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Yellowjackets: Where Else You’ve Seen The Cast


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By Kevin Enormous/Jan. 15, 2022 4: 57 pm EST

Showtime’s coming-of-age drama meets survival-horror-thriller “Yellowjackets” has taken the enviornment of top rate cable by storm and is making us use the final hyphens. The model-spanning hit tells the yarn of the surviving contributors of the titular girls excessive college soccer crew whose plane crashed on their formulation to compete within the national championship match in Seattle, Washington. As followers of the sequence know, the crew change into once stranded within the Canadian desolate tract after inclement weather resulted in the pilot to divert from their flight route sooner than the plane crashed. Fortunately, the majority of the passengers survived, nonetheless then — unbeknownst to all nonetheless undoubtedly one of the most survivors — the flight files recorder is destroyed, disabling the plane’s tracking beacon. And whilst you imagine excessive college girls and pupil athletes were cutthroat to starting up with — pun supposed — issues are about to procure worse.

Equal ingredients “Mean Ladies” and “Lord of the Flies,” “Yellowjackets” flashes backward to 1996 and forward to conceal day to detail the drama between folks who survived the wreck and folks who survived their time within the desolate tract. In spite of the complete lot, it’s one thing to flee the wreckage of a burning plane; it’s one thing else fully to flee a tribe of hungry cannibals once no other alternatives exist for food.

The premise can also merely gentle appear acquainted for those accustomed to the aforementioned works, the Donner Celebration, or Miracle Flight 571, nonetheless that’s now not the ultimate recognizable section of the conceal — the solid is stacked with actors viewers can also merely gentle know from their respective filmographies. As followers expect the unencumber of “Yellowjackets” Season 2, here’s the put you’ve viewed the conceal’s solid sooner than.

Melanie Lynskey plays adult Shauna

Michael Courtney/Showtime

Actor Melanie Lynskey plays the adult model of Shauna, the ultimate buddy of the crew’s captain, Jackie. She managed to survive the wreck and the craziness that followed, rising again into society as a teen mother, courtesy of the dinky one she’d been unwittingly carrying when the plane went down. Whereas her day-to-day can also appear corresponding to that of the average suburban housewife, Shauna has a lot more going on underneath the ground than someone who is aware of her — her husband, Jeff; her daughter, Callie; her fellow survivors — can also merely realize. When Shauna exchanges particulars with a younger man after they procure into a fender bender and uses his number for more than correct an insurance coverage relate, she learns issues about herself even she never knew.

Lynskey must be true now recognizable to followers of “Two and a Half Males” because the habitual personality Rose. A broken-down one night stand of lead personality Charlie Harper (Charlie Sheen), Rose is a adorable stalker whose doe-eyed obsession with Charlie is as candy because it’s a long way traumatic. Showing within the conceal’s pilot, Lynskey in some map became a series regular and persisted to create visitor appearances except the finale of “Two and a Half Males.” 

More currently, Lynskey appeared in 2021’s “Don’t Gawk Up” as June Mindy, the spouse of Leonardo DiCaprio’s Dr. Randall Mindy. Early on in her career, she appeared as Jacqueline, the much less-evil stepsister to Drew Barrymore’s Danielle within the Cinderella adaptation “Ever After.” Lynskey made her film debut in 1994, acting alongside Kate Winslet in director Peter Jackson’s psychological thriller “Beautiful Creatures.”

Christina Ricci plays adult Misty

Kailey Schwerman/Showtime

Everyone’s favourite psycho survivor and equipment manager Misty is brought to existence as an adult by worn actor Christina Ricci. She’s adopted a restful existence after returning to civilization along with her fellow survivors, working as a nurse in an assisted living facility and pocketing the final meds she would possibly perhaps perhaps perhaps ever want. With regards to relaxing, she’s an correct crime addict and locations her wits to use with an online network of fellow crime solvers. Optimistically she has better reliable fortune along with her ardour than she does with dating, given the failed day out viewers explore.

Ricci is identified for a form of film appearances in her childhood, with the section of Wednesday Addams within the 1991 comedy, “The Addams Family,” serving as her breakthrough characteristic. She went on to reprise the characteristic in 1993 for “Addams Family Values” and then starred as Kat Harvey within the characteristic length “Casper,” a movie relating to the titular estimable ghost. In 1998, Ricci shifted to more adult-oriented films, exhibiting because the Barbra Streisand-obsessed Lucy in “Concern and Loathing in Las Vegas” alongside Johnny Depp and Benicio Del Toro. A three hundred and sixty five days later, Ricci one more time figured out herself working alongside Depp, exhibiting because the superior witch Katrina Van Tassel within the Headless Horseman movie “Sleepy Gap.”

