We Need An Explanation For This Adam Sandler Basketball Shirt That James Caan’s Assistant Owns


Earlier this year, videos surfaced of Adam Sandler putting on a pickup basketball show in Long Island. This wasn’t the first time that Sandler was captured playing basketball in an interesting setting and, by all accounts, the actor seems enjoys the game quite a bit. In fact, the plot of “Uncut Gems” centers heavily on the NBA, with Kevin Garnett making an extended appearance alongside Sandler and putting in tremendous work.

With all of that said, legendary actor James Caan shared a tweet on Wednesday that created quite a stir, and it focused on a shirt that his assistant owns.

As you can see, the shirt has Sandler in three different outfits playing basketball, all under the banner of his name as if he was an NBA superstar. Caan, who is 81 years old and known for an extensive catalog of work, seems genuinely confused by the shirt’s existence, as many would. His only explanation being that his assistant is “from Cleveland and he’s Polish,” though that doesn’t necessarily paint the clearest picture.

If nothing else, we need answers for this. How was the shirt procured? Who made it? What was the idea behind it? Does the assistant have a particular fascination for Sandler? At any rate, this shirt is also fantastic, and we will keep you updated as this situation develops. This is mostly because we really want it to continue developing.