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Yuki Kaji Found Episode 80 One of the Hardest While Voicing Eren

Yuki Kaji, the Jap narrate of Eren Yeager, tweeted earlier than episode 80 of Assault on Titan, mentioning that this used to be the “scariest” episode for him to this point and that he couldn’t factor in how the completed episode would stumble on. Episode 80, titled “From You, 2,000 Years In the past” will air later nowadays in Japan, and would possibly soundless be readily available to fling in a international country at 12: 45 pm PST.

Yuki Kaji, most spicy identified for his roles in Assault on Titan, My Hero Academia, The Seven Lethal Sins, and more, tweeted the next whereas reposting the preview for the upcoming episode:

This day at 24: 05, original episode of Assault on Titan airs.

The episode that I couldn’t think in regards to the ideal system to invent.

The episode I couldn’t resolve out what to invent in.

I couldn’t factor in how the episode would flip out.

It used to be additionally the episode at some level of which I lost my narrate more than any other time I’ve performed Eren.

It’s hard to factor in and frightening, nonetheless please.

Yuki Kaji’s Favorable Twitter, Comment on episode 80 of Assault on Titan

The official web dwelling for the Assault on Titan anime describes the achieve of episode 80 as:

Here’s the memoir of these that maintain been resisting, battling, and advancing for two thousand years. Who used to be it that started the memoir? Eren speaks to Ymir, the founder who keeps on strolling, “You’ve been looking ahead to this. You’ve been waiting… For 2 thousand years. For any individual.

Offer: Yuki Kaji’s Favorable Twitter

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