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Train Monster Won as the Scariest Ghost in Mieruko-chan Anime

The Prepare Monster that appeared in episode 8 of Mieruko-chan anime won on the no longer too prolonged previously held The Scariest Ghost Contest occasion with a entire of 741 votes. The vote casting started on December 22, 2021, and ended on January 14, 2022. A entire of fifty ghosts had been nominated for the occasion.

You too can take a look at out the tip three ghosts who won on the occasion below:

High 3 winners of Mieruko-chan scariest ghost contest occasion

The 2d attach used to be claimed by Boy Monster in the Park, which appeared in episode 10 of the series and had 332 votes, whereas the Cats That Haunt Goodness which appeared also appeared in episode 8 of the issue managed to regain the third attach with 310 votes. You too can stare the beefy rankings on the legit web stutter of Mieruko-chan.

Mieruko-chan anime aired in the Plunge 2021 anime season and it had a entire of 12 episodes. Yuki Ogawa (Tawawa on Monday 2) directed the series, whereas studio Passione (Citrus) gripping it. There might maybe be serene no news if the anime can believe a 2d season. You too can explore the issue on Funimation.

Kadokawa Shoten started serializing Mieruko-chan manga series in November 2018 on ComicWalker. The manga is serene ongoing and it currently has 6 volumes with 39 chapters in the market. Yen Press will be publishing Mieruko-chan manga series in English:

A frequent girl used to be living a frequent lifestyles-except she wasn’t.

Eventually, she might maybe possibly well also stare…the complete lot. What’s a girl to manufacture when frightening monsters seem no topic which arrangement she turns?

And on top of that, nobody else can stare them!Clearly, there’s simplest one thing that is good-ignore them.

Kinda laborious to connect concept into advise, despite the proven reality that, whenthe ghosts know she’s observing…

Yen Press

Source: Qualified Twitter and Qualified Site

©Tomoki Izumi / KADOKAWA / Mieruko-chan Anime Production Committee

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