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Who Really Created The Janets In The Good Place?

Essentially the most productive evidence “The Real Spot” fans like for where Janets come from stems from Season 2 Episode 7, “Janet and Michael.” The episode’s chilly launch presentations Michael stealing a Real Spot Janet to use for his modern spurious Real Spot neighborhood seen right thru Season 1 and 2 — die-mighty fans will salvage that the Real Janet warehouse is subsequent to accounting.

Within the same episode, Michael and Janet troubleshoot the synthetic intelligence’s errors old to they damage the neighborhood. When they like Janet’s user manual thru her nose, Michael reads a line in the manual’s introduction that stakes a claim as to who created Janet. “Hey, and welcome to your unique Janet,” Michael reads from the manual (by device of Netflix). “Janets are dropped at you by the Makers of Mild, Darkness, and All the pieces.”

Michael quickly skips forward in the manual and audiences never hear more relating to the Makers of Mild, Darkness, and All the pieces. While the line largely comes all over as a throwaway shaggy dog myth, Michael does no longer appear conversant in these entities — that approach they must be above his and even Sean’s pay grade in the immense scale of celestial powers.

It’s unclear if any of the characters audiences meet in “The Real Spot” are Makers of Mild, Darkness, and All the pieces or whether they will know them. Arguably, the indicate’s strongest otherworldly character is Maya Rudolph’s Judge Gen, who claims to be born at the starting of time (by device of The Real Spot Wiki), but she never elaborates on whether elevated powers than herself establish exist.

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