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What to watch today on TV? Friday, January 14, 2022

16.20 / Movistar Comedy

'Babe, the brave little pig'

Babe, the Gallant Pig. EE UU-Australia, 1995 (90 minutos). Director: Chris Noonan. Intérpretes: Magna Szubanski, James Cromwell.

A delicious fable that was a surprise in its day by telling the story of a pig who wants to become a sheepherder. The magnificent tricks become one of the pillars of the show and allow all the animals of a farm to chatter incessantly before the astonished eyes of the spectator. All this accompanied by a tight and sober staging work, and a succession of humorous situations that follow each other at a devilish pace. As if that were not enough, Babe, the brave little pig also contains an undisguised criticism of the distribution of society.

17.30 / Movistar Cine Ñ

'The great adventure of Mortadelo and Filemón'

Spain, 2003 (102 minutes). Director: Javier Fesser. Interpreters: Benito Pocino, Pepe Viyuela.

The endearing characters of Ibáñez, sustenance of thousands of childhoods and emotional company of so many adults, live hand in hand with Javier Fesser. Also thanks to some magnificent tricks that faithfully reproduce the aesthetics of the original vignettes, with an impressive visual firmness.

17.50 / #0

‘Arizona Baby’

Raising Arizona. USA, 1987 (90 minutes). Director: Joel Coen. Performers: Nicolas Cage, Holly Hunter, John Goodman

Before becoming movie icons, the Coen brothers were already delivering admirable movies. After Easy Blood, a debut in which they looked at film noir, they caught the forms of a crazy comedy to his second film, which follows the peculiar marriage between a police officer and a good-natured criminal; they cannot have children, so they kidnap one of the five babies of another couple… Thus, the Coens, unleashed, launch a motley barrage of images served by a camera with a life of its own.

20.20 / TCM

Review of the best cult movies

The documentary miniseries Time Warp, that TCM premieres today, proposes a journey through some of the most famous cult films of all times. This first installment is dedicated to films that found their place in the midnight sessions, such as The Rocky Horror Picture Show or The stop of the monsters. The second episode, which will be broadcast on Friday the 21st, will analyze cult films of horror and sci-fi, such as Night of the Living Dead, Blade Runner or A Clockwork Orange. The third, which will arrive on Friday the 28th, will delve into the comedy genre and titles such as Napoleon Dynamite, Clerks or the films of the British group Monty Python.

20.30 / The 2

'Movie Days' remembers Peter Bogdanovich and Sidney Poitier

The space Días de cine includes in this issue a memory of two figures from the film world, the director, screenwriter and actor Peter Bogdanovich and actor Sidney Poitier, recently deceased. In addition, the program will have Rodrigo Cortés as godfather and will offer a report on the exhibition on Stanley Kubrick at the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid. Of course, it will also stop at the premieres of the billboard, among which titles such as the French Madeleine Collins stand out. or the adaptation of Macbeth directed by Joel Coen.

21.30 / The Sixth

'The sixth column' remembers the year 1982

40 years have passed since 1982, a key year in the transformation of Spain, which hosted the World Cup, experienced the electoral victory of the PSOE, enjoyed the visit of Pope John Paul II and reopened the border with Gibraltar after decades of isolation. The La Sexta Columna space recalls these events in a report that also delves into the social and political metamorphosis of the country.

22.00 / Movistar Classics

'The Caine Mutiny'

The Caine Mutiny. USA, 1954 (120 minutes). Director: Edward Dmytryk. Performers: Humphrey Bogart, José Ferrer, Van Johnson, Fred McMurray.

An undeniable classic, backed by a high-voltage cast and orchestrated with an iron pulse by the underrated Edward Dmytryk. A plethoric Bogart is a tyrannical ship's captain who triggers a reflection on the limits of due obedience; however, an uncomfortable, cloudy reflection, in which it is inevitable to see a certain attempt at atonement by its director, in the form of recognition of the power of authority. And it is that Dmytryk revived his career in Hollywood testifying before the Committee on Un-American Activities.

22.00 / La 2

'Demons in the garden'

Spain, 1982 (100 minutes). Director: Manuel Gutierrez Aragon. Interpreters: Ángela Molina, Ana Belén, Encarna. Step, Imanol Arias.

A deep family drama, of exemplary dramatic construction, serves Gutiérrez Aragón to turn the post-war period into a personal universe, wrapped in feelings and sensations. Demons in the Garden captures the essence of its characters to wrap them in a story that moves between melodrama, comedy and costumbrismo, but under the iron gaze of a filmmaker who captures life to turn it into cinematographic fiction.

22.00 / 13th Street

23ª temporada de ‘Ley y orden: unidad de víctimas especiales’

LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT — “Fast Times @TheWheelHouse” Episode 23005 — Pictured: Mariska Hargitay as Captain Olivia Benson — (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC)NBC (Virginia Sherwood/NBC)

Return Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, one of the most solid series on the television scene, created by the veteran producer Dick Wolf. Calle 13 premieres its 23rd season with Mariska Hargitey in the lead as Olivia Benson, director of a police department that deals with sensitive cases, from sexual crimes and child abuse, to serial killers and ruthless criminals. Following on from the first two episodes of this new season, Calle 13 also premieres the second season of Law & Order: Organized Crime, at 11:45 p.m.

22.05 / Mega

‘Rob Roy’

USA, 1995 (140 minutes). Director: Michael Caton-Jones. Cast.: Liam Neeson, Jessica Lange, Tim Roth, John Hurt.

The adventures of the 18th-century Scottish hero are reflected in a harsh and violent story that, although its dramatic development is somewhat predictable, surprises with the power and precision of its staging. The always great Liam Neeson fills the screen and turns the protagonist into meat.

22.10 / Antenna 3

Music and fun with 'Your face rings a bell'


The eighth gala of the ninth edition of Your face sounds familiar to me arrives full of music and the contestants get back on to the stage with new imitations. Among other performances, Agoney will become Michael Jackson, Eva Soriano will be Avril Lavigne, Loles León will imitate Lina Morgan, Los Morancos will become Diego El Cigala and Lydia Bosch will be Marisol. In addition, the program will feature Tania Llasera as a guest in a performance in which she will get into the skin of Julie Andrews with the song Do-Re-Mi from the movie Smiles and Tears.

23.35 / TCM

'The stop of the monsters'

Freaks. EE UU, 1932 (65 minutos). Director: Tod Browning. Intérpretes: Olga Baclanova, Wallace Ford, Leila Hyams.

It is almost an exercise in cinematographic health to look back at a film made 90 years ago. Even more so when hubbub and triviality take over movie theaters. In 1932, 65 minutes of footage were used by Tod Browning to shoot the wildest plea for difference in the history of cinema. Obsessed by deformity and anomaly, Browning films the disfigured artists of a circus to honor their dignity and also to draw a devastating portrait of the monsters of humiliation and vanity.

0.10 / The 1

‘Arde Mississippi’

Mississippi Burning. USA, 1988 (118 minutes). Director: Alan Parker. Cast: Gene Hackman, Willen Dafoe.

A violent anti-racist thriller in which two FBI agents, one analytical, the other brutal, investigate a murder in the American South in the 1960s. A story that does not hide its edges, supported by a script of relentless dramatic progression, which forces one to position oneself before the antagonistic attitudes of the protagonists.

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