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Toradora Celebrates 15th Anniversary With Special Trailer, Comments

Toradora sequence is celebrating its 15th anniversary with a particular trailer and feedback from the anime solid and staff. The anniversary venture comes with a particular logo with a tiger on it, which serves as each an homage to the sequence and highlights the indisputable reality that here’s the year of the tiger.

The particular trailer facets one of the important fan-popular scenes, along with insist traces from the anime solid.

Rie Kugimiya, who voices Taiga Aisaka, commented on the Toradora 15th Anniversary venture announcing:

Congratulations on the 15th anniversary of Toradora!

As an actor, I truly feel truly blessed to enjoy labored on the type of fine venture. I cried, laughed, got wrathful, and got hurt.

Each and each event in the story is so vividly colored that it serene glitters love a love in my thoughts.

I hope that many other folks will continue to trip it!

Ryuuji Takasu’s insist actor, Junji Majima, also spoke up in regards to the party:

Congratulations on the 15th anniversary! Fortunately, I’m serene following Toradora and I’m consistently reminded of what number of other folks cherished this work. I’m fully satisfied to were considering this work that has grow to be one in all my favorites.

Yui Horie (who voiced Minori Kushieda in the anime) also commented, announcing that she sees “Toradora as the work of her childhood” while also congratulating the sequence on the achievement. Hirofumi Nojima (Yusaku Kitamura) talked about that he feels love only a pair of years enjoy handed since he recorded the insist traces and that Yusaku’s personality deal influenced his profession. Nojima says that he gladly recommends Toradora to all individuals and that it’s a work that can serene be enjoyed even 15 years after the recent broadcast.

Eri Kitamura, the insist of Ami Kawashima, talked about that the divulge allowed her to grow as a insist actor and manufacture trip. She thanked the staff for letting her grow by permitting her to redo the traces. She is amazed by how grand time has handed by but also stuffed with gratitude.

Toradora 15th Anniversary – Employees Feedback

Tatsuyuki Nagai, the director of the Toradora anime adaptation, also commented to commemorate the 15th Anniversary. Toradora was as soon as one in all his earliest directorial works and he later went on to yell A Sure Scientific Railgun sequence.

Congratulations on the 15th anniversary of Toradora!

The motive I’m serene doing this job is that I used to be as soon as ready to work on this venture I’m in a position to’t thank Mr. Takemiya ample for entrusting me with such crucial work after I used to be as soon as even extra of a no person than I am now. At the time, I must were so anxious… I
think I used to be as soon as consistently falling all over myself to decide on out easy the formula to bring the attraction of the characters all over production. We were blessed with a huge staff, and it was as soon as a truly honest trip so as to raise working till the final episode! Thank you, Toradora!

Tatsuyuki Nagai, Toradora director

Mari Okada is a effectively-acknowledged title in the anime alternate. She did sequence composition and likewise wrote one of the important scripts for determined episodes. She also commented, expressing her appreciation:

Congratulations on the 15th anniversary, Toradora! We were already in our thirties, but we were lawful as immature in a [teen way] as Taiga Ryuji and the others. Even now, in my mid-forties, I serene dispute “Pre-Parade” after I scurry to karaoke and notify Minori’s traces after I utilize French fries, and Toradora! Toradora! I’m going to raise on loving it!

Mari Okada, Toradora sequence composition

Masayoshi Tanaka, the personality vogue designer for the anime, talked about that he’s extraordinarily fully satisfied to be eager with a work that’s serene being featured in this design after 15 years. The recent author and illustrator duo, Yuyuko Takemiya and Yasu, also commented.

The author Yuyuko Takemiya said that she “loves romantic comedies and tsunderes” which is why she wrote Toradora. She also went on to enlighten that for the time being all individuals has a smartphone and he or she can witness Taiga messing up and making a fatal mistake when posting on-line. Yasu, the illustrator, thanked all individuals for the toughen and talked about that it “would maybe well well seem love it’s been a truly very long time, but I truly feel love it’s handed by in the blink of an perceive”. The artist on the encourage of the manga model of Toradora, ZEKKYOU, also commented announcing that the manga is reaching its climax, but that many scenes are serene left to be drawn.

About Toradora

Toradora is initially a gentle-weight recent written by Yuyuko Takemiya and illustrated by Yasu. The gentle recent ran from 2006 to 2009 in Dengeki Bunko ticket. A plod-off gentle recent sequence titled Toradora Crawl-off! was as soon as serialized from 2007 to 2010, also in Dengenki Bunko. A manga adaptation with ZEKKYOU’s art started serialization in 2007.

The sequence got an anime adaptation by J.C.Employees in 2008. An omake model DVD particular and aspect-story episode from 2011 also exist, along with a visual recent.

Source: Comic Natalie, Legit Web draw

© Yuyuko Takemiya, Yasu/KADOKAWA CORPORATION 2022

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