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Top 20 Nerdy & Geeky Anime Characters: The Closing Checklist

You know what they are saying: art in overall imitates lifestyles…

I’m needless to reveal making a minute gentle-hearted enjoyable of the anime custom there – nonetheless there’s a minute truth in it. You see, anime characters are representative of folks. Staunch folks with genuine lives and clearly genuine hobbies.

And why would they possess every other living of hobbies than these that ranking them appear to be a huge nerd?

They’re the most helpful hobbies to derive, in spite of the entire lot!

So this list is a celebration of all issues geeky, nerdy, and the entire lot in between, by ranking our accepted nerdy anime characters.

20. Erika Karisawa

Anime: Durarara!!

Be cautious what you voice around Erika – there’s an opportunity that need to you land on an anime-connected topic, she’ll effective by no reach discontinuance talking!

I will derive featured Walker right here as effectively, given their shared take care of of all issues otaku (if truth be told, I spend couples a few occasions additional down the list so I don’t know why I didn’t!)

But I’ve picked Erika on myth of she looks to be the most alive to of the two.

Which is announcing one thing, need to you’ve considered the anime!

If you occur to haven’t, I’m hoping you’ve at the least watched a few other anime, on myth of Erika talks nearly exclusively in references.

Now not that I’d converse to that… anyway, transferring on!

19. Takeyama

Anime: Angel Beats!

Own you ever met somebody who loves the nerd custom loads, that they strive to actually embody it with their derive name?

I do know I indubitably derive.

On this case, the culprit is Takeyama, a sci-fi manga loving afterlife college student who has taken to asking folks to call him “Christ”.

Sure, “Christ”.

It’s minute shock that no one in actuality needs to partner with it.

18. Nagi Senzenin

Anime: Hayate the Wrestle Butler

Instruct me this isn’t the dream scenario – being an otaku so prosperous that money is actually no object. I imply, take into myth the manga library you derive!

Such is the case of Nagi Senzenin, who would moderately spend time watching her accepted anime than being concerned about the tall inheritance that she has had foisted upon her.

For sure, that much money occasionally reach effort – extortion, kidnapping, etc. are this form of frequent occurrence that her butler is consistently getting her out of effort.

After which, she occasionally effective goes straight motivate to video video games or reading manga.

I will’t voice I wouldn’t assemble the identical in her field.

17. Tsuyoshi and Yukiko

Anime: Nijiro Days

Right here’s the first of some “couple persona” entries.

Tsuyoshi and Yukiko are so joined at the hip that it would possibly well presumably be not doable to pry them apart, even for separate list entries.

And their shared take care of of all issues nerdy, including video video games, manga, and cosplay, makes it even more tough to separate the two of them!

Sure, between them they duvet slightly much every tainted there is to duvet in nerd custom.

And the fact that they’ve loads in frequent with their shared take care of of the genres and codecs makes this a clear case of couple targets, need to you inquire of me.

16. Hajime Tsunashi

Anime: I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Announcing

A computer programmer can in overall be tough to carry terminate, attributable to the technical language and jargon they spend on a each day basis.

A computer programmer who additionally runs an anime blog on the facet to compile up a few extra bucks right here and there?

Now that’s a recipe for somebody who’s impenetrable in a conversation!

That’s the plot and persona story of Hajime Tsunashi, in one of presumably the most aptly named anime I’ve ever considered.

Getting paid to write about anime? Now that’s a gig I will heartily endorse!

15. Megumi Chihaya

Anime: Servant x Service

A eager cosplayer, Megumi is a form of folks that in actuality, REALLY need you to carry terminate the issues she likes.

Loads so if truth be told, that when she isn’t attempting to convince her traffic to retract up cosplaying as effectively, she’s lending them her manga volumes so that they’ll greater perceive who exactly it’s she’s dressing up as.

As a man who became supplied to manga (and subsequently anime) at college through borrowed and effectively-read volumes of manga, this speaks to me on a deepest stage.

So the least bit times derive traffic luxuriate in Megumi around.

They are customarily insistent, nonetheless it’s doubtless you’ll well compile up a new take care of for lifestyles.

14. Subaru Uchimaki

Anime: This Art work Club Has A Anxiousness!

Subaru Uchimaki has a truly voice model in girls.

