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TVE does not know whether to broadcast Verónica Forqué's intervention in 'MasterChef Junior' and 'Masters of sewing' in the coming weeks

RTVE remains undecided about the broadcast of the interventions of the actress Verónica Forqué, who died on Monday in Madrid, as a special guest in MasterChef Junior and Maestros de la couture . Both spaces are produced by Shine Iberia, the same person in charge of MasterChef Celebrity 6, where the actress was last seen on television. The public corporation has changed its mind in this regard on two occasions throughout this Friday.

In the late afternoon on Thursday and early in the morning on Friday, TVE confirmed to this newspaper that Forqué would be able to be seen at least in the children's edition of its culinary contest, which opens on Monday, December 20. Shortly after the publication of that news, around 12 noon, the same sources in the chain have changed course and have stated that the actress would disappear from the final assembly of both MasterChef Junior and Masters of sewing in a “definitive” way. But four hours later they have backed down again and have affirmed that “RTVE is studying this issue again” and that a “meticulous” analysis would be carried out on the broadcast or non-broadcast of the moments in which the actress participated as a special guest of both spaces. What they have also confirmed on Friday afternoon is that the ball is on the roof of TVE, which will make a decision independently of Shine Iberia, since “the programs are from the chain”.

The production company published a statement on its website on Tuesday in which it regretted the death of the actress, who took her own life and publicly stated that she had mental health problems. In the text, the company defends that Forqué “affirmed on many occasions to feel happy and grateful, as he did in the following months, both in public and in private” for being part of its program. And that he had accepted his invitation to participate in MasterChef Junior and Masters of sewing and even shoot together a series that it was in development. Consulted on Friday by this newspaper, the production company refers back to the information it shared on Tuesday without wishing to provide more information in this regard.

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The last time Forqué appeared on a television set was on that of MasterChef Celebrity 6, where he gave a much more tense image than usual over the weeks. At the time of saying goodbye, in the episode broadcast on November 22, he explained that he had decided to leave the contest due to exhaustion: “The truth is, I'm regular. I need to rest. In the last team cooking test I was exhausted. I'm not throwing in the towel. But this time you have to be humble and say: 'I can't take it anymore ”.

The RTVE board of directors meeting on Thursday at the Prado del Rey headquarters approved the launch of an internal audit of the MasterChef format. The corporation will investigate in detail the costs and contracting processes of its four versions (contest with anonymous, with celebrities, with children and with contestants senior ). They seek to analyze a space “that sometimes forces situations to obtain one more audience point, and that generates script tension and creates problems for TVE”.

Sources from this body insist that this measure is not related to the death of the actress. But several members had announced before the start of the session chaired by the head of the corporation, José Manuel Pérez Tornero, their intention to ask whether public television and the producer of the famous gastronomic space have been able to have some degree of responsibility at the time to detect “clues” about Forqué's mental health.

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