Taking part in one thing of a career revival, Ricci starred as lead personality Maggie Ryan within the 2012 duration drama sequence “Pan Am” sooner than producing and starring within the title characteristic of “The Lizzie Borden Chronicles,” a restricted sequence, in 2015.

Tawny Cypress plays adult Taissa

Kailey Schwerman/Showtime

Actor Tawny Cypress brings the adult Taissa to existence in “Yellowjackets.” Despite the survivors who made it again to society seemingly agreeing to achieve their most fantastic to halt out of the spotlight, Taissa has as an different thrust herself into it fully, looking out for out election to the Fresh Jersey issue senate. Dubbed the “unusual Kamala” by her political consultant, on the ground Taissa is happily married to her ultimate spouse, Simone, with whom she raises their son Sammy. But, powerful take care of Shauna, she has some necessary darkness lurking underneath the ground; whereas both girls folks maintain seemingly reintegrated into society unscathed by their ordeal within the plane wreck, they themselves know that’s removed from the very fact.

Cypress joined the solid of “Heroes” for its first season in 2006, taking on the characteristic of Sophie Deveaux, the girlfriend of heroin addict and artist Isaac Mendez, whose artwork appear to conceal the future for the titular expansive-powered folks. A three hundred and sixty five days later, she change into once again on Fox airwaves as a habitual personality on the crime drama “Adequate-ville”; Cypress performed officer Ginger “Love Tap” LeBeau on the conceal that followed Fresh Orleans police within the years following Typhoon Katrina. In 2013 she joined the solid of the CBS procedural “Unforgettable,” playing a supporting characteristic as broken-down FBI agent-became-NYPD detective Cherie Rollins-Murray. Cypress additionally appeared on the hit NBC thriller “The Blacklist” as Nez Rowan, a broken-down special forces operator became mercenary; she reprised the characteristic for the ill-fated spinoff “The Blacklist: Redemption.” Cypress additionally appeared in two episode of “Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt for the Bone Collector” as Naia, the title personality’s broken-down fiancee.

Juliette Lewis plays adult Natalie

Kailey Schwerman/Showtime

Edgy and drug-estimable, Natalie served because the crew’s maverick outsider. Dropped at existence as an adult by actor Juliette Lewis, Nat falls prey to substance abuse after the girls’ harrowing ordeal within the wild and does plenty of stints in rehab. Having been dragged for her alleged promiscuity as a teen, adult Natalie isn’t fearful of the use of her female wiles to procure what she wants all over looking out into broken-down flame Travis’ death, an obvious suicide she and her fellow survivors imagine change into once execute. She’s rather of a unfastened cannon, which is why Taissa paid for her most up-to-date rehab stint and Misty proficient her a fraction of decor with a hidden camera — well, the latter can also want been more to achieve with the very fact that Misty is a snoop.

Lewis has made her career playing complex and complex roles. Her gigantic damage got here within the 1991 remake of “Cape Concern,” in which she plays Danielle, the teenage daughter of lawyer Sam Bowden (Cleave Nolte), whose family is being stalked and harassed by Max Cady (Robert De Niro), a broken-down shopper who spent 14 years in penitentiary for statutory rape. Admire Christina Ricci, she additionally made a most stylish ’90s movie with Johnny Depp: “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?” Lewis performed Becky, an eccentric young lady whose family’s trailer breaks down within the title personality’s puny farm-belt fatherland. She gained further acclaim exhibiting as Kate fuller within the Quentin Tarantino-penned, Robert Rodriguez-directed vampire romp “From Nightfall except Spoil of day.” Starting up in 2015, Lewis appeared within the lead characteristic of Detective Andrea Cornell within the ABC mystery sequence “Secrets and tactics and Lies.”

