Weekend Preview: ‘100 Foot Wave,’ ‘American Horror Stories,’ And ‘Schmigadoon!’ Lift Off


100 Foot Wave (Sunday, HBO 10:00pm) — This six-part sports-documentary series follows the decade-long journey of Garrett McNamara, the pioneering and iconic surfer who dreamed of conquering (as the title indicates) a 100-foot wave, which did more than push his sport to literally higher heights while also elevating a small fishing village. Emmy and Globe winner Joe Lewis executive produces alongside award winner Chris Smith, who also directs.

Schmigadoon!: Season 1 (Apple TV series) — If a musical comedy series starring Cecily Strong, Keegan-Michael Key, Alan Cumming, Kristin Chenoweth, and Jane Krakowski sounds a little bit too frenetic to you, consider this: Apple TV has been crushing the comedy game these days with the likes of Mythic Quest and Ted Lasso under its still-young belt. So, one can bet that if a series called Schmigadoon! can succeed, the show found the correct streaming home. The premise might sound a bit like a horror movie, but it’s intended to be (bizarrely) romantic with a bang-up cast that demands a streaming shot.

American Horror Stories: Season 1 (FX on Hulu series) — This spinoff of Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk’s long-lived, anthology-based franchise will present a new iteration of horror. Viewers will receive a fresh set of terrors within every episode, after the flagship series already dove through an unsettling asylum, a freak shows, a haunted hotels, a coven, and the apocalypse. It’s not as scary as the real America, but close.

These streaming picks make great appetizers:

Shark Week 2021 (Discovery event) — The annual shark-involved festivities bring several new offerings, including a Jackass special (which is predictably banal) and Eli Roth’s FIN. In his documentary, Roth and a group of scientists and activists travel the globe to shine a light on how mankind kills (many) millions of sharks every year, often through a vast criminal enterprise that could render these animals extinct within a decade. The movie’s co-produced by Leo DiCaprio, and here’s more select picks for the week: Great White Comeback, Stranger Sharks, Tiger Queen, Extinct or Alive: Jaws of Alaska, Rogue Tiger Shark: The Hunt for Lagertha, Envoy: Shark Cull, and The Great Hammerhead Stakeout.

Back to some more regularly scheduled programming:

The White Lotus: (Sunday, HBO 9:00pm) — Mike White’s new series skewers the ultra-wealthy in what turns out to be a brilliant satire on how obscene wealth rots everything that it touches. It’s like The Love Boat or Fantasy Island had a lovechild with Agatha Christie, and this week, Armond’s attempting to deal with horrible Shane while Rachel disastrously asks Nicole for advice.

Wellington Paranormal: (Sunday, CW 9:00pm) — What We Do In The Shadows fans rejoice because you’re receiving a spinoff mockumentary series with the same comedy-horror tone from creators and executive producers Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement. This week, Officers O’Leary and Minogue end up at a mysterious party while answering a noise-complaint call.

Betty: (Friday, HBO 11:00pm) — The main players are all back: Rachelle Vinberg as Camille, Ajani Russell as Indigo, Dede Lovelace as Janay, Moonbear as Honeybear, and Nina Moran as Kirt. This week, the party is over, while confessions and new beginnings shine through the conflict.

Kevin Can F**k Himself (Sunday, AMC 9:00 p.m.) — Kevin’s somehow having two birthday dinners because of course, all while Patty has a date with Tammy.

Rick and Morty (Sunday, Adult Swim, 11:00pm) — Rick and Jerry have a completely terrible guys’ night while Summer and Morty, uh, steal Rick’s car.

The Chi (Sunday, Showtime, 9:00pm) — Emmett and Tiff go out on the town while Kevin and Papa are focused on getting back in their ladies’ good graces.

Black Monday (Sunday, Showtime, 10:00pm) — Dawn’s preparing for her next (literal) move, but Mo’s attempt to help her didn’t go as planned, and Blair realizes that the call’s coming from inside the house.

Flatbush Misdemeanors (Sunday, Showtime, 10:30pm) — Zayna’s responsible for Drew’s dad’s predicament, which leads to her attempting to save her own butt. Meanwhile, Kevin and Drew are on another mission.

Desus & Mero (Sunday, Showtime, 11:00pm) — Cynthia Erivo is the illustrious guest.

Here are more streaming picks for the weekend:

Space Jam: A New Legacy (Warner Bros. film on HBO Max) — Somehow, this film’s the most controversial entry of the year, and all that fuss isn’t paying off because oh boy, the reviews are not fantastic. Even without Pepe Le Pew, this film sounds like a stinker, but at least it’s weird enough that those who can’t resist won’t be bored. LeBron James rallies Lola Bunny (Zendaya) and the rest of his animated pals against the “Goons,” a new gathering of pro basketball stars in order to get home after being trapped in digital space. There’s a rogue A.I. who’s the villain here? It sounds, uh, wild.

McCartney 3,2,1: Season 1 (Hulu series) — The legend himself (yes, Paul McCartney) sits down with Rick Rubin to get real about his work and legacy from The Beatles, along with his five decades as a solo artist. This is a six-part series the aims to be much more revelatory than your usual pop-culture documentary, which is fitting, given that we’re talking about an iconic musician.

Dr. Death (Peacock limited series) — This true-crime series tells the story of Dr. Christopher Duntch, whose homicidal ways left dozens of victims in his career’s wake. Alec Baldwin and Christian Slater play the medical colleagues who attempt to stop the mayhem and help bring him to justice. The story’s based upon the Dr. Death podcast, and the prosecutor on the case (portrayed by AnnaSophia Robb) will stop at nothing to indict the healthcare system that helped Duntch bury his misdeeds for years. The doc is so chillingly portrayed by Joshua Jackson that this show might freak Dawson’s Creek fans the hell out.

Loki: Episode 6 (Disney series) — Season finale time has arrived, and don’t worry, the show’s already renewed for Season 2. Well, it’s a damn good thing, too, because Tom Hiddleston has an absolute blast playing the mercurial trickster of the MCU, and the timeline troubles shall continue. This week, there’s a crushing moment, and there’s also a new big bad cruising into Phase 4. This is the best Disney show so far, and Loki’s so beloved that you might binge the whole thing all over again.

Heist: Season 1 (Netflix series) — Three of America’s greatest heists shall be examined in the finest of detail here by the people who did the heisting. These adventures include a Vegas casino heist, a Miami airport heist, and a a Kentucky bourbon heist. The shooting style here aims for Ocean’s Eleven and Catch Me If You Can, and the planning of these heists is flat-out meticulous, so it’s no wonder that the initial heisting went well. However, one must realize that these heisters were eventually busted, so there’s that part of the story, too. Crime doesn’t pay in the long-term, kids.

Fear Street Part 3: 1666 (Netflix film) — The trilogy’s final installment brings the franchise to a head when Sarah Fier’s curse finally gets its origin story. In the end, you’ll see how Shadyside’s residents all feel their lives changed on one fateful night, which will reverberate from many generations to come. R.L. Stein’s stories light up here with a a climactic hurrah. Naturally, you’ll wanna check out the 1978 and 1994 editions before hitting this one.

Never Have I Ever: Season 2 (Netflix series) — Mindy Kaling’s brainchild (one of them, at least… there are so many) returns with more coming-of-age comedy. Devi’s making more questionable decisions along the way (that’s obligatory) while fumbling around through the finer points within new relationships. She does, however, face an out-of-her-control dilemma at school when “another Indian girl who is prettier, cooler” arrives on the scene. Expect more drama at home, too, as this beloved series continues to celebrate the awkwardness of adolescence.