What’s On Tonight: Marvel’s ‘What If…?’ Opens New Realities, And ‘Riverdale’ Keeps On Avoiding Reality


What If…? (Disney series) — We’re in the multiverse, baby. The MCU’s officially launching headfirst into that realm after Loki‘s season finale, and this show’s Twitter account clarified official participation as well. And that sounds about right. I’ve been looking forward to these alternate-reality scenarios since catching D23 footage a few years ago, and Disney will show us a wealth of scenarios that stand separate from the existing canon (thus far). Agent Carter will take the serum and become Captain Carter. There’s a Zombie Captain America, and King T’Challa materializes elsewhere as Star Lord. Notably, Chadwick Boseman did voice work here, so you’ll be able to say a proper goodbye to his Black Panther. Let the good times and the tears roll.

Riverdale (CW, 8:00pm) — Following a bizarre time jump and, uh, literal war, Season 5 resumes following a prison break with Archie attempting to capture those convicts who remain on the lam. Meanwhile, Tabitha seeks Betty’s help regarding Jughead.

The Kissing Booth 3 (Netflix movie) — The insanely popular yet objectively bad trilogy comes to a close with Joey King’s Elle heading to college while facing a dilemma. Should she go to college with her best friend or throw it all away to move away with the dreamy Noah? If you started these movies, you gotta finish!

Bake Squad: Season 1 (Netflix series) — A batch of brilliant bakers will heat up a delicious storm here for competition’s sake and to make someone’s special day even better. The competitors were chosen by Milk Bar founder Christina Tosi, who already built her own cookie-dough empire, and now, she wants to see more dessert dreams come true.

Late Night With Seth Meyers — Andy Samberg, Hannah Waddingham, Tom Odell

Turner & Hooch (Disney series) — The beloved 1989 Tom Hanks film gets the reboot treatment with Detective Scott Turner’s son taking the helm. Josh Peck stars as a U.S. Marshal who’s saddled with an unruly canine, only to realize that this pup is actually the partner of his dreams. Hooch is portrayed by five French Mastiffs, which means that series doesn’t take CGI shortcuts, and these dogs will charm everyone.