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Walker’s Keegan Allen On Liam’s Grittier Storyline, LGBTQ+ Representation, And Jared Padalecki – Exclusive Interview


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By Xandra Harbet/Jan. 13, 2022 3: 01 pm EST

This text contains aloof spoilers for upcoming episodes of “Walker.”

“Walker” Season 2 began out with a bang in October, and in barely six episodes of the 2nd season, every little thing has modified for our favorite Texas ranger and his household. Lindsey Morgan’s departure from the impress as Micki left things up in the air on the tip of essentially the most necessary half of the season. Now, the impress is returning to handle the Micki-sized elephant in the room: “The build will we experience from here?”

Successfully, we know that one character, particularly, is strolling a tightrope of execrable decision-making. Episode 2.06 leaves Liam (Keegan Allen) in a aesthetic dicey voice, having steady filed a unsuitable police fable, and Cordell (Jared Padalecki) is left to preserve pack up the items. Up except this point, the “Rather Limited Liars” alum and “Apply Me” megastar has played a quite by-the-e-book character on “Walker.” Nonetheless, it appears to be like fancy all of that’s about to replace in the 2nd half of the season. 

One day of an unfamiliar interview with Looper, Keegan Allen dished on Liam’s darker character arc, advert-libbing on the “Walker” plight, and working with prankster extraordinaire Jared Padalecki. He also teased the return of a familiar face and unfolded referring to the impact of taking part in an LGBTQ character on TV. Allen also neatly-known which “Rather Limited Liars” actor he wants to appear in “Walker.”

Facing Micki’s absence

How effect you hold Micki’s absence will possess an tag on the impress as a full, and could we query Walker to lone-wolf it, or is there a possibility of him partnering up?

Initially, I’m in a position to in actuality verbalize I fancy Lindsey [Morgan] plenty. She is this kind of gifted, enormous force that she desired to effect no topic she desired to effect for herself. We crimson meat up her and admire her plenty. In my belief, I fancy her and crimson meat up her with no slay in sight with no topic she wants. And so, indubitably, her leaving changed into very sad, nonetheless [we] a good deal crimson meat up her in doing what she desired to effect. And I don’t know. I don’t know if fact be told what’s [in] the lengthy speed. It’s nearly very unlikely to copy something fancy that, nonetheless I effect know that we are all attractive forward and missing her a good deal, nonetheless respectful of her doing what she desired to effect.

Liam’s darkish descent

Up except this season, your character has been the laced-up guy the Walker household can continuously depend on, nonetheless now he’s throwing punches and submitting unsuitable police reports. What has it been fancy getting to play this unhinged model of Liam, and could we query him to retain going down this darker direction of obsession?

[Laughs] The darker direction of obsession. , we are getting to leer the seismic effects that ruminate the leisure of the season from his choices, and Liam, similar to you said, has continuously been a extraordinarily tight, entirely self-conscious character. We’re getting to leer what occurs when that falls aside — no longer handiest within himself and what occurs along with his profession, nonetheless along with his household, his guests, and his closest relationships, and in addition how he sees himself. We find to explore that, and the writers possess performed an out of this world, I desire to assert “immaculate” job at exhibiting what if fact be told occurs.

It’s miles a concatenation of events, nonetheless as the dominoes tumble, [we see] how every little thing affects one other and the relationship [between] Cordell and Liam. Last season, it changed into Liam pulling Cordell up from the darkness and being there to preserve the household together by the bootstraps. Now, it’s beyond the reverse, and so we find to leer that dynamic as neatly. It’s unbelievable, as an actor, so to play a spectrum fancy that in a character that is so self-conscious for him to lose that self-consciousness and spoil his Matrix — his simulation of what he believes is constructive and rotten, and apart from position a query to himself [on] why he’s performed it. It’s a unbelievable hurry, and the writers possess performed a extraordinarily, if fact be told thrilling job of telling it.

The particular person that bought away

We haven’t heard from Brett in a minute. Raise out you hold that chapter of Liam’s life is closed, or is there a gamble we would leer these two together in the lengthy speed? And is that something that it is doubtless you’ll like in your character?

