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Why WWE’s Kevin Owens Is The Best WrestleMania 38 Opponent For Stone Cold Steve Austin

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WrestleMania 38 is just around the corner, and amidst rumors that plans for the show were still in flux over the past couple of weeks, the most welcome breaking news possible surfaced. WWE legend “Stone Cold” Steve Austin is making his long-awaited return to the ring for the top-tier pay-per-view event for a presumed match with Kevin Owens. I’m sure there are many former wrestling fans well-aware of Stone Cold Steve Austin’s excellence and his achievements, but probably fewer who know about his opponent, Kevin Owens, and why he deserves to square off against such an icon.

Those who keep current with the wrestling world, however, have a good idea of why Kevin Owens is the perfect choice to take on Stone Cold for his big comeback. Regardless of anyone’s awareness before now, we’re going over the biggest reasons why this is a WWE match for the ages, for fans both new and old.

Stone Cold Is A Huge Kevin Owens Fan

Stone Cold Steve Austin doesn’t always share his opinions about current wrestlers, but he’s made a point to say positive things about Kevin Owens over the years. Austin’s publicly stated he believes the Canadian-born wrestler is a great talent in the ring and has awesome promo-cutting skills (via Sports Illustrated). Austin even gave his blessing for Owens to use the “Stone Cold Stunner” as his finisher, and that’s an incredibly huge deal, considering that few, if any, WWE talents haveused the finisher since Austin’s leaving. (And it’s not like retired athletes gift their signature moves willy nilly.) The fact that Stone Cold came out of retirement for this speaks volumes to his opinion of Kevin Owens, so fans should definitely look forward to a fun time. 

Kevin Owens Is A Huge Stone Cold Fan

One could argue that most current WWE superstars have a special spot in their hearts for Stone Cold Steve Austin, especially considering he serves as the beer-swilling face of the Attitude Era alongside The Rock. Even so, Kevin Owens has spoken often in recent years about his love of Stone Cold, and that half of the reason he does the Stunner as his finisher is as a tribute to the iconic wrestler. In fact, Owens revealed that one reason he utilizes the move without any personalized modifications or twists is to make it clear that he’s using the very same finisher that Stone Cold made famous (via Inside The Ropes). Owens has tons of respect for Austin, which often makes for great chemistry for guys in the ring. Of course, don’t expect to see that respect on Monday Night Raw or at WrestleMania, as Owens is clearly the heel in this matchup. 

Despite Main Event Status, Kevin Owens Has Lacked Big Opportunities Lately

Kevin Owens recently signed a big contract renewal with the WWE, much to the dismay of some fans hoping he’d join AEW for more creative opportunities. The former Universal Champion hasn’t had many titles runs since the start of his WWE career, and while it doesn’t seem like he’ll get another too soon, this might be the next best thing. Owens will likely be the first person to square off against Stone Cold Steve Austin in a match since 2003 (Austin does sporadic WWE appearances and has his own show on Peacock), which is incredible. Win or lose, Owens will be the subject of interest and highlight reels for many wrestling fans around the world, which can always help build a wrestler’s momentum up for a significant title run in the future. Perhaps Stone Cold knows that, which is why he hyped up the ordeal further with this iconic video:

OH HELL [email protected] has accepted @FightOwensFight’s #WrestleMania 38 invitation! 8, 2022

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When it comes to entertaining matches, few can blow the roof off a house with a quality match the way Kevin Owens can. Even his smaller storylines over the years typically appeal to the fandom, mainly because of the exceptional quality he brings vocally to the microphone and technically to the ring. It’s hard not to have high expectations with this match, and with Owens involved, it’s impossible as a wrestling fan to believe he won’t live up to such hopes based on his stellar work in the past. 

Expect more details on Kevin Owens’ upcoming WrestleMania 38 showdown with Stone Cold Steve Austin on Monday Night Raw, which airs over at USA on Mondays at 8:00 p.m. ET. Of course, anyone looking to see some iconic matches from either wrestler should definitely pick up a Peacock premium subscription and revisit some of their most iconic matches. 

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