Sophie Nelisse plays teen Shauna

Kailey Schwerman/Showtime

No longer unlike her adult counterpart, teenaged Shauna, as performed by actor Sophie Nelisse, has some secrets and tactics. For starters, she seems to harbor unrequited romantic emotions for her most fantastic buddy, Jackie. As young folks are wont to achieve, she chose to handle those emotions by doing one thing monotonous and reckless; in Shauna’s case, that technique drowsing with Jackie’s boyfriend, Jeff. As a result of this tryst, she turns into pregnant, one thing she most fantastic figures out after the plane crashes. Her secret isn’t stable for lengthy, because the different girls slowly pick on. Fortunately, Shauna’s got plausible deniability as to whom the father is; despite the complete lot, it’s now not take care of someone’s in a region to disprove her lie out within the Canadian desolate tract. But Jackie, the closing particular person she’d ever are looking out for to understand, correct happens to read her diary, thereby finding out her most fantastic buddy’s darkish secret and affecting their friendship.

Admire most of her younger cohorts, Nelisse has fewer acting credits on her resume than more established and older actors within the again of the adult versions of their respective characters. She does, on the different hand, maintain a necessary feather in her cap from her childhood: the starring characteristic within the adaptation of “The E book Thief.” Nelisse stars as Liesel Meminger, an illiterate lady whose foster father teaches her to read in 1930s Munich underneath Nazi Germany. In 2014’s “Pawn Sacrifice,” a biographical drama about American chess grandmaster Bobby Fischer, she plays a younger model of Joan, Fischer’s eventual spouse.

Samantha Hanratty plays teen Misty

Kailey Schwerman/Showtime

Oh Misty, you incorrigible dinky scamp. The topic of bullying in pre-wreck existence, Misty, as performed by actor Samantha Hanratty, undoubtedly comes into her possess when the crew’s plane goes down, courtesy of her survivor talents, files of identical old clinical care, and the willingness to create indispensable sacrifices take care of reducing off the assistant coach’s leg to free him from being pinned underneath the plane’s fly. With each passing day, the wreck survivors attain to lean on and worship Misty more and more, which is probably going exactly what went by means of her head when she smashed the flight files recorder and destroyed the plane’s tracking beacon, thereby making certain her persisted usefulness by fending off rescue. Scramble crew!

Hanratty’s first habitual characteristic on a necessary production began in 2006, when she appeared as Jen Gerhardt, the young daughter of Master Sergeant Mack Gerhardt (Max Martini), in 10 episodes of the CBS defense force motion-drama “The Unit.” Across the identical time, she began a habitual characteristic as young con artists Holly O’Neil on “The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.” Starting up in 2014, Hanratty loved a 12-episode habitual characteristic on the supernatural horror sequence “Salem,” playing the rebellious Dollie Trask, buddy and follower of Mercy Lewis (Elise Eberle). Taking part in further notoriety, she appeared as Kassidi Gallagher, spouse to Carl Gallagher (Ethan Cutkosky) on the Showtime dramedy “Shameless.”

Jasmin Savoy Brown plays teen Taissa

Kailey Schwerman/Showtime

The teen model of Taissa, performed by actor Jasmin Savoy Brown, has secrets and tactics correct take care of her adult counterpart, though within the muse hers are fully innocent. Now not like her adult self, who’s out and embraces her sexuality, young Taissa gentle lives a closeted existence, though it seems glaring a few of her teammates maintain their suspicions — they attain, despite the complete lot, cheer when she and worship curiosity Van (Liv Hewson) at closing maintain a public level to of affection. Van is so smitten with Taissa that she follows her on the seemingly insane and unsuccessful mission to achieve civilization; viewers, clearly, know that they most fantastic create it a single night sooner than Taissa falls asleep on gape accountability and Van loses half of her face in a wolf assault.

“Yellowjackets” isn’t Brown’s first run-around on top rate cable; she appeared as Evie Murphy in Season 2 of HBO’s “The Leftovers.” An epileptic excessive college pupil in Jarden, Texas — a.okay.a. Miracle, since no one from the city disappeared within the Sudden Departure — Evie goes lacking, faking a disappearance to join the Responsible Remnant. Brown loved a major solid characteristic within the ABC like minded drama “For the Of us,” taking on the section of federal public defender Allison Adams for all 20 episodes of the conceal’s two seasons. She additionally took on the lead characteristic of spree killer Alexis Reeves within the 2021 indie slasher film “Sound of Violence.” 