[I] admire Alex Landi …  He’s honestly unbelievable. In [2.07], Brett does get back to … we’ll leer what occurs. Raise out they reconcile? Does something occur? But I hold it’s a unbelievable couple of scenes that occur. It does experience that storyline forward in a extraordinarily, very attention-grabbing manner — in particular steady because Liam is making an strive to desire out plenty of his identification in his profession and his household and along with his choices that he’s made. 

I mean, we’ve all made errors in our lives the build we experience, “Why did I effect [that?] What possess I performed? Why did I effect that?” Accurate? Liam is amazingly a lot intriguing about that self-reflection and Brett coming again, I hold, aids and in addition … per chance hinders his reaction to what he’s performed, nonetheless another time, we’ll leer how a lot that interaction enforces something in the lengthy speed.

The importance of definite LGBTQ representation

That’s thrilling. In that vein, I if fact be told admire that “Walker” takes a extra progressive breeze than its predecessor. How has it felt to be a portion of bringing this Texas fable into as a lot as date instances by taking part in an current and loved happy character as a change of the long-established doom and gloom angles that [are] in total [the] focal point of LGBTQ relationships on TV?

[With] “Walker,” taking part in this character and being portion of this universe, I hold it’s so necessary that here is steady life. We stay in the 21st century. We are experiencing life because it is. And one in all my favorite things about this impress particularly and this character is that it doesn’t want to specialize in the leisure fancy that. It’s steady life, and that’s so aesthetic to me because increasing up, I grew up in West Hollywood, and I by no manner knew that the leisure changed into the leisure. It steady changed into life. 

Seeing that now we’re in the coronary heart of Texas, that it is because it is, is steady so unbelievable to me because it is because it wants to be. It feels fancy the experience with the circulation of life is steady the vogue it is. And I fancy that. It’s aesthetic. It’s a unbelievable character. I enjoy every 2nd of being this character, and I also desire to show that I fancy that the household loves him. That’s so unbelievable as he is, and as he comes, he’s steady current and loved and it wants to be because it wants to be, ?

Chilling with Jared Padalecki

As Jared Padalecki’s onscreen brother, you utilize plenty of time filming with him. What had been some of your favorite moments with him every on and off the show?

, possibly one in all my favorite moments is in [2.07]. It changed into steady a actual 2nd. I feel fancy every time that I work with Jared, it doesn’t feel fancy we’re capturing a tv impress as soon as in some time. It steady feels fancy he’s continuously been my household. It’s this kind of unfamiliar … I don’t know if it’s steady Jared hypnotizing me along with his enormous lovely appears to be like and his aesthetic eyes. I don’t know what it is. 

No, nonetheless I know what it is. Jared is steady an incredibly warmth, welcoming, nearly household-feeling with all people that he meets. But plenty of those scenes that are coming up in [2.07], I mean, Jared is intelligent to in truth attain internal of my character’s coronary heart, and [mine] too, and pull out these steady splendidly emotional and if fact be told deep, actual moments. There’s a coronary heart-to-coronary heart that’s coming up in, I hold in 2.06. Is it 2.06 or 2.07?

I hold it’s 2.07.

There’s a unbelievable coronary heart-to-coronary heart that’s coming up, nonetheless at this point it’s a lot extra attention-grabbing when the brothers possess household consternation or consternation amongst them [that creates] some form of a barrier between them because household is with no slay in sight and all people that has siblings. I’m an handiest child. I’m in a position to assert that I even possess guests that feel fancy sibling and household fights, man, they combat, nonetheless they continuously win a vogue again. It’s attention-grabbing to leer that combat and how something that Liam did that affects his profession also affects his brother, which also affects his household. 

Seeing how Jared or rather Cordell provides with this as the older brother, as the sibling that Liam appears to be like as a lot as, even supposing Liam has been serving to him the leisure, alternatively lengthy we’ve known. It’s attention-grabbing to leer that dynamic shift very, very rapidly. There [are] about a scenes coming up the build Liam has to get back to that and leer how Cordell provides with it, and it’s if fact be told attention-grabbing. Jared’s choices are continuously so attention-grabbing as an actor. It’s unbelievable.

