What’s On Tonight: It’s Mark Wahlberg Vs. An Airplane In ‘Infinite’ On Paramount+ And ‘Starstruck’ On HBO Max

Infinite (Paramount film) — As hard as it might seem to believe, Mark Wahlberg stabs an airplane in this summer blockbuster movie, directed by Antoine Fuqua, that’s coming straight to your living room tonight. Wahlberg is going up against reincarnated warriors known as “Infinites,” and he might be having flashbacks from multiple lives as well. He’s self-medicating, too, and driving a motorcycle off a cliff, so yeah, get your microwave popcorn ready.

Starstruck: Season 1 Premiere (HBO Max series) — Comedian Rose Matafeo stars in this comedy show about a young London woman who’s juggling two dead-end jobs and accidentally sleeping with a famous movie star, portrayed by Nikesh Patel. What could have been an amusing anecdote ends up being much more than that, and the cast also includes Sindhu Vee, Emma Sidi, and Minnie Driver.

Full Bloom: Season 2 Premiere (HBO Max series) — The botannical-battle series returns with a whole new crop of up-and-coming florists from around the U.S. They’ll leap into individual and team challenges to highlight their vibrant creative visions and compete for a $100,000 nest egg to jumpstart their own business.

Trese (Netflix series) — The anime game grows bolder on this streaming service with a Manila-set series where mythical Philippine creatures (who are both malevolent and of supernatural nature) live among unaware humans. The title character, a detective named Alexandra Trese, finds herself going up against these creatures, who are apparently the rulers of the criminal underworld.

The Cube (TBS, 9:00pm) — The so-called “World’s Toughest Gameshow” is jumping across the pond with Dwayne Wade as host of the U.S. incarnation. He will preside over 15-square feet of plexiglass, which will hold contestants while they attempt epic challenges that would otherwise be simple tasks.

Rebel (ABC, 9:00pm & 10:00) — A double-dose of rebellion arrives with Rebel’s personal life making the headlines, and then she, Cruz, Lana, and Ziggy bring the Stonemore Medical case to a conclusion.

From Cradle To Stage (Paramount series) — This Dave Grohl-directed series follows Dave and his mom, Virginia, meeting up with another artist and their mom each week.

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert — USAID Administrator, Samantha Power, Maroon 5, Seth Rogen

The Late Late Show With James Corden — Desus & Mero, Mother Mother

In case you missed these streaming picks last Thursday:

We Are Lady Parts: Season 1 (Peacock series) — A Muslim female post-punk band called Lady Parts looks for a lead guitarist in this subversive series, which follows the ups and downs of the group as they seek a real gig. A geeky, hard-sciences Ph.D. recruit named Amina Hussain ends up being the unlikely lucky lady to pick up the ax, and she’s soon swept up into the group’s anarchic energy. Naturally, Amina’s caught between two worlds, that of her conservative friends and the irresistible lure of the band’s joyful spirit. Together, they’re fearless, rowdy, and sexual and every ultra-religious family’s nightmare. As a show, it’s silly and irreverent and inspiring; for sure, you’ve never seen women like quite this on your TV screen.

Why Women Kill: Season 2 (Paramount series) — This round of new episodes is set in 1949 and digs into the meaning of beauty, along with an exploration of the masks people wear for the world and exactly what extravagant lengths one women will go to while attempting to match society’s expectations.