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Who Is The Masked Singer’s Caterpillar? Here’s Our Best Guess

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for The Masked Singer Season 6 episode “Giving Thanks.” Read at your own risk!

The Masked Singer revisited Group B in its early Thanksgiving episode and brought back one of the series’ best guest panelists, Joel McHale. The night brought a lot of fun and excitement, including the introduction and swift exit of Beach Ball as the final wildcard contestant, who turned out to be reality stars Mama June and her daughter Honey Boo Boo. While that surprise may have blown my mind, I’m not mystified by another wildcard who performed tonight, Caterpillar, and have drilled down on his identity. 

Caterpillar is a solid singer, and if I’m right, someone who Netflix subscribers may not associate with singing at all. Let’s run down the evidence that supports Caterpillar is Queer Eye star Bobby Berk and leave the questioning as to why the rest of the Fab Five didn’t appear alongside him in Season 6.

(Image credit: Fox)

Before Queer Eye, Bobby Berk Sang In A Christian Band

Bobby Berk is known for his design on Netflix’s Queer Eye, but before that, he had other things he was known for that people may not expect. Berk had a gig as the lead singer of a Christian rock band, though that may not be too bizarre to those who know his past. Berk was part of a very religious family and even served as a deacon at one point. That’s quite a “metamorphosis,” which is how The Caterpillar described his transition to adulthood during his first clue package on The Masked Singer. His past as a singer would certainly explain why Caterpillar can hold a tune. 

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The Great Lakes Clues Were A Reference To The Fab Five

The Masked Singer had to be really careful with its vague reference to Queer Eye, especially given how the hosts exploded into pop culture when the show premiered. I’d wager the clue wasn’t nearly subtle enough, as showing the five Great Lakes in the first clue package just felt so painfully obvious. Using five great things as a clue is a semi-sneaky way to tease the Fab Five…unless one has the slightest inkling this could be Bobby Berk.  

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Bobby Berk Appeared In A Taylor Swift Music Video 

When The Masked Singer first debuted The Caterpillar, we got a clue that one very special Taylor might know who he is: Taylor Swift. Bobby Berk and Swift crossed paths in the past when he appeared in her music video for  “You Need to Calm Down.” I mean, I guess I should point out that the rest of the Fab Five was also in that music video, but they aren’t in The Masked Singer Season 6. This is about Berk, who absolutely is underneath that Caterpillar mask. 

The Masked Singer Season 6 airs over on Fox on Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET. Keep with CinemaBlend as we round out the rest of the guesses remaining, and wait along with the fans to see who wins this season.

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