Ad-libbing with the finest

Can you hold of any moments the build either of you broke on plight or advert-libbed any scenes, improvised, the leisure fancy that?

Yeah, lots. We’re unfastened cannons. Whenever I work with Jared, I mean, we possess got … There’s a scene coming up the build I’m eating breakfast tacos, and we steady find aggressive, and it’s steady ridiculous. There’s no motive to effect these items, nonetheless we are steady aggressive and ate fancy 16 tacos in a employ. It changed into nuts. This might well occasionally moreover possibly by no manner leer the sunshine of day, nonetheless a full bunch improvisation, continuously follows very carefully to Anna Fricke, Seamus [Kevin Fahey], Steve Robin — following very carefully to the lords of this impress and the writers and the directors and their visions. It’s unbelievable because as soon as there might well be that collaboration, the inventive collaboration of the impress is steady so, so mountainous. We can paint open air the traces very, very with out voice as a consequence of how a lot freedom we possess got within our character’s fluctuate. Hundreds that has been going on, and it’s very releasing as an actor to possess that.

Can you hold of any moments that made it to the leisure product?

I hold there [were] a pair in, I don’t know if it stayed, 2.06, taking part in fancy inebriated and I changed into steady getting into into it, I changed into fancy flowing, and I said something fancy, “A peppermint woo woo.” It changed into steady a joke, nonetheless it grew to become this tall deal on plight. It changed into amusing, and so the sound other folks made a peppermint woo woo. They made it, fancy the props, they made it, and then we hid it as an Easter egg right throughout the season now.

It’s steady the candy bar. It says, “Peppermint Woo Woo.” I don’t know why that came about. It changed into steady an improv thing that went out of hand, and I hold it made it to the leisure. I don’t know, per chance it did. I hold it did invent it through to the leisure episode, which is steady so amusing.

Jared Padalecki: Most at risk of prank his co-stars

Jared is is named a chunk a prankster, nonetheless it appears to be like fancy he spared many of his Walker co-stars. Relish you ever been on the receiving discontinue of any of that?

No longer me. What? Spared?

He spared Molly [Hagan].

There’s no sparing.

[Laughs.] Molly bought spared, on the least as of remaining season.

I don’t be taught about that. He’s a prankster. He’s amusing even supposing. He knows the actual technique to steady sew in pranks, because if I did it, I could be in plenty concern, or all people would steady see at me, because he’s so charming … He’s steady so amusing. His pranks are enormous … I don’t know, that it is doubtless you’ll possibly moreover want to leer. There’s a gag reel that’s if fact be told enormous. In case you guys find the DVD, there’s a gag reel on the tip of the DVD. It encompasses all of “Walker” and why some scenes are so engaging, and I continuously find if fact be told disquieted after they’re if fact be told severe scenes. Within the event that they’re with Jared, I’m steady fancy, I give him the see fancy, “Please no longer on my protection because I received’t be in a self-discipline to effect it.”

I’ll strive and retain it together. [There are] instances the build I’m fancy, “Sufficient, I bought this. I could moreover retain it together.” But Jared’s been doing this for thus lengthy. He’s performed 300 episodes of tv. He knows the actual technique to, he can throw minute nuclear bombs and retain it together and then steady see at you fancy, “Attain on, man. What’s rotten?” I’m fancy, “Dude, come on, help.” So, he’s a enormous prankster. He’s so fun. What a fun guy. I steady admire him. I if fact be told see forward to working with him because I fancy to leer what’s next with what he’s going to effect.

A engaging tablet to swallow

What has been your favorite prank or the one who caught you essentially the most off guard?

Oh, gosh. , the props department did something if fact be told amusing no longer too lengthy ago. They gave me this minute … There’s, in scripts as an actor, they’ll possess [notes like] “Here’s a extraordinarily engaging tablet to swallow for Liam.” Successfully, Scott in props, he has [this] minute TikTok/Instagram reels web page the build he does these … they’re the finest puns on earth. He is so amusing, and I extremely counsel you word him. They got here as a lot as me, and so that they said, “Here, you’re going to possibly want this for the scene.” And it changed into steady Altoids fancy mints, nonetheless it said, “No longer easy tablet to swallow.”