How voice, you inquire of? Well…

See, he loves the entire lot 2-D. Manga, anime, you perceive the drill. But this additionally extends to his model in who he needs so a long way and finally marry.

Being a talented artist, he in overall whips up renditions of his finest bride, pointing out moderately in overall that he’d luxuriate in them to carry 2-D.

Oh, and they the least bit times derive cat ears.

On account of needless to reveal they the least bit times derive cat ears.

13. Sakamichi Onoda

Anime: Yowamushi Pedal Lag!!

You wouldn’t ask of an anime about a cycling club would derive much time to devote to otaku obsessions.

That’s where you’d be execrable – on myth of we’ve got moderately the nerd on our hands right here!

Sakamichi finally ends up in the cycling club slightly much accidentally, sooner than discovering he has a knack for hill mountain climbing on a motorcycle. But that’s not the motive he’s on the list, oh no.

No, it’s his absolute obsession with anime, in particular the anime-interior-an-anime “Indulge in Hime” that has earned him this plot.

He’s so in take care of with it, if truth be told, he can in overall be heard singing the theme tune while out on his bike and attempting to navigate in particular tricky climbs.

I don’t blame him. I imply, I listen to the Assault on Titan subject matters at the gym for motivation, so it positively works!

12. Tamako Arai

Anime: Barakamon

Tamako Arai is a wannabe mangaka who attracts her derive horror manga (discuss a dream date!)

She at the starting build begins out as a reserved, unnerved girl.

This doesn’t retract long to alternate, on the choice hand, as when she’s criticized for her self-drawn manga being too “gory”, she flips out and thrusts a rep chunky of manga at her detractor to motivate him perceive the layout a minute greater.

Classic inventive genius is on show legal there.

11. Itaru Hashida

Anime: Steins;Gate

All people’s accepted video-game grew to turn into anime Steins;Gate has loads of memorable characters, for legal or execrable reasons.

But no one ever reveals Itaru, or “Daru”, the take care of he deserves (personally).

Sure, he’s a tall nerd each actually and figuratively. And his, effectively, perverted nature can rub folks up the execrable reach (I promise that isn’t a pun).

But his abilities as a hacker & his unmatched nerd-isms ranking him a persona who’s soft in his derive reach. Particularly when he loses the perverted facet.

On account of even I don’t luxuriate in that portion of him much!

10. Yutaka Itazu

Anime: Eden of the East

Right here’s one more programmer grew to turn into hacker-extraordinaire to add to the list.

Yutaka Itazu became, at one point, feared by the Jap authorities itself attributable to his effective abilities.

That is to reveal, till the “pants” incident. I obtained’t shatter it, the show is too accurate to be injurious. But it left him as pretty of a laughing stock.

Yutaka is a truly traditional, terminate to-stereotype of a nerd persona.

He loves manga, one thing to assemble with computers and is a self-professed “NEET” moreover.

Valid don’t call him “Pants”. You’ll uncover why.

9. Ken Kubo

Anime: Otaku no Video

I mediate it would possibly well presumably be not doable to derive an inventory about nerds in anime without featuring a story actually per the founding of the legendary Gainax anime firm, wouldn’t it?

Frankly, I will derive picked any individual of two handfuls of characters from this anime to showcase. But I’ve long past with Ken Kubo, the lead persona who’s a deliberately bland form of everyman, in allege to not out the in particular nerdy traits of any individual person. I mediate, anyway!

Crammed chunky of nerd custom references, in particular ones that Gainax themselves came up with, the show is a pop-custom pleasure.

And Ken is nice one of many soft nerds you’ll meet on the breeze through it.

8. Sora and Shiro

Anime: No Sport No Lifestyles

Right here’s one more gaming energy couple (nonetheless not an accurate couple, provided that they are step-siblings!).

Sora and Shiro are the epitomai of online game addicts.

From playing tens of video games in a day after they first met, to devising new ways to beat the most up-to-date video games at lightning speeds, the pair are about as terminate to geniuses in terms of playing video games as you’ll safe.

They’re so accurate, if truth be told, that they’re notion to be nearly legendary online – leaving a path of rumors and myths in the wake of their insane abilities.

It doesn’t obtain much nerdier than that, in terms of video video games at the least!