Sophie Thatcher plays teen Natalie

The teenage model of Natalie, portrayed by actor Sophie Thatcher, is correct as insouciant as her adult counterpart. Anti-social and seemingly proof against search stress and social norms, Natalie’s the one most folk would possibly perhaps seek files from to be within the again of a neighborhood to gain out a teammate who doesn’t maintain what it takes, now not the particular person vehemently antagonistic to the premise. She lives in a trailer park and has a few of the personality traits associated to the negative stereotype of such a particular person. Natalie smokes and he or she’s believed to be promiscuous, nonetheless she happens to be at hand with a rifle. Unfortunately, she’s got a darkish little bit of historical past tied to guns, one thing that clearly sticks along with her as she and Travis look to aid the survivors fed with whatever they space as a lot as shoot.

Thatcher has managed to gain on some attention-grabbing ingredients in her young career. Within the 2016 sequence adaptation of “The Exorcist,” she performed a young Regan MacNeil, who’d been possessed by the demon Pazuzu within the 1970s horror film of the identical title. She loved a habitual characteristic as homeless child Debra McCormick in “Chicago Med.” and starred alongside “The Mandalorian” actor Pedro Pascal within the 2018 sci-fi flick “Prospect.” 

“Yellowjackets” isn’t Thatcher’s first time playing a teen in a account space within the mid ’90s; she plays Becky Monroe, sister to the ill-fated Chrissy Monroe, on the Quibi execute mystery sequence “When the Streetlights Scramble On.” She additionally seems as Drash, a human member of a avenue gang the title personality recruits to work for him within the third chapter of “The E book of Boba Fett.”

Ella Purnell plays teen Jackie

Kailey Schwerman/Showtime

Crew captain Jackie, as performed by actor Ella Purnell, gifts undoubtedly one of the most more attention-grabbing dilemmas. She’s arguably the biggest personality to survive the plane wreck who doesn’t maintain an adult counterpart in Season 1. It’s no lower than closely implied that she’s the girl who’s stalked and killed within the conceal’s opening sequence within the very first episode; pay shut consideration to the necklace mentioned lady is carrying when the camera rests on it after she falls into the deadfall and likewise you’ll concept it’s the guts necklace Jackie is viewed carrying within the above photograph and all over the sequence. That’s clearly, removed from definitive and in general is a unfounded lead, though it’s now not take care of Jackie hasn’t given the different girls causes to be out to procure her. It’s obvious no one thinks she’s pulling her weight and, on prime of that, she decides to sleeps with Travis so now not to die a virgin and is coldly, utterly indifferent to the map in which it would create Natalie feel.

“Yellowjackets” isn’t Purnell’s first time playing a younger model of a personality as viewed in a flashback; in 2014, she performed a younger model of the title personality in “Maleficent,” the stay-motion, script-flipping retelling of the “Sound asleep Beauty” story. Two years later, she performed the air-manipulating Emma Bloom, worship curiosity to Jake Portman in “Omit Peregrine’s Home for Odd Young folks.” Purnell additionally performed Kate Ward, daughter to protagonist Scott Ward, within the 2021 zombie heist thriller “Military of the Listless.”

Warren Kole plays adult Jeff

Kailey Schwerman/Showtime

Actor Warren Kole takes on the characteristic of adult Jeff, husband to Shauna. Jeff’s now not the brightest crayon within the box and it’s obvious their marriage is in a tough patch. He runs his possess furniture store and, owing to some shady messages and a rather improbable habitual yarn relating to the stock tracking gadget always being on the fritz, Shauna is happy Jeff is dishonest on her. Supplied that their daughter, Callie, is the end result of Jeff dishonest on her most fantastic buddy Jackie along with her and Jeff’s seemingly unresolved emotions for her, it’s understandable that Shauna would possibly perhaps perhaps perhaps feel rather of terrified about their relationship.

Fans of the motion thriller sequence “24” can also merely acknowledge Kole as Particular Agent Brian Gedge, a duplicitous Secret Carrier agent who’s tasked with guarding first gentleman, Henry Taylor, within the conceal’s seventh season. He’s additionally recognizable as Roderick, the buddy and follower of cult leader and escaped serial killer Joe Carroll in Fox’s crime thriller sequence “The Following.” Kole additionally had a habitual characteristic as LAPD Detective Trent Wilkes, boyfriend to deputy district attorney Amanda Taylor on the crime drama “Stalker.”

Kole landed a series main solid characteristic on the law enforcement drama “Shades of Blue” in 2016. As an FBI agent investigating corruption in law enforcement, he served as handler for infamous NYPD cop and informant Harlee Santos (Jennifer Lopez), though his pursuits in her run formulation beyond skilled and change into obsessive. Kole additionally plays habitual personality Detective Mike Rohbin on the darkish dramedy anthology “Why Females Atomize.”

