What’s On Tonight: It’s Ladies’ Night With ‘We Are Lady Parts,’ ‘Why Women Kill,’ And ‘Sailor Moon’

We Are Lady Parts: Season 1 (Peacock series) — A Muslim female post-punk band called Lady Parts looks for a lead guitarist in this subversive series, which follows the ups and downs of the group as they seek a real gig. A geeky, hard-sciences Ph.D. recruit named Amina Hussain ends up being the unlikely lucky lady to pick up the ax, and she’s soon swept up into the group’s anarchic energy. Naturally, Amina’s caught between two worlds, that of her conservative friends and the irresistible lure of the band’s joyful spirit. Together, they’re fearless, rowdy, and sexual and every ultra-religious family’s nightmare. As a show, it’s silly and irreverent and inspiring; for sure, you’ve never seen women like quite this on your TV screen.

Why Women Kill: Season 2 (Paramount series) — This round of new episodes is set in 1949 and digs into the meaning of beauty, along with an exploration of the masks people wear for the world and exactly what extravagant lengths one women will go to while attempting to match society’s expectations.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie (Netflix film) — This double-dose anime film takes place with the scattered Sailor Guardians attempting to bring light back after a total solar eclipse gives way to a dark power. All of this takes place when Tokyo’s seeing the annual cherry blossom bloom, so the visuals should be extra magical.

Dancing Queens (Netflix film) — This follows a 20-something young woman (with dancing aspirations) who begins cleaning a drag club called Queens. There, her talent is discovered, and as the synopsis teases, “where there’s a will, there’s a way.” I think we can guess where the story goes from there.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (NBC, 9:00pm) — Fin and Phoebe are planning their wedding (!) while Benson wishes to help a homeless single mother who’s being sex trafficked.

Law & Order: Organized Crime (NBC, 10:00pm) — The octopus-wielding Wheatley’s somehow already in court while facing a buffet of charges while Richie’s attempting to save himself and his family’s totally non-Mafia reputation. Good luck?

Rebel (ABC, 10:00pm) — Rebel’s attempting to recruit a key witness while Lana gets confrontational with Grady about a ghost from the past.

From Cradle To Stage (Paramount series) — This Dave Grohl-directed series follows Dave and his mom, Virginia, meeting up with another artist and their mom each week.

Jimmy Kimmel Live — Michael Che, Cillian Murphy, The Linda Lindas