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Walker’s Keegan Allen On Liam’s Grittier Storyline, LGBTQ+ Representation, And Jared Padalecki – Exclusive Interview


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By Xandra Harbet/Jan. 13, 2022 3: 01 pm EST

This text contains tender spoilers for upcoming episodes of “Walker.”

“Walker” Season 2 began out with a bang in October, and in precisely six episodes of the second season, all the pieces has changed for our current Texas ranger and his household. Lindsey Morgan’s departure from the demonstrate as Micki left issues up in the air on the give up of the first half of of the season. Now, the demonstrate is returning to address the Micki-sized elephant in the room: “The build will we trudge from right here?”

Smartly, we know that one character, in particular, is walking a tightrope of disagreeable decision-making. Episode 2.06 leaves Liam (Keegan Allen) in a somewhat dicey effort, having fair filed a untrue police file, and Cordell (Jared Padalecki) is left to have interaction up the devices. Up till this point, the “Barely Slight Liars” alum and “Apply Me” famous particular person has played a somewhat by-the-e-book character on “Walker.” On the other hand, it appears admire all of that’s about to alternate in the second half of of the season. 

All via an uncommon interview with Looper, Keegan Allen dished on Liam’s darker character arc, advert-libbing on the “Walker” area, and dealing with prankster extraordinaire Jared Padalecki. He additionally teased the return of a smartly-diagnosed face and opened up regarding the affect of playing an LGBTQ character on TV. Allen additionally effectively-known which “Barely Slight Liars” actor he desires to appear in “Walker.”

Facing Micki’s absence

How enact you imagine Micki’s absence can have an trace on the demonstrate as a complete, and can we quiz Walker to lone-wolf it, or is there a risk of him partnering up?

First of all, I will basically inform I esteem Lindsey [Morgan] so famous. She is such a proficient, tremendous power that she wanted to enact whatever she wanted to enact for herself. We toughen her and esteem her so famous. Personally, I esteem her and toughen her with out end with whatever she desires. And so, take into accout that, her leaving became as soon as very sad, but [we] very famous toughen her in doing what she wanted to enact. And I don’t know. I don’t know in point of truth what’s [in] the future. It’s nearly no longer seemingly to reproduction one thing admire that, but I enact know that we are all intelligent forward and missing her very famous, but respectful of her doing what she wanted to enact.

Liam’s gloomy descent

Up till this season, your character has been the laced-up guy the Walker household can continually count on, but now he’s throwing punches and submitting untrue police experiences. What has it been admire getting to play this unhinged model of Liam, and can we quiz him to defend occurring this darker path of obsession?

[Laughs] The darker path of obsession. , we are getting to look the seismic effects that ruminate the the leisure of the season from his choices, and Liam, admire you mentioned, has continually been a in point of fact tight, entirely self-aware character. We’re getting to look what happens when that falls apart — no longer finest internal himself and what happens alongside with his profession, but alongside with his household, his chums, and his closest relationships, and additionally how he sees himself. We procure to stumble on that, and the writers have finished an phenomenal, I’d like to insist “immaculate” job at showing what in point of truth happens.

It is a long way a concatenation of events, but because the dominoes drop, [we see] how each thing affects one other and the relationship [between] Cordell and Liam. Final season, it became as soon as Liam pulling Cordell up from the darkness and being there to defend the household together by the bootstraps. Now, it’s previous the other, and so we procure to look that dynamic as effectively. It is a long way beautiful, as an actor, to have the ability to play a spectrum admire that in a personality that is so self-aware for him to lose that self-awareness and rupture his Matrix — his simulation of what he believes is factual and tainted, and additionally to hunt information from himself [on] why he’s finished it. It’s a beautiful roam, and the writers have finished a terribly, in point of truth racy job of telling it.

The one who got away

We haven’t heard from Brett in a minute. Attain you imagine that chapter of Liam’s lifestyles is closed, or is there a risk we might perchance well presumably stare these two together in the kill? And is that one thing that you admire to have to your character?

