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What Motherland: Fort Salem Gets Wrong About Being In The Military


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By C.M. Crockford/Jan. 22, 2022 10: 58 am EST

Different histories are a stress-free formula to search out new recent angles on narratives which had been told time and but again, and the Freeform series “Motherland: Citadel Salem” is an in particular very most entertaining version of a epic all people is conscious of. 

Created by Eliot Laurence, “Motherland: Citadel Salem” is determined in an The US wherein the persecution of (staunch) witches changed into as soon as resolved 300 years ago with an agreement identified as the Salem Accords. The U.S. govt agreed to total the unfair treatment of witchcraft by forming an elite branch of the defense power flee by witches. From then on, witches are conscripted to coach in magical combat and exhaust vocal sounds to create right spells. The series follows Raelle Collar (Taylor Hickson), Abigail Bellweather (Ashley Nicole Williams) and Tally Craven (Jessica Sutton), three recent recruits at the Citadel Salem substandard, as they salvage dilapidated to lifestyles in the navy and mutter to battle a terrorist witch group, the Spree. 

Over the route of the insist’s first two seasons — with a third and final season on its plan — “Motherland: Citadel Salem” continues to operate and amplify this magical, alternate world, but some fans have confidence identified that the insist’s depiction of the U.S. Army is terribly assorted from the actual factor. Right here’s what the supernatural drama doesn’t salvage appropriate about defense power lifestyles.

The witches dominate the defense power but don’t exhaust oldschool weapons

One big distinction between the “Motherland: Citadel Salem” defense power and our possess is the reliance on skills. Because magic exists in the “Motherland: Citadel Salem” universe, weaponry, telephones, and assorted units are plenty of a long time in the aid of the actual world. Loads of the Citadel Salem witches don’t even lift guns.

In a Reddit thread on defense power skills in the insist, plenty of commenters noticed that the inability of broad armory doesn’t invent sense. U/William_147015 wrote about how “the diminutive quantity of witches attain that an navy created from them would crumple in a war – basically because there’d be broad stretches of land for an enemy to march by means of.”

Many assorted Redditors, like u/medvezhonok96, felt that the inability of guns and oldschool weapons for witches changed into as soon as partly for “scheme armor” so that the characters can’t be with out jam killed. U/papadoc19 additionally commented that there are “instances in the insist the put witches have confidence had points in opposition to darts and arrows… so I even have confidence main doubts they would possibly well most definitely additionally take care of bullets.”

Strive in opposition to options and tactics are no longer shown on disguise

Yet any other publish in the “Motherland: Citadel Salem” subreddit by u/lt9946 changed into as soon as titled “Anybody else have confidence this insist in actuality needs more defense power/drag scene advisers?” The fan illustrious that no lower than in Season 1, the recent recruits aren’t very experienced, so their defeats invent sense. But by the 2nd season, “all these crazy extremely efficient witches are getting taken down so with out jam.”

The actual person further wrote that “It looks as if the witches staunch invent a fringe and watch for anxiety to achieve at them. No stealth assaults, no recon, no repositioning, and they also watch reasonably frail in opposition to any roughly long distance projectiles.” Certainly, for a insist about the rigors of defense power lifestyles, “Motherland: Citadel Salem” doesn’t in actuality depict the exhaust of classic battle options, as a replacement handiest specializing in the witches and the exhaust of their powers in drag. 

Yet any other Reddit particular person and viewer of the insist concurred, replying that “As for the tactics, it changed into as soon as one in every of the first issues that stood out to me when they went to the Tarim put. They had zero tactics. It gave the look of the Camarilla changed into but again tactical than the Army.” As strategy is a key segment of the defense power, fans are surprised that the insist fully glosses over it. Fortuitously, “Motherland: Citadel Salem” is coming aid for a third and final season (by technique of Freeform), so with any luck the insist will showcase more defense power options of the witches in the final bout of episodes. 

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