you acknowledged?… If it’s a mistake, what distinction does it fabricate?… Will we ever bag out of the woods?… Whose title did you name final?“.

Mori no Kora/Children of the Woodland

Yuko Ando’s most trendy album may perhaps perchance additionally additionally be streamed and obtained online.

The Missing Line from Assault on Titan’s “Shogeki/Shock”

The one and the tune video for “Shogeki/Shock” had been out in fleshy on February 3, 2021, midway by the Assault on Titan: Final Season Fragment 1 crawl. Alternatively, with the birth of “Kongtong Recordings,” an album model of the song showed up. After studying the ending of the manga Yuko Ando went wait on and recorded the song yet all over again, adding a additional line on the dwell and increasing the note by 30 seconds. The phenomenal tune video doesn’t to find the additional line, even though it is incorporated in the description. Alternatively, the prolonged model that is offered on the Spotify birth of the album does. Spoilers ahead!

Shogeki – Legitimate Video

The missing line from “Shogeki” is: “Ship the time wait on one 2nd, to sooner than he disappeared” and can additionally be heard on the very dwell of the song:

Shogeki – Album Version

You would to find Yuko Ando on her phenomenal web map, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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Featured image: Assault on Titan: Final Season Fragment 1 ED, ©Hajime Isayama, Kodansha/”ATTACK ON TITAN” The Final Season Production Committee

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