[I] esteem Alex Landi …  He’s in truth phenomenal. In [2.07], Brett does reach befriend to … we’ll stare what happens. Attain they reconcile? Does one thing happen? Nonetheless I think it’s a beautiful couple of scenes that happen. It does pass that storyline forward in a in point of fact, very moving formula — especially fair because Liam is searching for to establish out so famous of his identification in his profession and his household and alongside with his choices that he’s made. 

I mean, we’ve all made errors in our lives where we trudge, “Why did I enact [that?] What have I finished? Why did I enact that?” Proper? Liam is terribly famous desirous about that self-reflection and Brett coming befriend, I think, aids and additionally … perchance hinders his response to what he’s finished, but but again, we’ll stare how famous that interaction enforces one thing in the kill.

The importance of sure LGBTQ illustration

That’s racy. In that vein, I in point of truth esteem that “Walker” takes a more innovative run than its predecessor. How has it felt to be a section of bringing this Texas memoir into fashionable occasions by playing an licensed and cherished homosexual character as an different of the identical outdated doom and gloom angles that [are] normally [the] point of curiosity of LGBTQ relationships on TV?

[With] “Walker,” playing this character and being section of this universe, I think it’s so distinguished that right here is solely lifestyles. We are residing in the 21st century. We are experiencing lifestyles because it is miles. And one among my current issues about this demonstrate in particular and this character is that it doesn’t need to spotlight one thing admire that. It’s fair lifestyles, and that’s so lovely to me because rising up, I grew up in West Hollywood, and I by no means knew that one thing became as soon as one thing. It fair became as soon as lifestyles. 

Seeing that now we’re in the coronary heart of Texas, that it is miles because it is miles, is solely so beautiful to me since it is miles because it might perchance perhaps perchance presumably additionally restful be. It feels admire the trudge with the plod of lifestyles is solely the formula it is miles. And I esteem that. It’s lovely. It’s a beautiful character. I be pleased each second of being this character, and I additionally need to point to that I esteem that the household loves him. That’s so beautiful as he’s, and as he comes, he’s fair licensed and cherished and it might perchance perhaps perchance presumably additionally restful be because it might perchance perhaps perchance presumably additionally restful be, you know?

Chilling with Jared Padalecki

As Jared Padalecki’s onscreen brother, you use loads of time filming with him. What have been a pair of of your current moments with him each on and off the display?

, doubtlessly one among my current moments is in [2.07]. It became as soon as only a genuine second. I in point of truth feel admire at any time when that I work with Jared, it doesn’t in point of truth feel admire we’re shooting a tv demonstrate normally. It fair feels admire he’s continually been my household. It’s such a irregular … I don’t know if it’s fair Jared hypnotizing me alongside with his smartly-behaved pleasing appears to be like and his lovely eyes. I don’t know what it is miles. 

No, but I know what it is miles. Jared is solely an incredibly heat, welcoming, nearly household-feeling with each person that he meets. Nonetheless these kinds of scenes which could additionally very effectively be organising in [2.07], I mean, Jared is in a build to in point of truth reach internal of my character’s coronary heart, and [mine] too, and pull out these fair splendidly emotional and in point of truth deep, genuine moments. There’s a coronary heart-to-coronary heart that’s organising in, I imagine in 2.06. Is it 2.06 or 2.07?

I think it’s 2.07.

There’s a beautiful coronary heart-to-coronary heart that’s organising, but at this point it’s even more moving when the brothers have household consternation or consternation amongst them [that creates] some make of a barrier between them because household is with out end and each person that has siblings. I’m an finest child. I will inform that I’ve chums that in point of truth feel admire sibling and household fights, man, they combat, but they continually get a trend befriend. It’s moving to look that combat and the contrivance in which one thing that Liam did that affects his profession additionally affects his brother, which additionally affects his household. 

Seeing how Jared or somewhat Cordell offers with this because the older brother, because the sibling that Liam appears to be like up to, even supposing Liam has been helping him the leisure, alternatively lengthy we’ve known. It’s moving to look that dynamic shift very, in a transient time. There [are] a pair of scenes organising where Liam has to reach befriend to that and stare how Cordell offers with it, and it’s in point of truth moving. Jared’s choices are continually so moving as an actor. It’s beautiful.

