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What to watch today on TV? Tuesday, January 11, 2022

12.50 / Movistar Clasicos

'Perfect robbery'

The Killing.EE UU, 1956 (83 minutos). Director: Stanley Kubrick. Intérpretes: Sterling Hayden, Coleen Gray, Marie Windsor, Elisha Cook.

At the age of 28, Stanley Kubrick was facing his third film and dared to review the codes of film noir with the most transgressive gaze. Perfect robbery arises from a devilish script by Kubrick himself, which adapts a novel by Lionel White; but the script is enhanced by the work of the gigantic Jim Thompson, concerned with writing dry and devastating dialogue. A runaway plot drags the viewer to a racetrack robbery, narrated from the point of view of each of its participants, in an explosion of jumps in time and space. Kubrick deconstructs the narration to create a turbulent puzzle that becomes a metaphor for the feelings of classless characters whose eyes live with bitterness and despair.

16.10 / Movistar Drama

'The painted veil'

USA, 2006 (125 minutes). Director: John Curran. Performers: Edward Norton, Naomi Watts, Liev Schreiber.

A new visit to the popular novel by William Somerset Maugham, from the hand of Edward Norton. The actor, who also works as a producer, which attests to his passion for the story, dragged Naomi Watts to the project, who stands as the absolute protagonist of a hard-working love story, as painful as it is oppressive. The story addresses the marital crisis experienced by a couple gripped by the suffocating British colonial environment in Shanghai in the 1920s.

16.35 / Movistar Cine Ñ

'Embroideres street crime'

Spain, 1946 (88 minutes). Director: Edgar Neville. Cast: Mary Delgado, Manuel Luna, Julia Lajos, Rafael Calvo.

One day, Spanish cinema will pay Edgar Neville the tribute he deserves. Neville was not only an author of new paths with risky and unique films like Nothing or The tower of the seven hunchbacks, but also knew how to capture the essence of the Spain of his time with works like this one, a story that travels between the comedy of customs and the police intrigue, and that portrays a traditional Madrid, almost typical of Arniches, in which a black network of passions moves, wrapped in an impeccable narrative structure.

17.25 / TCM

'The letter'

The Letter. EE UU, 1940 (95 minutos). Director: William Wyler. Intérpretes: Bette Davis, Herbert Marshall, James Stephenson.

The legendary Bette Davis is the figure on which this magnificent story revolves, in which William Wyler created an old-fashioned melodrama, based on a novel by Somerseth Maugham and supported by a superb screenplay by Howard Koch. Full of passions, and adorned by a staging as strong as it is elegant, the film begins with an overwhelming sequence, in which Bette Davis murders the man she loves. A marvel.

22.00 / Movistar Clasicos

'Robin y Marian'

USA, 1976 (106 minutes). Director: Richard Lester. Performers: Sean Connery, Audrey Hepburn, Robert Shaw, Richard Harris.

Sean Connery is an aging Robin Hood, but still with a desire for justice, who returns to Sherwood after fighting in the Crusades to discover that he lives in a time that no longer belongs to him. Despite everything, in a song unleashed to the most emotional nostalgia, he will relive his passionate love story with Lady Marian, now retired to a convent where she works as abbess. The last sequences of Robin and Marian give away some of the most beautiful and moving moments produced by the cinema of the years seventy.

22.00 / La 2

'Cachitos' opens its tenth season

The first installment of the tenth season of Cachitos will be dedicated to fashion. The aesthetic revolution of Tino Casal, the sacred dreadlocks of Bob Marley, the make-up of Kiss, the helmets of Daft Punk, the comb of Martirio… The wardrobe of the RTVE Archive allows you to draw a journey through all kinds of styles, which shows that music can also be fiction, and musicians can be characters that must be visually constructed and made real through scenic elements.

22.30 / The Sixth

Chicote travels with Juan del Val and Javier Sardá

Alarcón, in Cuenca, is the first destination of this installment of Off the Map. Chef Chicote visits him together with Juan del Val to get to know this walled town surrounded by the Júcar River. The second destination of the night will be the towns of depopulated Spain in Huesca, which Chicote will visit accompanied by Javier Sardá.

22.30 / DMAX

Abandoned architectural landmarks

The documentary series Abandoned Engineering investigates ten impressive steel and iron structures that were abandoned and left unfinished in the middle of path during construction. In this week's two new installments, the series visits an abandoned amusement park in the middle of a wasteland in Austria. It also reaches the one cataloged as Hitler's Horror Palace, in Gothic style.

22.40 / The 1

'La noche D' ends its season

Dani Rovira is in charge of the last program of the season of La noche D. He will do it together with Ana Milán , David Bustamante, Antonio Orozco, José Corbacho and Toni Acosta. All of them will face the challenges posed by the different sections of the program, which will culminate with a musical performance by the Tony Manero Foundation.

2.45 / Antenna 3

The conflicts are accentuated in the series 'Inocentes'

The Turkish series Inocentes involves its characters in permanent conflicts. This episode recounts how İnci's new job, along with all the problems people have at home, makes Han feel trapped and close to exploding. Meanwhile, Anıl continues to be completely obsessed with Gülben, which adds to the fact that Safiye cannot get Naci out of her mind.

23.00 / La 2

'Caminos del flamenco', with Miguel Poveda and Soleá Morente

La 2 premieres the space Caminos del flamenco, which proposes a geographical and musical journey around today's flamenco. With Miguel Poveda and Soleá Morente as masters of ceremonies, the program is aimed at fans of the genre as well as the uninitiated viewer. Caminos del flamenco will approach the most representative figures, but also artists who approach this art form other musical styles. Throughout the season, the program will meet, among others, with Niña Pastori, Javier Ruibal, Remedios Amaya, Farruquito, Ara Malikian, Lagartija Nick or Tomatito.

23.55 / The 2nd

The risky trip to Europe of migrant adolescents

The report Game of shadows, that premieres tonight Documents TV, delves into the dramatic path to Europe undertaken by teenagers from countries at war. On the long and difficult journey, which lasts months or even years, the minors, sometimes children as young as 12 or 13, face smugglers, minefields, border police and kilometer-long fences. Recorded over three years and partly with the videos of migrant teenagers, this report portrays the journey through the darkest side of Europe and the profound consequences of European asylum policy.

0.25 / Sundance

'Cassandra's Dream'

Cassandra Dream's. USA, 2007 (104 minutes). Director: Woody Allen. Cast: Ewan McGregor, Colin Farrell, Tom Wilkinson.

Cassandra's dream, third work of the so-called, “English trilogy” by Woody Allen, looks again at the careerism and crisis of conscience. Not with an air of Hitchcockian intrigue, as in Match Point, and far from the comedic rhythm of Scoop. The ominous notes of Philip Glass's melodies will punctuate a narrative that will move along the path of tragedy, delve into torment and the anguish of the sinner and will lambast social schemes sustained by appearances and the desire for economic advancement. A splendid drama, black and sordid, that seizes the petty-bourgeois desires of two brothers to turn them into nightmares.

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