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Who Really Inspired Jennifer Lawrence’s Character In Don’t Look Up?


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By Sydney Baum Haines/Jan. 9, 2022 4: 44 pm EST

Amidst a star-studded ensemble cast, Ph.D. candidate Kate Dibiasky (Jennifer Lawrence) and Dr. Randall Mindy (Leonardo DiCaprio) are the coronary heart of “Don’t Gaze Up.” After they uncover about a comet headed for an exact now collision with Earth in only six months, the movie charts their plug from Hawaii’s Mauna Kea Observatory to the White House to a tiny feast at the tip of the realm. Along the vogue, they’re forced into an depressed spotlight, beneath which they fight to discuss the divulge of affairs, and procure themselves diverging in opposite directions as Randall turns into a media darling and Kate is derided and sidelined.

With so extraordinary of the memoir primarily based completely completely in science and about scientists, director and screenwriter Adam McKay consulted Dr. Amy Mainzer, a professor in the Lunar and Planetary Lab at the College of Arizona — NASA describes her as “one in every of the realm’s leading scientists in asteroid detection and planetary defense.” She weighed in on everything from the perspective of a scientist to the accuracy of the comet’s depiction to the creation of Kate, who is Lawrence as we’ve never considered her sooner than: With dyed red hair and short, blunt bangs, she’s the preferrred image of a groovy young scientist.

Astronomer Dr. Amy Mainzer consulted with Jennifer Lawrence

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Photos

While Kate Dibiaski used to be supernovas for research on the expansion of the universe when she found out the comet, Dr. Amy Mainzer is particularly accountable of monitoring asteroids and comets that are passing come Earth as the main investigator of NASA’s Near-Earth Object Vast-discipline Infrared Look Explorer (NEOWISE).

When director Adam McKay desired to consult a girl working in astronomy, he became to Dr. Mainzer. She and Jennifer Lawrence mentioned being a girl in a discipline dominated by males, thinking about issues admire, “What does it mean to be appropriate to your have identity in all the diversified ways that that manifests?” and “How discontinuance you bring that to your profession?” After these discussions, Lawrence settled on a “fierce and explore me” vibe for Kate, she told Self-importance Lovely, and picked out the personality’s standout hair vogue with the movie’s hair division (per Pop Sugar).

While Kate’s refusal to play alongside with the authorities and news as they agree with light of the comet is totally one element that sharply splits her and Randall’s trajectories, there’s but one more dimension to it: As a girl, she’s skipped over, while Randall is listened to. It’s a frequent incidence in science, Mainzer acknowledged to Tudum, so she has a recurring shaggy dog chronicle about it: “We now like to appropriate bring a individual. If we bring a individual, presumably the difficulty will creep away.”

Mainzer singled out one scene in suppose, by which the president (Meryl Streep) calls the comet Randall’s discovery. Even when Kate found out it, and is sitting appropriate there, he doesn’t appropriate her. “I belief that small snippet there could be genuinely on level due to, of direction, that happens to hundreds other folks in many quite loads of contexts, primarily based completely completely on many quite loads of aspects of identity, no longer appropriate gender,” Mainzer acknowledged.

She coached the actors be scientists

Dr. Amy Mainzer helped every Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio with the technical jargon of their dialogue and gave them perception into valid scientists. “We had a lot of discussions in regards to the tradition of scientists, and these struggles now we like got when we strive to discuss and [aren’t] the least bit times favorable at that,” she acknowledged to Tudum, including that scientists in total aren’t trained in conversation. In the movie, this manifests when Kate’s justifiable bluntness isn’t obtained neatly and Randall’s nerves procure him caught in the mathematical tiny print.

In the kill, Mainzer needs “Don’t Gaze Up” audiences to conception that scientists are appropriate other folks, with strengths, flaws, and a deep look after for nature. Presumably seeing that will agree with believe, she acknowledged. When discussing the role with DiCaprio, she told him: “You genuinely like to discuss for scientists. That’s your job, to painting our fears, our frustrations, the look after of the topic, and genuinely all of the coronary heart that we save apart into it.” In keeping alongside with her, he “nailed it.” As for Mainzer, she first obtained attracted to astronomy when she used to be a nerdy small child who opened an encyclopedia to study more about Greek mythology and found out an image of the Andromeda galaxy.

She and Lawrence talked about every vogue of issues to serve with Kate’s personality, admire a normal day in her life, what frustrates her, and, of direction, snacks. “The snacks thing is genuinely on level,” Mainzer acknowledged to Tudum, referencing Kate’s propensity to chat about snacks. “We’re a small bit obsessed on food in science, on the complete.”

Mainzer used to be instrumental in the invent of the comet

When she wasn’t talking to the actors, Dr. Amy Mainzer helped invent a central half of the movie: the comet. It’s modeled after one which her team of workers found out in March 2020, known as Comet NEOWISE, a equally mountainous chilly ball rocketing by residence in Earth’s neighborhood. They picked a comet over an asteroid for the realm-ending risk due to comets clutch up so extraordinary elope when they’re hurtling in from the outer fringe of the picture voltaic arrangement.

Happily for us, even supposing, it’s unheard of for rocks the scale of Mount Everest to slam into Earth: “If big extinction occasions had been frequent, human life potentially wouldn’t be right here on planet Earth,” Mainzer acknowledged to Tudum. “The percentages of us having survived prolonged sufficient to love developed would be slim, if these sizable impacts had been occurring customarily.” Earth did earn a heavy beating from asteroids, comets, and the admire about four billion years ago, nonetheless now it’s rare.

Mainzer presented PowerPoints to the effects team of workers about agree with the Earth’s loss of life conception precise at the tip of the movie. Though it’s absolutely a dimension that’ll be lethal for life on Earth, she acknowledged it’s no longer going to kill the planet’s unsuitable constructing: “The planet isn’t going to blow up admire the Loss of life Valuable individual blowing up Alderaan.” What ended up in the movie could well presumably be what the dinosaurs saw, she acknowledged. On the different hand, no topic the catastrophic ending, Mainzer sees hope in “Don’t Gaze Up,” for the vogue it presentations that the destiny of humanity is in the kill in our palms. “At its core,” she acknowledged, “it is a genuinely deeply felt movie about why it’s significant no longer to destroy the Earth.” Because the MCU’s Starlord puts it: We could well furthermore easy save the Earth due to we’re the idiots who are residing right here.

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