Peter Gadiot plays Adam

Adam, as performed by actor Peter Gadiot, is one thing of a mystery. We know he owns a bodyshop and is rather affected person when someone rear-ends his vehicle and then blames it on him, as evidenced in his meet cute with Shauna. We know he claims to had been an art pupil, though Shauna debunks that white lie simply ample. What we don’t know is why he’s so drawn to a suburban housewife take care of Shauna, one thing Shauna can now not engage herself. Is he her on memoir of her notoriety as a member of the wreck survivors? Is he embedding himself into her existence so as to sell the yarn? Or is he the mysterious blackmailer who’s looking out for to extort money from the different survivors? Could per chance per chance well he merely be the free-keen young man he gifts himself to be?

Fans of “Once Upon a Time” can also merely gentle acknowledge Gadiot from the spinoff, “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.” The actor performed Cyrus, who has genie-take care of powers and serves because the worship curiosity to Alice, who spends many of the conceal attempting to rescue and reunite with him. Gadiot later joined per chance the most valuable solid of “Queen of the South” as James Valdez, mentor and worship curiosity to sequence protagonist and drug queenpin Teresa Mendoza. He’s additionally appeared on the CW sequence “Supergirl,” portraying the magically powered trickster imp Mr. Mxyzptlk, who expresses his worship for the title personality, a.okay.a. Kara Danvers, the first time they meet.

Rekha Sharma plays Jessica

Kailey Schwerman/Showtime

On the ground, Jessica, as performed by actor Rekha Sharma, is correct per chance the most up-to-date in a lengthy line of nosy newshounds who’ve attain knocking to bother the surviving Yellowjackets. Admire folks who got here sooner than her, she’s hoping to pick the scoop of the century so she can repeat the enviornment what undoubtedly came about within the desolate tract so an extended time within the past. If truth be told, Jessica isn’t a reporter at all nonetheless an investigator employed by Taissa. She exams in on her boss’ fellow survivors in portray to check their willingness to express, in portray to be sure she wont maintain to face down any revealed secrets and tactics in her marketing campaign for the Fresh Jersey State Senate. Too atrocious for Jessica that her act is so convincing and Misty comes to imagine she’s the one within the again of the blackmail.

Sharma loved a winning career sooner than joining the solid of “Yellowjackets,” including patching up the solid of “Smallville.” She had a habitual characteristic as Dr. Harden, a doctor on the puny Kansas city’s local clinical institution and gave care to most characters, from Ryan James and Lana Lang to Martha, Jonathan, and Clark Kent. Sharma went on to play Tory Foster, a scientist and private assistant to President Laura Roslin, on the “Battlestar Galactica” revival starting up in 2006. She change into once in a region to combine her trip portraying a doctor and working in science fiction for the characteristic of Dr. Lorelei Tsing, who ran the Harvest project in Season 2 of “The 100.”

Steven Krueger plays Coach Ben

Poor Coach Ben Scott. No longer most fantastic is the Yellowjackets’ assistant coach — performed by actor Steven Krueger — the ultimate adult to survive the plane wreck, he loses his leg within the technique. Unnecessary to philosophize, if it hadn’t been for the short taking into account of Misty, who amputated his leg whereas it change into once pinned underneath some wreckage, he can also merely now not maintain survived at all. However, given how depressed Misty’s glaring crush on him and much less-than refined advances makes him feel, every so incessantly he seemingly needs he had died within the wreck. Given his restricted mobility, it’s now not an enviable residing to be in loco parentis of an entire neighborhood of rebellious teenage girls, as evident by his inability to forestall Laura Lee (Jane Widdop) from attempting to fly the broken down Cessna they conceal within the woods — she even provides insult to hurt by throwing it in his face.

Outdated to his characteristic on “Yellowjackets,” Krueger has a habitual characteristic as Ben Coogan, the eventual ex-boyfriend of Emily Fields, on ABC’s “Somewhat Small Liars.” He later joined the solid of “The Originals” — the “Vampire Diaries” spinoff — in 2013 within the characteristic of Josh Rosza, a vacationer visiting Fresh Orleans who is became into a vampire by main solid personality Marcel Gerard or undoubtedly one of his followers. Krueger joined the solid of “Roswell, Fresh Mexico” in its third season, taking on the characteristic of Heath Tuchman, a fellow researcher and co-employee of Liz Ortecho on the Genoryx labs.

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