7. Tatsunosuke Sakonji

Anime: KochiKame

Ceaselessly you by no reach in actuality know who the right kind nerds are – these that mix in – till you perceive effective how much of an otaku they’re.

Step forward Tatsunosuke Sakonji, whose take care of of manga and video video games is given more show time than the fact that he’s a police officer!

That’s legal, you obtained’t see much uniformed action going on – completely, no more than the underpants carrying game classes that I do know loads of you reading are familiar with.

6. Kazuyoshi Usui

Anime: Sket Dance

Right here’s a persona that is so “one with computers” that he even speaks through a negate synthesizer.

And Kazuyoshi’s nerdy obsessions only grew to turn into stronger over time.

Because of him being locked in a self-imposed exile after blaming himself for tragic occasions, Kazuyoshi grew to turn into a connoisseur of anime. I don’t spend that phrase flippantly, either.

His in-depth, terminate to-encyclopaedic records of the anime series that feature one day of the show is executed for laughs slightly in overall. But it reveals effective how much of a gradual otaku he in actuality is.

5. Izumi Sena

Anime: Indulge in Stage!!

Brace yourselves, we’ve got nerd behavior on a few fronts!

Sure, not convey with running his derive highschool otaku club, Izumi Sena (not the choice Izumi Sena from a unconditionally assorted anime, if you had been at a loss for words), Izumi is additionally an aspiring mangaka who loves to read any recent he can obtain his hands on.

I voice “aspiring” – he’s loads closer to obsessing over turning accurate into a mangaka.

This entails several moderately long scenes of Izumi not moderately drooling over posters of his accepted anime persona, on the choice hand it’s about as terminate as it will get without one thing getting saliva on it.

4. Mikoto Mikoshiba

Anime: Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun

When it comes to attempting to retract over girls, Mikoto had all of it slightly much going for him already.

Genuinely, he’s so elegant and charming that half of the boys luxuriate in him as effectively!

But sadly, that’s effective a front. Mikoto is a truly unnerved persona in actuality. And no topic his accurate looks to be to be like, he felt luxuriate in he desired to put collectively wooing girls somewhere.

He picked dating sims and figurine collecting as his reach in.

I couldn’t deem two worse issues to amass, given his goal became to study with genuine girls.

And so, the obsession with the two grew till Mikoto became a straight-A otaku. Discuss setting out on the execrable foot.

3. Keima Katsurugi

Anime: The World God Only Knows

Whereas I will derive effective talked about a persona with a leaning for dating sims, Mikoto is nothing when in comparison with Keima Katsurigi.

He’s the master of them.

I imply, it is advisable to to derive some slightly impressive abilities to land a nickname luxuriate in “The God of Conquest”, in spite of the entire lot!

And while it’s not effective dating sims he concerns himself with (actually locking himself in his room for 3 days at one point to play video games), it’s completely the predominant motive I’d keep in mind him to be one of many most racy nerds in the anime world.

2. Umaru Doma

Anime: Himouto! Omaru-chan

At the beginning seek, it’s doubtless you’ll well not mediate Umaru became a hardcore otaku – given her finest grades, her stuffed with life social lifestyles, and excellent yet humble persona.

But this is merely her exterior mode.

Her otaku facet is firmly hidden till her indoor mode is on.

After which? She’s the exact opposite of how folks occasionally see her.

A lazy, junk-meals scarfing gamer who only needs to spend time watching anime and reading manga.

Appearances can completely be deceiving – nonetheless you assemble derive to in actuality feel sorry for her glum brother, who’s the very best doubtless one who has to tackle her indoor mode!

1. Kae Serinuma

Anime: Kiss Him, Now not Me

Right here’s the hardcore nerd that one and all other nerds seek up to.

Our deserved #1 is, needless to reveal, Kae Serinuma.

Bodypillows of her accepted characters, never-ending volumes of manga, and satisfactory anime references to amass even the most passionate otaku in actuality feel luxuriate in they’re not in her league. Kae is the undisputed Queen of nerd custom.

She’s such an anime & manga nerd that she has, on a few occasions, extinct the records she’s realized from them to assemble issues she’s by no reach executed sooner than – luxuriate in successful a soccer trophy.

And if you didn’t derive satisfactory proof to in actuality feel luxuriate in she deserves to be right here – she additionally ships her traffic. Case closed!

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