What’s On Tonight: Patton Oswalt Narrates The Adorable ‘Penguin Town,’ ‘Dave’ Returns, And ‘Loki’ Fills In Some Blanks

Penguin Town: Season 1 (Netflix series) — Don’t even try to resist this one. Patton Oswalt’s narrating this series about the (arguably) most adorable animals on earth. That would be a boisterous colony of African penguins that decide to hit some sunny beaches near Cape Town alongside surfers. What on earth is going on? Apparently, these generally cool dudes are now used to the heat, and it’s a real-life group of penguins who did this, so don’t even try to stop their enjoyment of tropical paradise. They’re only trying to survive and get a little love and maybe, hopefully, god willing, not go extinct. Also, penguin drama must be the best drama, hands down.

Dave (FX, 10:00 & 10:30pm) — One of the most absurd shows on TV is back (for Season 2), and rapper and comedian Dave Burd, a.k.a. Lil Dicky (based upon his own life), has got an anteater in tow. Let’s hope the taco truck is just fine, but of course, expect Dave to keep shooting for rap superstardom while recording his debut album. He might have to give up everything that’s truly important to him (love, friendship, his sense of self) up in the process. Last season brought Justin Bieber in as a guest star, so let’s see if the show can up the ante. This week, Dave makes a video that’s designed for global success, but an implosion might be imminent, which would spark an international incident. He’s also highly distracted from his creative process.

Loki: Episode 2 (Disney series) — Tom Hiddleston has an absolute blast playing the mercurial trickster of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and we shall reap the benefits while he helps (or hinders) the Time Variance Authority during the process of cleaning up the timeline. This week, the talk of Variants grows both clearer and murkier, if that makes any sense at all, while Owen Wilson’s suddenly apparent gift of exposition really gets a chance to shine. Seriously, can we just hand the guy an Emmy right now? He and Hiddleston are remarkable in their conversations together this week, and you may need to watch it twice to savor all the wordplay.

Crime Scene Kitchen (FOX, 9:00pm) — Joel McHale’s the host of this bizarro cooking-focused reality-competition show, which sees chef teams attempt to figure out what was baked after a dessert disappears, leaving only ingredients in the aftermath. Seriously, give this show a whirl because it is oddly meditative to watch the clues come together. Also, McHale is one of the best famous-types at the art of the interview, and I’ll stand by that claim no matter what.

Jimmy Kimmel Live — Zooey Deschanel, Sam Richardson, Kodak Black

The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon — Seth Meyers, Annie Murphy, Coldplay

Late Night With Seth Meyers — Terry Crews, Ann-Margret, Stevie Nistor

The Late Late Show With James Corden — Margot Robbie, Rose Byrne, Polo G

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Fresh, Fried & Crispy: Season 1 (Netflix series) — You might gain 10 pounds while watching this show, which would fit right in with Guy Fieri’s adventures. The so-called Grandfather of Food Reviews on YouTube, Daym Drops, takes a cross-country trip across the United States to find the most decadent fried foods possible. There’s deep-fried Oreos (in San Diego), extra-crispy pork chops (in Birmingham), and more on the menu, and not only does he pop into actual restaurants, but home kitchens and food trucks are also part of the hunt. Get your appetites ready.