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Where Are The Tinder Swindler And His Victims Now?


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By Nina Starner/Feb. 7, 2022 10: 28 pm EST

This verbalize used to be paid for by Netflix and created by Looper.

On February 2, 2022, Netflix dropped its most up-to-date buzzy documentary that purchased audiences talking about yet one other appropriate-crime sensation: the Tinder Swindler. Over the direction of two hours, “The Tinder Swindler” tells viewers the account of Israeli scammer Simon Leviev — which is appropriate one in every of the many names he’s ragged finally of the years — and three of his victims, who gave him money, credit score playing cards, and financial strengthen. Whether the victims had been in a relationship with Leviev or merely his friend, he managed to persuade them that he used to be in dire peril and important mountainous sums of money for his “group,” security, and neatly-being … and as it appears, Leviev has spent years pulling flawed schemes be pleased these.

Now, thanks to Netflix, the realm is conscious of about Leviev’s years of scams and fraud. And within the aftermath of the documentary’s free up, audiences are loss of life to grab what came about to Leviev and his victims, particularly the three highly sympathetic females featured within the documentary. For fans of “The Tinder Swindler” who’re looking out for to gape if Leviev used to be ever held accountable for his crimes or if his victims ever purchased proper justice, we’re here to verbalize you where Simon Leviev and his victims are now that the documentary has been launched.

Simon Leviev’s sentence used to be instant-lived

All over “The Tinder Swindler,” viewers will likely acquire themselves appalled and frightened by Leviev’s a gargantuan different of crimes, and it’s straight forward to heed why. Born as Shimon Hayut in Israel, Leviev has passed by many different personas finally of the years, and his distinctive crime spree started in Israel. The con artist legally modified his title to Simon Leviev after spending two years in a Finnish penal complex for defrauding a varied group of females, ending up there after he tried to steer sure of arrest in Israel and escaped to Finland. In varied phrases, he completely has a pattern, and penal complex in actual fact didn’t set up a quit to that.

As an different, Leviev kept conning females in countries finally of Europe, repeatedly altering his location and stealing extra money from his conquests to evade the authorities. In a roundabout procedure, his final heed and female friend, Ayleen Charlotte, helped music him down in Greece, and he used to be arrested and convicted of fraud, forgery, and theft. Nonetheless, he handiest served 5 months of his 15 month sentence.

Director Felicity Morris and her group attempted to contact Leviev for a commentary on the documentary, however because the epilogue notes, he answered with a threatening declare message. Though Leviev used to be wait on to living the high lifestyles with a new female friend and a “company” that affords advice on alternate, after the documentary’s free up, Leviev deleted his showy Instagram (by strategy of The Unbiased) and used to be additionally permanently banned from Tinder.

Cecilie Fjellhøy used to be fully taken in by Simon Leviev

Because the documentary opens, audiences are launched to Cecilie Fjellhøy, an optimistic, romantic Norwegian girl who resides in London and used to be straight away smitten when she matched with Leviev on Tinder. Nonetheless, after she fell head over heels in adore with Leviev — who took her on luxurious vacations that integrated non-public jets and top-tier resorts — his conception finally emerged, and Fjellhøy ended up doing away with costly deepest loans and maxing out several credit score playing cards to investigate cross-take a look at and “provide protection to” the actual person she loved.

As Leviev claimed that he important money for all the issues from dinners with purchasers to new measures to provide protection to himself from “enemies” (one in every of Leviev’s most frequent lies used to be that he used to be in some produce of likelihood and wasn’t allowed to make utilize of his possess credit score card), Fjellhøy kept funding him, skittish for his security and her possess. Nonetheless, when she came across that he went by several names and used to be swindling her, she used to be shattered and even admits within the documentary that she had such peril handling the quandary that she checked herself into a psychiatric sanatorium for a time to provide protection to her possess neatly-being.

Fjellhøy has promoted the documentary’s free up on her deepest Instagram and mute lives in London, however sadly, her Leviev-linked struggles aren’t moderately carried out yet. The epilogue notes that she’s mute in debt after his scams. Alongside with varied victims, she created a GoFundMe to wait on erase these money owed.

Pernilla Sjöholm used to be betrayed by a honest friend

Not like Fjellhøy and a variety of Leviev’s varied victims, Pernilla Sjöholm, a Swedish native, used to be never romantically fervent with Leviev. Though the two met on Tinder, they merely turned into terminate chums, and Sjöholm joined Leviev and a non-Fjellhøy female friend on several opulent vacations in cities be pleased Mykonos. All the procedure by strategy of these journeys, Sjöholm recalled to the interviewers, Leviev would carry Sjöholm and others to nightclubs meant for uber-rich billionaires and verbalize top-shelf champagne and spirits, refusing to let anybody else split the bill.

Sadly, what Sjöholm didn’t know is that every a form of journeys had been funded by Fjellhøy’s loans to Leviev, and in a roundabout procedure, Leviev started focused on Sjöholm as neatly. After taking tens of thousands of greenbacks from Sjöholm, she begged him to confess to his crimes, at which point he began to bitterly threaten her, telling her that she would pay a “price” if she ever tried to meddle in his affairs. Fortunately, Sjöholm then connected with Fjellhøy, and the two turned into terminate chums, in a position to lean on every varied for emotional strengthen.

Take care of Fjellhøy, Sjöholm is a section of a GoFundMe, as she’s mute in debt after Leviev’s manipulations. Also be pleased her friend, Sjöholm is active on Instagram and has been promoting the Netflix documentary as neatly.

Aylee Charlotte managed to carry Simon Leviev down

In a roundabout procedure, both Fjellhøy and Sjöholm confronted mountainous, apparently insurmountable obstacles when it came to tracking down Leviev, however after they gave their messages and varied proof to knowledge retailers, model govt Aylee Charlotte came about to gape the account and used to be driven to act. Because it occurs, Charlotte used to be dating Leviev herself at the time, and she known a variety of gains of Fjellhøy’s account … since Leviev used to be sending her come-identical messages finally of their relationship.

Charlotte straight away began a one-girl crusade to purchase Leviev down, feigning sympathy and affection at the same time as she came across herself fully disgusted along with his schemes. In a roundabout procedure, she used to be favorable in helping authorities apprehend Leviev in Greece whereas he traveled with a faulty passport, which she did by determining which flight Leviev used to be taking per when his cell phone used to be off. Nonetheless sadly, Leviev left penal complex after handiest a pair of months and is now a free man.

Charlotte isn’t on social media, and due to this, little is identified about how she’s doing now. Frustratingly, she’s additionally mute in debt, and she’s listed on the GoFundMe alongside Fjellhøy and Sjöholm.

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