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Why you should give away refurbished tech this Christmas

The manufacture and production of electronic devices generates half of the carbon emissions of the electronic sector, in total 4% of the world. The United Nations (UN) has long warned that “the way we produce, consume and dispose of electronic waste is not sustainable.” Refurbished electronics help reduce the amount of electronic waste. Also to reduce the ecological footprint of these devices, both that produced in their manufacture and that generated in their destruction.

Back Market, the first market place dedicated exclusively to refurbished electronics, extends the useful life of thousands of electronic devices. It sells like-new technology — all products are one hundred percent functional — at second-hand prices. Their main motivation is to fight against the amount of tons of electronic waste that are generated each year. This is how Vianney Vaute, co-founder of the company, explains: “The biggest claim of the refurbished is not the price, always below new products, but the savings achieved in raw materials, avoided electronic waste, energy consumption and CO₂ emissions”.

Changing your mind is easy. The brand offers a 30-day trial with the possibility of refunding the money if the customer is not satisfied with the product purchased.

Commitment to a more sustainable world

The pandemic has served to make the world aware of the importance of changing life habits so as not to end the planet. Climate awareness is growing and sustainability has become a priority in most sectors. The technology industry, like many others, can also contribute to this commitment to a better future. “Many people have opted for a new way of consuming somewhat less dirty technology,” says Vaute.

In Spain we welcome renewed electronics. Not only do we like it, but we think it is an excellent option to acquire all kinds of products. “Since Back Market launched this market, the sales volume has only grown, which already seems to us to be a good indicator of the success of this category,” says the co-founder of the sales platform. “More and more customers come to us to buy a mobile phone or AirPods and then return because they decide to go to the refurbished with their electronics,” he says.

In the last two years the number of buyers interested in reconditioned products and the Back Market has been increasing. Most of the clients are between the ages of 18 and 45, “but the community already extends beyond 50,” says Vaute. “The coronavirus crisis has made many of those who doubted have tried online commerce , convinced that it is a purchase option. In the low age spectrum, young people and the generation from 18 to 35, are the most aware of climate change and the environmental impact of our consumption, so we also see reasonable that this sector is attracted by the refurbished ”, He assures.

The brand requires certain levels of reconditioning during the renewal process of the devices to guarantee their quality. More than 25 mandatory checkpoints are reviewed by 'smartphone', laptop, appliance, scooter …

Technology like new fully guaranteed

The reconditioned is not synonymous with second hand. All products sold by Back Market are checked and restored in reconditioning workshops approved and supervised directly by the company. Some of them are located in Spain. Vaute is proud to see how the national network has developed since its launch on the market in 2016, becoming more and more extensive. “On the web we have a section dedicated to local vendors because, for us, it is still very important to prioritize the minimum expense when consuming and, above all, to create local infrastructure, although we are talking about a sector as globalized as technology” , highlights.

The brand requires levels of reconditioning during the device renewal process to guarantee their quality. More than 25 mandatory control points are reviewed per product. If necessary, a part is repaired or replaced by compatible elements. In the case of batteries, their state is verified to meet a minimum level of 85%, and they are replaced by others if not.

“The differences from new products are minimal: all devices are renewed to 100% ready, strict control points are reviewed and then cleaned and packaged with accessories as in new products,” Vaute emphasizes. And he adds: “The advantage of reconditioning is that it can be given to anyone, both those seeking new forms of more responsible consumption and those seeking the latest technology, as they will not see the difference with new products.”

This type of reconditioned and revised products generate less electronic waste, less environmental impact and cost less.

The renovated ones are magical, like Christmas

Back Market's overhauled technology helps fulfill the most technological holiday wishes. The prices of the products are 30 to 70 percent lower than the same premiere item, which certainly makes it easier to buy. There are thousands of gift ideas: smartphones, laptops, appliances, scooters …

Unlike other platforms, all Back Market products have a 24-month warranty. Payment can be made in installments —in three or four installments—, delivery is always included in the final amount and it is possible to take out extra insurance to protect any device from possible breakage and theft. And if there are any incidents, your customer service supports the buyer directly. “This means that even those who are less ecological or not particularly sensitive to the cause may end up opting for these products almost without realizing it,” warns Vaute.

Changing your mind is easy in Back Market. They offer a 30-day trial with the possibility of refunding the money if the customer is not satisfied with the product purchased. The extension of the return period is not linked to a specific number of days, it lasts until January 31 for all products purchased until December 31. “Our message this Christmas is that 'Yours deserve less': less stress, less electronic waste, less environmental impact and less price. Sometimes less is more and in technology this rule continues to be followed ”, declares the co-founder of Back Market. And remember that, although during these holidays it may be interesting to give away renewed technology, in reality “we have every day of the year to buy reconditioned at the best price”.

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