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Top 18 Strongest One Piece Villains (Ranked)

One Piece has persistently been acknowledged for its over-the-prime & compelling characters.

Some are even so iconic that it doesn’t topic whether or not they’re one in every of the honest guys or now not.

That is all attributable to of Eiichiro Oda’s masterful form of characterization.

Whereas it’s honest that a story is greatest as honest as its protagonist, the similar also goes for its villains.

Fortunately for us One Piece followers, the display cover boasts diverse successfully-portrayed villains. And here’s our picks for the largest & baddest, all ranked per their energy!

18. Vinsmoke Relate

For our first entry, now we maintain got the commander of the Germa 66 — one in every of the most noteworthy organizations in the display cover.

Vinsmoke Relate used to be a necessary villain alongside Gargantuan Mother and Katakuri for the interval of the Total Cake Island Arc – despite him being Sanji’s biological father.

He’s also a veteran member of MADS alongside with the likes of Dr. Vegapunk, Caesar Clown, and Queen.

Relate might perchance well perchance perchance’ve now not been a astronomical father to Sanji at all, but boy oh boy used to be this man “astronomical” in phrases of sheer unlikability and pompousness.

He’s appropriate the more or less guy we want to disfavor.

Armed with his spear and his raid swimsuit, he’s a reasonably spectacular fighter – which is why he made this listing in the first build.

Regardless of him being a chunk of a hateful coward and all…

17. Gecko Moria

Relate what you are going to about Gecko Moria, but he’s a reasonably appealing villain who treads a appealing line between creepy, tedious, and appropriate downright wacky.

Nicely, he’s in point of fact wacky as a rule — critically with that anxious bid of his, which is sadly ad infinitum embedded in my mind.

By system of energy, he stands proudly amongst the Seven Warlords as one in every of the strongest pirates in the display cover – even when he’s at his execrable assemble.

Using Shadow’s Asgard extra amplifies Moria’s energy, by allowing him to eradicate in over 1000 souls.

And while Luffy did beat him for the interval of the Thriller Bark Arc, it’s arguable that he might perchance well perchance perchance’ve won if he didn’t mess up one too over and over aid then.

16. Clutch Lucci

Right here now we maintain got one in every of the coolest villains in the display cover – and any individual who gave Luffy a very exhausting-fought victory.

Clutch Lucci is the veteran chief of the CP9 — an assassination unit of the Cipher Pol and has since been reinstated as a member of the CP0.

He used to be the suitable at what he did and has now not steadily ever failed a mission (if on no anecdote), which is why the World Authorities once despatched him and his crew to take care of the Strawhats.

By system of pure athletic and bodily capacity, it’s now not great of a stretch to enlighten that Clutch Lucci some distance outclasses many of the entries on this listing.

15. Enel

For any individual who fancies himself a god, Enel good got beat system earlier than he used to be speculated to.

Scheme no mistake: it’s extremely likely Enel would in point of fact fare successfully against opponents that seemed in a while in the assortment.

And had he now not urge into Luffy who had the perfect counter to his Devil Fruit capacity, it’s also conceivable that he would’ve wreaked more havoc given his tyrannical and narcissistic nature.

He has one in every of the most overpowered part-essentially based Devil Fruits – which is a shame, since he didn’t in point of fact spend it successfully ample individually.

Had he now not notorious his pleasure and ran from the Strawhats, I mediate he would’ve developed staunch into a necessary stronger contender.

14. Crocodile

Crocodile used to be amongst the very first necessary villains that Luffy had to beat – and he’s a badass antagonist who absolutely gave Luffy one in every of his hardest fights.

Moreover, Crocodile also boasts a anecdote of 2-1 in settle on of him, since he did beat Luffy twice, though Luffy did maintain the more decisive victory in the terminate.

All that mentioned, Crocodile is a veteran member of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, and used to be once touted as one in every of its strongest members.

After that kerfuffle in Alabasta and being imprisoned in Impel Down, Crocodile grew to develop into over a new leaf (form of) and even helped Luffy for the interval of the Impel Down and Marineford Sagas.

13. Magellan

There’s appropriate no denying it.

Magellan is one in every of the most tedious villains in the display cover – critically attributable to of the nature of his Devil Fruit capacity.

His fixed constipation does develop him a comic character once in a while. But it doesn’t alternate the truth that he has the most fearsome vitality for the interval of the Marines.

