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What to watch today on TV? Tuesday, January 25, 2022

15.00 / Movistar Action

'Black woman'

The Woman in Black. Reino Unido, 2012 (95 minutos). Director: James Watkins. Intérpretes: Daniel Radcliffe, Ciarán Hinds, Janet McTeer.

It is stimulating to find in the cinema of 2012 a terrifying film that does not gratuitously shake its images, that does not shake a script in search of impossible traps and, even more, that respects a genre today insulted by so many alleged films. Under the auspices of the new production company Hammer, The Woman in Black revives the scent of old classics, moves fluently in the gothic terrain and skillfully develops a ghost story that, although it uses more than well-known references, grows as the footage progresses thanks to the use of a slow tempo and frames that squeeze characters and sets. And he delivers several sequences in which terror is born from the pure essence of the staging. A good surprise in which, in addition, Daniel Radcliffe begins to leave Harry Potter's shadow behind.

18.00 / Movistar Cine Ñ

'The barbarian years'

Spain, 1998 (115 minutes). Director: Fernando Colomo. Cast: Jordi Mollà, Ernesto Alterio, Allison Smith.

Fernando Colomo recreates the story of Nicolás Sánchez-Albornoz and Manuel Lamana, political prisoners of the Franco regime who escaped in 1948 from the Valley of the Fallen. A solid and committed film with some touches of humor in which an outstanding Ernesto Alterio shines.

19.45 / TCM

'The Tree of Life'

USA, 2011 (140 minutes). Director: Terrence Malick. Cast: Brad Pitt, Hunter McCracken, Jessica Chastain, Sean Penn.

After his memorable debut with Bad Lands, Terrence Malick only shot one more film over the course of 15 years. He now appears to have become more prolific and, since 1998, has filmed three more. The cinema wins. The Tree of Life travels through almost uncharted terrain and becomes an unusual movie. Malick opts for the magic of images, for abandonment in the slow cadence of a succession of sequences that give off sensations, dreams and realities. The tree of life shows with unprecedented beauty how what was lived in childhood guides, in one way or another, future life. A life that can be everyone's, according to Borges's motto: “A man is all men”. And Malick dives into the portrait of a family dominated by a severe father, repressive, but also full of love. The father. And travel to the origins of the planet to show the source of existence. Life. Better or worse films may be made, but what is certain is that films like Terrence Malick's are not made.

19.55 / La 2

'Page 2′, with Servando Rocha

The literary space of La 2 deals this week with the world of secret societies that emerged in the second half of the 19th century. The program moves to the Ateneo de Madrid to interview Servando Rocha, who has just published the book Some dark and dangerous things, and that delves into several novels that faithfully portray the subsoil of these groups, such as The Secret Agent, by Joseph Conrad, or The Man Who Was Thursday, by GK Chesterton.

20.30 / Movistar Clasicos

'Sullivan's Travels'

Sullivan’s Travels. EE UU, 1941 (87 minutos). Director: Preston Sturges. Intérpretes: Joel McCrea, Veronica Lake.

Preston Sturges used the comedy format to deliver slaps to the society of his time; a director who bet on a bittersweet humor that soon turned into sharp criticism. The protagonist of Sullivan's Travels is also a film director who succeeds in light comedies, but wants to get closer to the street world and shoot a “serious” movie. And the viewer soon freezes his smile in one of the most bitter visions of the world of cinema ever filmed.

22.00 / La 2

'Cachitos' reviews the songs of a lifetime

The main songs of this week's installment of Cachitos have passed from generation to generation. The program gets sentimental and investigates a genre born more than a century ago, the bolero. It will take a chronological tour, from its birth in Cuba, jumping to Mexico, where it was paired with the ranchera, up to the current revisions of this style. Artists such as rep Armando Manzanero, Los Panchos, Olga Guillot, Jorge Sepúlveda, Antonio Machín and Moncho, among others, will be present at the review.

22.30 / DMAX

A look at great abandoned engineering works

The documentary series Abandoned Engineering travels the planet in search of architectural landmarks that have been left unfinished halfway for His construction. In the two new installments this week, the series visits a hospital that at the time of the Cold War was established as one of the greatest world references and that currently barely maintains the main walls, in addition to peeking into some sports venues that they remain absolutely careless.

22.40 / The 1

Daniela faces Ortiz, in the series 'Drought'

The second installment of Drought focuses on the conflicts between its characters. This episode recounts how a confidant of Óscar discovers that Ortiz could have participated in the disappearance of the activists. In addition, Hélder and Daniela will travel to Portugal, where they will find a testimony that will provoke a harsh confrontation between the investigator and Ortiz.

22.45 / Antenna 3

New appointment with the series 'Innocents'

The Turkish series Innocents abounds in entanglements and conflicts. Tonight's episode focuses on how Han is plagued by unease as he believes that Naci has told Safiye the truth; however, an even greater unexpected danger awaits him. On the other hand, the fear of Neriman living in a different city because of his college attendance will make Ege take a sudden step.

22.50 / Four

New installment of the series 'The Good Doctor'

The medical series The Good Doctor follows the life of Shaun Murphy, a young surgeon who suffers from autism and Savant syndrome , also known as the “sage syndrome”. In this episode, Shaun will see how Dr. Morgan Reznik discovers that a patient's wealth and obsession are leading her life down a dangerous path. Both must intervene.

22.55 La 2

Flamenco trip through Triana and Seville

The space Caminos del flamenco offers a portrait of the musical art of Triana and Seville. Miguel Poveda and Soleá Morente begin their journey hand in hand with Remedios Amaya, with Calle Betis as the backdrop. Next will be Rafael Riqueni, one of the greatest masters in the history of flamenco guitar. Later on, the program will feature a renovator of the genre, bailaor Israel Galván, as well as figures such as Kiko Veneno and Ratón. Finally, behind the majestic walls of the Alcázar, Soleá Morente will meet with Raimundo Amador and the farewell will come from the hands of two pro trianeras, Esperanza Fernández and Rosario La Tremendita.

24.00 / TCM

'The last movie'

The Last Picture Show. EE UU, 1971 (114 minutos). Director: Peter Bogdanovich. Intérpretes: Timothy Bottoms, Jeff Bridges, Cybill Shepherd.

Peter Bogdanovich films a dirge that sniffs out the emotional underpinnings of a generation; he also sings an emotional response about a cinema that disappears. The seventies began and at the end of the previous decade, the nouvelle vague manifested the demise of a form of understand the movies, while its members revered the directors who made them. In 1971, they were already close to Coppola and Scorsese's masterpieces in American cinema. Before them, Bogdanovich traveled in The Last Movie to a dusty town to portray wounds and scars and accept the death of the utopias.

0.05 / The 2

The horror of Auschwitz, in 'Documentos TV'

The report Traces of Auschwitz, that is broadcast today Documents TV, recalls the horror of the largest Nazi death camp. 77 years after the liberation and thanks to documents, photographs, testimonies and images recreated by computer from the Auschwitz complex, it has been possible to discover new findings that show the perverse daily life of thousands of prisoners. Located about 60 kilometers from Krakow, in southern Poland, was the largest complex of concentration camps born from the regime of the Third Reich. Auschwitz was made up of three main camps and 30 annexes spread over an area of ​​100 square kilometers. It is estimated that 1,300,000 people from all over Europe were deported there. 80% of them did not survive.

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