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Why NCIS Might Need To Bench Torres Soon

Spoilers ahead for the January 24 episode of NCIS Season 19, referred to as “Fight or Flight.”

NCIS has long gone thru a total lot of modifications since the events on the cease of Season 18, with some key contributors of the solid departing, and now these modifications hang caught up with Reduce Torres. “Fight or Flight” was once a tough hour for him, each and each bodily and emotionally, and it’s that that you would be in a position to well judge that NCIS will want to bench him rapidly if issues don’t recuperate with him within the aftermath of losing Gibbs.

Torres already wasn’t taking a ogle so hot when he walked into the device of job to kick off the case of a dumb man, missing laptop laptop, and stolen eyeball, and his fellow agents established that he’s been blowing off plans with them for a whereas. He brushed off every effort from them to search out out what was once coarse, and it factual became more and more trudge that something was once coarse. Even before he feeble an upcoming undercover op as a thinly-veiled excuse to examine out and punch the stuffing out of the night shift’s Agent Sawyer!

Composed, it was once that that you would be in a position to well judge that Torres in actuality did factual want an correct night of sleep and he was once being staunch that there was once nothing deeper coarse… till he dropped some illuminating (and unnerving) feedback to McGee. After taking a excessive ample beating within the undercover combating ring that the referee gave him a shot to faucet out before issues obtained worse, Torres took a number of moments to hang an change with McGee, who was once bigger than moderately taken aback at what Torres was once striking himself thru.

With Parker and Knight looking out at and listening from the surveillance van, and Sawyer looking out to procure some proof whereas all and sundry within the constructing was once distracted by looking out at Torres taking a beating within the ring, McGee requested Torres what he was once doing, asserting that it appeared cherish he was once looking out to internet himself killed. Torres’ response was once aesthetic noteworthy the different of anything that may per chance possibly well wish reassured McGee:

Yeah? So? Who’s left to care?

McGee of direction straight said that he cares and that he wants Torres, even after Torres tried to argue that McGee didn’t want him because he has his have household, and there’s absolutely no disputing his household after a colossal episode earlier this season with a Home Development guest megastar. These feedback may per chance possibly well be troubling coming from him despite the incontrovertible fact that it was once within the protection of a stakeout or aid within the bullpen; pondering that he was once asserting all of this thru a mouthful of blood after being badly beaten and in a place to head in for more, it’s no wonder that all and sundry appeared terrified for Torres.

Clearly, Torres within the extinguish became issues around and obtained the fight, and he misplaced some of his self-negative fire by the time they closed the case, nonetheless that was once moderately a speech to fall within the heart of an undercover operation. His conversation with Palmer did dash successfully ample that it’s that that you would be in a position to well judge he’s on the path to therapeutic, despite the incontrovertible fact that it would accumulate bigger than a pep take into yarn recommendation from really absorb that it’s no longer his fault that one more one in all his father figures left. 

The exit of Gibbs so early in Season 19 hit him very laborious, despite the incontrovertible fact that it didn’t really show too noteworthy till a whereas had passed. Plus, coming so rapidly after the departure of Emily Wickersham as Bishop and Torres’ heartbreak on that front, it really appears cherish he wants a destroy from the job. 

Since Parker was once on the line all over Torres’ undercover meltdown – though Torres did accumulate out his have earpiece – I really contrivance that he would at least existing Torres being compelled to build up a whereas or take into yarn recommendation from Dr. Grace, nonetheless that wasn’t the case. With NCIS as a procedural show, it’s that that you would be in a position to well judge that this really may per chance possibly well be the cease of Torres’ suffering till the subsequent Torres-centric episode. Composed, if there’s even one more episode with Torres spiraling cherish he was once this week, my vote shall be for Parker or Vance to bench Torres long ample to internet his head on straight but again. 

Handiest time will give an explanation for if Torres gets greater from here on out, so preserve on tuning in to CBS on Mondays at 9 p.m. ET to peep what happens subsequent. A crossover is on the contrivance with NCIS: Hawai’i to accumulate Torres and one more character to the Aloha Bid, and plenty quite a lot of alternate choices are on hand within the 2022 TV time desk.

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