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Why Ava Bekker Is The Worst In Chicago Med

The story within the lend a hand of Dr. Ava Bekker’s last descent into a in truth darkish instruct is rooted in her romantic affair with Dr. Connor Rhodes (Colin Donnell). When Rhodes gadgets out to construct a brand unique, hybrid working room at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center, Ava tries to support him raise funds for the unique endeavor … by snoozing with Connor’s prosperous dad. At this point, Rhodes is already starting up to establish out and cool things off with Ava, causing her to react with some unsettling push-lend a hand, refusing to receive no for an acknowledge. But that only hints at the traumatic behavior to achieve.

Then, within the Season 5 premiere episode “In no procedure Going Aid to Frequent,” the scenario at closing drives Bekker to establish out and receive Rhodes’s affection by taking an fully drastic step: she uses gruesome insulin to break his father, then explains she did it so she and Connor might per chance presumably at closing be collectively. When Rhodes, predictably, recoils in fright at this and rejects her, Ava takes her uncover life. 

Fans on Reddit had been fleet to vent their emotions concerning the character’s treatment on the point to. In a dialogue titled “Ava bekker used to be ruined by the writers and drastically changed to [an obsessive psycho],” Redditor u/REalneverwaits81 complained, “It used to be fancy her [conscience] disappeared in a single day along with her ethical intentions, [level-headedness] and rationality.” User u/HAlbright202 felt the alternate in Ava used to be too vulgar to tolerate for themselves and other fans, writing “For pretty heaps of folks including myself it’s the 2d I [stopped] actively watching unique episodes.” And while it’s sure that about a of the characters on the point to gift a unfold of unprofessional habits, Ava Bekker’s murderously psychotic damage makes her a high contender for being the very worst in “Chicago Med.”

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