Advert-libbing with the finest

Are you able to imagine of any moments where both of you broke on area or advert-libbed any scenes, improvised, one thing admire that?

Yeah, tons. We’re free cannons. Every time I work with Jared, I mean, we now have … There’s a scene organising where I’m eating breakfast tacos, and we fair procure competitive, and it’s fair ridiculous. There’s no reason to enact these items, but we are fair competitive and ate admire 16 tacos in a take hold of. It became as soon as nuts. This is in a position to perchance well doubtlessly by no means stare the sunshine of day, but a complete bunch improvisation, continually follows very closely to Anna Fricke, Seamus [Kevin Fahey], Steve Robin — following very closely to the lords of this demonstrate and the writers and the directors and their visions. It’s beautiful because as soon as there’s that collaboration, the ingenious collaboration of the demonstrate is solely so, so enormous. We can paint exterior the lines very, very with out enlighten because of how famous freedom we now have internal our character’s differ. A complete lot that has been taking place, and it’s very releasing as an actor to have that.

Are you able to imagine of any moments that made it to the leisure product?

I think there [were] a pair in, I don’t know if it stayed, 2.06, playing admire inebriated and I became as soon as fair coming into into it, I became as soon as admire flowing, and I mentioned one thing admire, “A peppermint woo woo.” It became as soon as only a shaggy dog memoir, alternatively it became this sizable deal on area. It became as soon as funny, and so the sound people made a peppermint woo woo. They made it, admire the props, they made it, and then we hid it as an Easter egg one day of the season now.

It’s fair the candy bar. It says, “Peppermint Woo Woo.” I don’t know why that came about. It became as soon as fair an improv thing that went out of hand, and I think it made it to the leisure. I don’t know, perchance it did. I think it did form it via to the leisure episode, which is solely so funny.

Jared Padalecki: Most definitely to prank his co-stars

Jared normally called barely of a prankster, alternatively it appears admire he spared loads of his Walker co-stars. Accept as true with you ever been on the receiving give up of any of that?

No longer me. What? Spared?

He spared Molly [Hagan].

There’s no sparing.

[Laughs.] Molly got spared, as a minimal as of remaining season.

I don’t know about that. He’s a prankster. He’s funny even though. He knows easy the finest formula to fair sew in pranks, because if I did it, I could perchance well presumably be in so famous pain, or each person would fair stare upon me, because he’s so charming … He’s fair so funny. His pranks are gigantic … I don’t know, it be distinguished to look. There’s a gag reel that’s in point of truth gigantic. Whereas you guys procure the DVD, there’s a gag reel on the give up of the DVD. It encompasses all of “Walker” and why some scenes are so exhausting, and I continually procure in point of truth fearful when they’re in point of truth serious scenes. In the event that they’re with Jared, I’m fair admire, I give him the gaze admire, “Please no longer on my protection because I won’t be in a build to enact it.”

I’ll strive to defend it together. [There are] occasions where I’m admire, “Okay, I got this. I could perchance well presumably defend it together.” Nonetheless Jared’s been doing this for see you later. He’s finished 300 episodes of tv. He knows easy the finest formula to, he can throw little nuclear bombs and defend it together and then fair stare upon you admire, “Approach on, man. What’s tainted?” I’m admire, “Dude, reach on, back.” So, he’s a gigantic prankster. He’s so enjoyable. What a enjoyable guy. I fair esteem him. I in point of truth gaze forward to working with him because I exercise to look what’s subsequent with what he’s going to enact.

A exhausting tablet to swallow

What has been your current prank or the one who caught you the most off guard?

Oh, gosh. , the props division did one thing in point of truth funny fair no longer too lengthy ago. They gave me this little … There’s, in scripts as an actor, they’ll have [notes like] “Right here’s a in point of fact exhausting tablet to swallow for Liam.” Smartly, Scott in props, he has [this] little TikTok/Instagram reels online page where he does these … they’re the finest puns on earth. He’s so funny, and I extremely counsel you notice him. They came up to me, and moreover they mentioned, “Right here, you’re going to doubtlessly need this for the scene.” And it became as soon as fair Altoids admire mints, alternatively it mentioned, “Difficult tablet to swallow.”