There’s a reason even the most hardened criminals dread this man, and why even the likes of Jinbe (who once one-shotted Moria by the system) desired to handbook decided of him at all costs.

He’s glean ample on his hang…

But in an enclosed space admire Impel Down?

He’s appropriate unstoppable.

So great that it took Luffy’s outrageously thick plight armor to bring this monster of a warden down.

12. Donquixote Doflamingo

Doffy might perchance well perchance perchance now not be the strongest villain in One Piece. But he good takes the cake by system of sheer style and trend points.

With the exception of for having the freshest drip in the display cover, Doffy stays (individually no decrease than) because the most compelling villain in the assortment to this point.

He might perchance well perchance perchance’ve had his motivations. But he’s by some distance amongst the most unhinged characters we’ve considered.

And mixed with his energy (and the energy of his crew) Doflamingo makes a extraordinarily good villain overall.

11. Queen

Queen might perchance well perchance perchance now not embody his title rather that great in phrases of appearance.

But he absolutely does so in phrases of raw vitality.

I mean, now not greatest is he extremely glean and sturdy, but he’s also the best member of the Beast Pirates.

Finally, he used to be a veteran member of the MADS — a disbanded illegal organization that greatest licensed of us with the brightest of the brightest minds.

It doesn’t appropriate halt there, either.

He also exhibited some spectacular feats that showcase both his energy and ingenuity. One in all which used to be him devising and accomplishing a thought to knock out Gargantuan Mother — one in every of the Four Emperors herself!

10. Charlotte Katakuri

Charlotte Katakuri is the strongest amongst Charlotte Linlin’s kids, and by extension, the Gargantuan Mother Pirates.

He’s the Minister of Flour and the ruler of Komugi.

Rarely the most intimidating of titles, I do know… but there’s a honest reason his bounty is the obliging amongst his siblings.

Finally, Katakuri is a prime-tier combatant who has mastered all three sorts of haki to a high stage.

So great that his battle with Luffy doubtlessly would’ve gone otherwise had he now not stabbed himself with his spear to even out the percentages.

Because it stands, Charlotte Katakuri stays because the hardest opponent Luffy has ever overwhelmed in the anime.

Though we’ll likely deem about this alternate at some point soon.

9. King

Right here now we maintain got the strongest member of the All Stars and Kaido’s beautiful-hand man himself — King the Conflagration.

King used to be given his title now not greatest attributable to of his energy, but additionally attributable to of his capacity to dwell stage-headed in intense eventualities.

He’s also been acknowledged to develop honest choices for his crew on-the-traipse without Kaido’s orders. Which explains why he got his space.

To boot to to having one in every of the most badass character designs in the display cover, he also boasts the obliging bounty for any individual who isn’t a pirate captain.

I mean, this guy is so edifying that he doesn’t even display cover an oz of dread when facing Gargantuan Mother – even after he knocked over her ship and offended her vastly!

8. Admiral Kizaru

Admirals might perchance well perchance perchance’ve seemed in the anime earlier than likely the most entries on this listing.

But they’re by no plan the weaker bunch.

Moderately the opposite, since Admirals either dominated or held their hang against any individual who isn’t named Whitebeard to this point.

Borsalino is one in every of the three OG admirals and possesses one in every of the strongest Logia-form Devil Fruits to this point.

He’s contended with (and held his hang with) the likes of Silvers Rayleigh and Marco the Phoenix — both of whom are coincidentally the beautiful hands of two legendary pirates.

And individually, Kizaru doesn’t even survey admire he’s attempting half the time!

7. Aokiji

He’s at threat of be a villain, but no one can teach that Kuzan is one in every of the most sit down back characters in One Piece.

Fascinated by that his Devil Fruit lets him adjust and develop into ice itself, I’d tell it’s reasonably poetic in a system.

Obvious, he is regularly a chunk lazy and easygoing for any individual in his space. But he’s an absolute beast of a fighter – as we’ve considered for the interval of the Marineford Battle.

But even though he can accumulated be labeled as a villain attributable to of his veteran affiliation with the World Authorities, it’s evident that Kuzan used to be amongst the “kinder” Admirals.

He’s great admire Fujitora (who I didn’t pains collectively with in this listing altogether), seeing as he doesn’t in point of fact fit the “villain” requirements individually.

