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Xavi asks the team for more trade

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Xavi claimed to need to beat Elche and Barcelona did it 'in extremis'. A goal from Nico served to get three more points than necessary and that served to achieve a victory after Elche managed to tie the two goals in one minute with which Barcelona went ahead, the work of Jutglá and Gavi . “Of course I have taken a weight off my shoulders in the situation we are in. We have achieved three gold points. We have understood the game very well, the wingers have been two daggers, the defensive line has been very good but we lack a job . Elche could not run and gets into the game. In the situation we are in, it affects us psychologically …

But they are three fantastic points . We try to reach the model », the technician began explaining.

The victory is a balm after several setbacks that Xavi celebrates. «We hope that this triumph is a turning point . We have complicated the game ourselves. We have been able to score many goals and in the end they have survived because of our mistakes. We have to have more work and have more responsibility, “added the coach, who praised the work of the young people:” Gavi's game is spectacular . He doesn't look like he's 17 but not just him, they all have a lot of personality. They are the future of the team, “said the coach.

Xavi explained what he thought when he saw Elche score two goals in one minute and he tied the game. « Indignation and anger has crossed my mind. I have thought that we have a dynamic in which everything happens to us but also that solutions had to be found. In the end, each game is a final for us and I am happy with the result.

One of the outstanding players of the match was Nico , architect of the triumph. “I have a happy face,” said the midfielder after finishing the game. The youth squad, who scored the winning goal, explained that “with 2-2 we know they were a dangerous rival, things weren't going as we expected but in the end we managed to win. They have had those five or ten good minutes, with their good chances and they have had two chances and they have scored them ». The youth squad was happy and assured that «in the end all the players who are in the first team are just as important , I am not in favor of I agree that only young people support the team. Finally, he showed his ambition: «We will fight first to be among the top four but also for the League because we are Barça and we believe that things will improve much”.

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