It in point of truth became as soon as formula too funny. I don’t know why, but I could perchance well presumably barely defend it together. That became as soon as enjoyable. And additionally, there became as soon as a scene in 2.06 with Coby Bell. Coby and I, we are straight as an arrow with scenes. We don’t rupture, but there became as soon as fair one thing about shooting that day where we fair thought it became as soon as the funniest thing ever — couldn’t cease laughing. So, I don’t know. In most cases it’s fair little issues, admire no longer being in a build to form stare contact. After which you’re fair admire, “Oh, right here we trudge.”

Taking pictures with the Walker fam

“Walker” has a fantastic solid and a slew of compelling characters. Is there an actor from the demonstrate that you haven’t worked with famous or at all that you’d esteem some scenes with or a personality you imagine that Liam might perchance well presumably additionally restful have interaction more with?

I esteem working with Mitch [Pileggi]. I esteem working with Molly. I didn’t in point of truth procure too many scenes but with Jeff Pierre, but I enact have a pair which could additionally very effectively be organising, and I’ve been rehearsing with him and dealing with him, and he’s so keen and so charming. Oh my gosh. I fair cherish him. He’s slowly turning into one among my finest chums — no longer slowly, at an accelerated price. We have so many standard interests, and he’s only so enjoyable. He’s such a gigantic, gigantic actor to work with — so beautiful. 

Getting to work with Kale [Culley] and, I nearly called her Stella, Violet [Brinson], is in point of truth, in point of truth beautiful. I’m so deep on this planet, but I in point of truth, in point of truth esteem working with the children too. I’d esteem to have more scenes with them, but yeah, I think, that you must perchance presumably presumably additionally defend pushing Liam round in that sandbox to each character. I in point of truth esteem working with each person and having the time with them is in point of truth, in point of truth special. They’re all such beautiful, beautiful people.

Barely Slight Liars meets Walker?

You starred in “Barely Slight Liars” for seven years. Is there any individual from that demonstrate that you’d exercise to look on “Walker”?

Gosh, that’s a factual seek information from that no one has asked me but. I don’t know. Somebody that straight involves tips is a in point of fact rugged particular particular person, and I fair basically esteem so famous. I mean, I esteem all of them. They’re all my household, “Barely Slight Liars.” My household. I in point of truth feel admire Ian Harding might perchance well presumably be enjoyable because he’s gotten very rugged through the years. He’s an ornithologist by I commerce, so he might perchance well presumably reach out right here and back me identify out some Texas birds.

In actuality, anyone from the demonstrate I in point of truth feel might perchance well presumably are residing in the “Walker” universe very with ease. They’re all unbelievable actors, and even supposing we know them in sure roles, they’re stamped with sure characters. The total actors from “PLL” — they’re so versatile, and moreover they’re so proficient. They might perchance well well perchance additionally are residing in the “Walker” universe or any universe, for that topic, quite with ease.

The long-established sin

What are a pair of of your current memories working with that solid, and would you be all the formula down to appear in “Long-established Sin” if the writers figured out a trend to form it happen?

Yeah. It is distinguished to realize, I’m a gigantic fan of “Barely Slight Liars.” I became as soon as a gigantic fan of it, moreso over quarantine. I watched the demonstrate for the first time via, and I became as soon as admire, “Oh, I procure it now. Admire I realize. Okay. I procure it.” I realize why people in point of truth loved it. So in truth, one thing “Barely Slight Liars,” I esteem, and I am hoping it remains to be a enjoyable staple of that teen drama make of irregular … it’s a spicy spectrum of effort, teen, romance and then, “Ravenswood” became as soon as, all these items with “Barely Slight Liars” [is] so moving and heightened drama. It’s such a beautiful, chilly thing. I’m a fan, so, take into accout that I’m continually admire, “Yeah, yeah, take into accout that, me, have interaction me.” In the event that they had been in a build to establish it out.

“Walker” returns to The CW on Thursday, January 13, with original episodes airing Thursday nights and streaming on The CW online online page the next day to come. 

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