6. Rapidly Admiral Akainu

Sakazuki is any individual who does fit the villain requirements down to a T— the “Crimson Dogs” himself.

After the Marineford Battle, it’s now not critically sparkling to enlighten that Akainu has develop into Public Enemy #1 for the followers.

And rightfully so, as he had single-handedly ruined one in every of the greatest rescue missions ever accomplished in any anime.

I’d even recede as some distance as to enlighten that he’s for the time being the most unhealthy foe to Luffy – now not greatest attributable to of his sheer energy, but additionally since he’s an abysmal matchup for our MC in phrases of Devil Fruit Skill.

Fascinated by appropriate how ruthless and bloodthirsty Sakazuki is, I doubt he’d pull any punches once his inevitable face-off with Luffy comes.

5. Sengoku

Right here now we maintain got the veteran Rapidly Admiral and one in every of the strongest marines in the display cover.

No longer like Akainu, Sengoku doesn’t maintain a crooked sense of justice – and is regularly a honest person overall, barring his involvement with the evil World Authorities.

But he did maintain a like a flash stint as a minor villain for the interval of the Marineford Battle Arc, as he led the marines for the interval of the attempted execution on Portgas D. Ace.

One day of the battle he also confirmed appropriate why he used to be chosen because the Rapidly Admiral above other contenders.

Finally, he did ward off against Blackbeard and his crew all by himself, amidst the total chaos, which is now not any mere feat.

4. Golden Lion Shiki

To boot to to Rocks D. Xebec who hasn’t but made a indispensable anime appearance, Golden Lion Shiki is amongst the few villains that lived for the interval of Gol D. Roger’s technology.

No longer greatest had he sailed the seas for the interval of Roger’s time, but he used to be also noteworthy ample to be regarded because the Pirate King’s rival.

One day of his prime, he had veritably drawn comparisons with the likes of Whitebeard, Monkey D. Garp, and Gol D. Roger himself.

Heck, he even fought Sengoku and Garp on the similar time (all by himself by the system) at Marineford upon hearing of Roger’s death.

If that isn’t him being a honest rival to Roger then I don’t know what is…

3. Gargantuan Mother

Charlotte Linlin is set as shocking and provoking as they arrive.

No longer greatest is she a Yonko and the ruler of Totto Land, but she has also garnered ample infamy and renown as a pirate that her name by myself places dread into every up-and-comer whose name isn’t Luffy.

One day of the Total Cake Island Arc, it’s reasonably evident that Gargantuan Mother is system above Luffy’s league, despite Luffy having improved so great already.

All in all, she’s appropriate a form of villains that you just by no plan are desirous to piss off — regardless of how amusing she appears to be like to be like and acts admire once in a while.

Nicely, unless you have to maintain to search out out appropriate what took place to the orphans and Mother Carmel in Sheep’s Condo…

2. Kaido

On the time of this writing, the Strongest Creature and the King of the Beasts himself — Kaido — is the greatest topic that Luffy have to beat.

This absolute monster of a person is the usurper of Wano – and is arguably the strongest of the Yonko given his sheer vitality and impact in the New World.

Nicely, for now anyway.

Whereas it stays to be considered appropriate how Luffy and his crew would style out Kaido and Gargantuan Mother, it might perchance well perchance accumulated be mentioned that Kaido will persistently dwell as one in every of the strongest villains in the display cover.

It’s now not veritably that we deem about a villain who can outright one-shot Luffy in his strongest assemble.

1. Marshall D. Educate

For our no 1 build, now we maintain got a character who’s a terminate tie with Akainu by system of garnering hatred from followers.

He’s the final betrayer, thief, and schemer who patiently waited for his probability to eradicate the highlight.

And that he did… in the worst system conceivable.

In point of truth, he’s in point of fact in the aid of many of the tragedies that transpired in the display cover, now that I deem about it.

Blackbeard (even at his age) is accumulated the man who dealt the final blow to Whitebeard, who used to be previously acknowledged because the Strongest Man in the World.

What makes him even more unhealthy is the nature of his Devil Fruit capacity – which lets in him to eradicate in other Devil Fruits.

The truth he managed to eradicate in Whitebeard’s Devil Fruit capacity highlights his provoking capacity, making him without trouble the strongest (and greatest) “final villain” for Luffy.

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