It if fact be told changed into manner too amusing. I don’t know why, nonetheless I could moreover barely retain it together. That changed into fun. And likewise, there changed into a scene in 2.06 with Coby Bell. Coby and I, we are straight as an arrow with scenes. We don’t spoil, nonetheless there changed into steady something about capturing that day the build we steady belief it changed into the funniest thing ever — couldn’t stop laughing. So, I don’t know. In most cases it’s steady minute things, fancy no longer being in a self-discipline to invent watch contact. After which you’re steady fancy, “Oh, here we experience.”

Shooting with the Walker fam

“Walker” has an out of this world solid and a slew of compelling characters. Is there an actor from the impress that you just haven’t labored with a lot or the least bit that you just’d admire some scenes with or a character you hold that Liam ought to silent interact extra with?

I fancy working with Mitch [Pileggi]. I fancy working with Molly. I didn’t if fact be told find too many scenes but with Jeff Pierre, nonetheless I effect possess a pair that are coming up, and I’ve been rehearsing with him and working with him, and he is so constructive and so charming. Oh my gosh. I steady esteem him. He is slowly turning into one in all my simplest guests — no longer slowly, at an accelerated charge. We have so many total pursuits, and he is steady so fun. He’s this kind of enormous, enormous actor to work with — so unbelievable. 

Getting to work with Kale [Culley] and, I nearly called her Stella, Violet [Brinson], is if fact be told, if fact be told unbelievable. I’m so deep on this planet, nonetheless I if fact be told, if fact be told admire working with the kids too. I’d admire to possess extra scenes with them, nonetheless yeah, I hold, that it is doubtless you’ll possibly moreover retain pushing Liam around in that sandbox to every character. I if fact be told admire working with all people and having the time with them is if fact be told, if fact be told particular. They’re all such unbelievable, unbelievable other folks.

Rather Limited Liars meets Walker?

You starred in “Rather Limited Liars” for seven years. Is there any individual from that impress that you just’d fancy to leer on “Walker”?

Gosh, that’s a factual attach a query to that no one has asked me but. I don’t know. Any person that abruptly comes to thoughts is a extraordinarily rugged particular particular person, and I steady in actuality admire plenty. I mean, I fancy all of them. They’re all my household, “Rather Limited Liars.” My household. I feel fancy Ian Harding could be fun because he’s gotten very rugged through the years. He’s an ornithologist by I commerce, so he could moreover come out here and help me desire out some Texas birds.

Honestly, any individual from the impress I feel could moreover stay in the “Walker” universe very conveniently. They’re all unbelievable actors, and even supposing we know them in distinct roles, they’re stamped with distinct characters. Your entire actors from “PLL” — they’re so versatile, and so that they’re so gifted. They could stay in the “Walker” universe or any universe, for that topic, fairly conveniently.

The novel sin

What are some of your favorite recollections working with that solid, and would you be down to appear in “Current Sin” if the writers learned a vogue to invent it occur?

Yeah. It’s miles a must to impress, I’m a colossal fan of “Rather Limited Liars.” I changed into a colossal fan of it, moreso over quarantine. I watched the impress for essentially the most necessary time through, and I changed into fancy, “Oh, I find it now. Like I impress. Sufficient. I find it.” I impress why other folks if fact be told enjoyed it. So honestly, the leisure “Rather Limited Liars,” I fancy, and I hope it remains to be a fun staple of that teen drama form of unfamiliar … it’s an engrossing spectrum of alarm, teen, romance and then, “Ravenswood” changed into, all these items with “Rather Limited Liars” [is] so attention-grabbing and heightened drama. It’s this kind of unbelievable, chilly thing. I’m a fan, so, indubitably I’m continuously fancy, “Yeah, yeah, indubitably, me, preserve shut me.” Within the event that they had been in a self-discipline to desire it out.

“Walker” returns to The CW on Thursday, January 13, with contemporary episodes airing Thursday nights and streaming on The CW web sing material the following day. 

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