What’s On Tonight: ‘Cruel Summer’ Cranks Up The Drama, And ‘Mike Tyson: The Knockout’ Comes To An End

Cruel Summer (Freeform, 9:00pm) — This newish series goes down in the 1990s and follows the aftermath of a popular teen going missing. When a seemingly unrelated shy student suddenly becomes massively popular, well, things look pretty strange. This week, Kate’s struggling to keep a secret or let it go while Mallory receives a surprise. This week, summer might be over with school beginning, but the drama’s even higher with Jeanette and Kate’s deception bringing consequences.

Mike Tyson: The Knockout (ABC, 8:00pm) — Part 2 of this documentary dives into Tyson’s 1992 rape conviction, which launched a cultural conversation about heroes who fall and ideas of victimization.

Mental Samurai (FOX 9:00pm) — Is Rob Lowe on every show now? Not quite, but Season 2 continues with Mr. Handsome and company revisiting memorable scenes of episodes past.

Superman & Lois (CW, 9:00pm) — Clark notices that Lois is approaching a breaking point, so he encourages her to seek help, and Jonathan’s also in a dangerous situation.

Mr Inbetween (FX, 10:00 & 10:30pm) — This season, Ray’s life is looking different while Brittany is growing ever-closer to discovering who Ray really is and what he does, which is doing the hitman thing while holding onto his own strict ethical code and balancing his family life. Meanwhile, severing ties with Freddy complicates matters when a criminal kingpin makes Ray’s struggle feel even more intense. This week, the episode description reads, “You can’t make anybody stay but you can sure as hell make ’em go,” which sounds like a heck of a (mysterious) good time.

Jimmy Kimmel Live — David Harbour, William Jackson Harper, Half Alive

In case you missed these streaming picks:

Cruella (Disney movie on Disney ) — Yes, Cruella de Vil is finally getting her origin story. Even if you don’t agree that she needed one, no one can argue that Emma Stone is the actress who could deliver a damn good time in this role. Granted, the film starts out slow (the runtime’s over two hours) with a protracted childhood era that doesn’t illustrate much about why she villained out and murdered puppies. Yet it does speed up, with lots of mayhem and a cackling Emma hanging off a truck in a billowing dress. Fashion can be evil! Also, the soundtrack feels like a character in its own right.

Plan B (Hulu film) — Oh boy, does this story ever hit home for countless ladies who find themselves driving from drug store to drugstore in the heartland. That’s exactly what happens in this film, after a regrettable sexual encounter sends a high school student (Kuhoo Verma) and her best friend (Victoria Moroles) on a bit of a road trip with the clock ticking to find Plan B in America’s heartland. It’s actually a twist on the teen sex comedy, and it arrives by way of Cobra Kai and Harold & Kumar producers.