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Tricks to solve Wordle, the trendy game

A little over a month ago, an internet game that resembles Scrabble has become popular: the so-called Wordle, which consists of Guess a five-letter word with only six attempts. Every day, there is a different word.

The letters in green will indicate that they are and are in the correct place, the yellow that are correct but are not in their place, and the gray indicate that they are letters that do not appear in the word of that day.

Once you manage to guess the word, you can share the result on social networks, such as Twitter or Facebook.

In ca Talan and Galician

Its fury has been such that versions have been created to play in Catalan and Galician, and Apple has had to withdraw applications that copied the famous game, which is only accessible through the internet.

To be an expert in the game, there are certain tricks that can be used to win without cheating. What you have to do is try to get as much information as possible in the first two attempts and, after that, use the next four to try to guess the rest. To do this, the three words that should be used at the beginning are “audio” (which has all the vowels except the “e”), “aireo” (all but the “u”) or “aureo” (all but the “i “).

Maximum digit of consonants

After that first word in which vowels are deciphered, it is advisable to use one with as many consonants as possible and, if possible, with the missing vowel. In the case of “aireo”, for example, “clubs” can be used, which contains the “u” that “aireo” lacks.

Therefore, the ideal combination would be “air” and “clubs” the first two.

Keep in mind that there are letters that can be repeated, such as “s” and “t” of tests. Once you have the vowels and main consonants figured out, it's easier to get it right on the third try


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With cheats

There are also formulas to always win… by cheating. Without going into that there is not much sense and it takes away part of the fun of the game. But if you're one of those who don't like losing or marbles

, you can choose to connect in incognito mode (for endless opportunities to guess the word), know all Wordle words (in the source code you can find a list with all of them) or search for the word of the day in social networks or in the browser (all players share the same word, so the solution will always be the same for everyone).

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