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What are the benefits of buying Christmas lottery 'online'?

On Christmas reign the traditions . Family Christmas photographs, dinners with those closest to you , decorate the tree together with the family, share a Christmas lottery with our loved ones … These are just some of the moments that we love the most. appreciate year after year. There are hardly any changes from one year to the next and even from one five-year period to the next. Or between decades. Or in a lifetime.

At the same time, new technologies have reached society to provide greater comfort and facilitate, much more, many of the tasks that are normally performed . And although many think that technology kills traditions, it is not always the case: one of the traditions that has best been reinvented thanks to the digital sphere is the purchase of the Christmas Lottery.

There are many dreamers who buy tickets for the Christmas Giveaway from July 8, the first day they are put on sale. But there are others who, carried away by the Christmas spirit and the illusion that is breathed during this time, are launched to buy during the most festive time of the year . A purchase that can already be made in digitally and electronically, as well as in person and in the Administration itself .

Habits and benefits of those who buy lottery online

Currently, there is really curious data about what are the habits of online lottery purchase . One of them is that people who buy lotteries on the Internet, do so to acquire tenths from outside their Autonomous Community . Another important fact is that, among all the possible endings, the most chosen among the participants is the number 7 . On the other hand, as expected, 82% of online purchases are made during the month of December . But what is really surprising is that 3 out of 5 people buy lottery online , so individual or through their family.

Thanks to these new online shopping methods, game players lottery make more profit than through physical purchase. The first of them is related to a situation that we have gradually internalized and incorporated into our lives: social distance . Buying online avoids direct contact. In relation to distancing, we find another benefit of online shopping, which is avoid queues . It seems that another of the more normalized traditions is to wait long hours, with the temperatures typical of December, to get our tenths. Again, purchasing our tickets online can save us from this cold and waiting situation , while still participating in one of our favorite traditions.

Another advantage of buying lottery Christmas online, which perhaps goes unnoticed by most, is that the tenth is digital . That is, we are not consuming any type of material or generating any type of waste (either non-awarded tickets or proof of purchase). In other words: the online lottery purchase is shown as a more sustainable option and respectful with the environment . And finally, although it may seem unlikely at first glance, thanks to online shopping we can avoid losing the lottery ticket. It may happen that we do not know where we have saved it, or to whom we have sent it to share it. Thanks to the online purchase, we can have proof of where the tenth is or what we have done with it at all times .

A pioneer administration in internet sales

Loteria Castillo is one of the administrations pioneers in online lottery sales , in addition to one of the largest sales volume in Spain. Its web portal, , is one of the best sites on the Internet to acquire the Christmas tenths.

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