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Top 15 Best Reverse Isekai Anime Worth Watching

Isekai has been spherical for years — and it’s no longer going wherever.

However to position a twist on this already keen vogue, we contain its less recent counterpart: Reverse Isekai.

This essentially “reverses” the come same outdated Isekai tales toddle, the set aside a persona from some world(or sport) is transported to Earth.

So out of your total anime on this category, which of them stand out? Here’s a bunch you’ll presumably like.

15. Sengoku Assortment

Sengoku Assortment is a honest anime for samurai followers and faculty-lifestyles followers alike.

It’s a comedy-heavy expose that depicts the renowned samurai of Japan as high faculty ladies in an alt-fact setting.

And while it is made for a more casual and chill viewing ride, the comedy most ceaselessly makes up for the lack of circulate in the story.

However, it’s no longer with out its flaws – as the lack of continuity between the episodes may possibly possibly additionally even be a small bit jarring.

Now now not to mention that some anime followers may possibly possibly additionally honest additionally contain an field with the story’s overall calmness, despite it featuring some superior swordsmen.

Serene price a shot while you occur to just like the premise.

14. Isekai Izakaya: Jap Food From Every other World

Here we contain an exquisite culinary anime that’s centered spherical the wonders of meals & how it may possibly bring people collectively.

Even across varied dimensions.

Now now not that I gain that too uncommon. Really, I’ve continuously been a fan of Jap meals myself!

If I changed into ever caught in a world with out Jap meals, I’d presumably form a atomize for the nearest portal to Nobu too.

All in all, while some people would inform that Isekai Izakaya’s set aside may possibly possibly additionally be too laid-abet, it does contain a particular healthful vibe to it that most cut-of-lifestyles reveals can’t match.

13. Dropkick on my Devil!

If the title isn’t a demonstration sufficient that this expose is hilarious, then I’m no longer particular the set aside to toddle.

Dropkick on my Devil! is a assortment that’s chock fat of slapstick comedy and hysterical banter between its oddly outstanding discipline of characters.

We mostly observe our two predominant leads —the human Yurine Hanazono, and the demoness Janshin-chan.

The set aside revolves spherical the conflicts these two contain, as Janshin-chan can’t return home except she kills her summoner – which factual occurs to be Yurine.

We secure to behold a lot of fun “showdown” scenes, which most ceaselessly consequence in Janshin-chan losing and getting beat up by Yurine.

12. Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero

Our first circulate-heavy title on the record!

Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero is but one other reverse-isekai with an enticing premise — possibly even more so than the varied titles of its form.

It kicks off with our protagonist (alongside with many replacement teens like him) being despatched to idea to be one of the countless myth worlds, sooner than being despatched abet to Earth.

Some characters (like our MC Akatsuki Ousawa) retain the abilities they got from whatever worlds they had been despatched to.

And the bulk of the story picks up factual after they’re abet on Earth.

Admittedly, the expose’s strange but uncommon favor on the reverse-isekai vogue has managed to hook me factual in.

Who knows, perchance it may possibly additionally attain the same for you too!

11. Restaurant to Every other World

Phenomenal like Toriko and Food Wars, Restaurant to Every other World is a expose that’s essentially alive to about meals.

Even even though unlike varied cooking reveals, Restaurant to Every other World doesn’t contain worthy steamy fanservice (Food Wars) or over-the-high fight scenes (Toriko).

As a change it has a fully varied attraction that’s critically same to a expose we’ve already talked about (Isekai Izakaya).

In essence, Restaurant to Every other World is a cut-of-lifestyles anime that parts hundreds myth characters, from fairies and elves, to catgirls and dragon-ladies.

However most of all, it shares a kindly and healthful message about how meals must always be served no matter who that you just may additionally be — no matter breeze, appearance, and map in lifestyles.

10. Laidbackers

Let me clarify that this shouldn’t be at a loss for phrases with the criminally underrated circulate assortment “GetBackers”.

No, Laidbackers is a transient (however candy) anime movie all its accumulate.

The title comes from the story itself, which revolves spherical the (mostly) unexcited lifetime of Kumi Honamanuma, our protagonist.

She’s an artwork scholar who lives with quite a lot of oddball characters after inheriting a supposedly empty candy retailer from her grandmother.

These oddball characters are in point of fact heroes from one other world, who came to Earth in pursuit of the Demon King — only they attain less “hero stuff” and more slacking spherical.

It’s a nice comedy, and cut-of-cut movie overall. However the expose’s critically underwhelming runtime is amongst its only a pair of flaws, I may possibly inform.

9. Hinamatsuri

Hinamatsuri is but one other reverse-isekai assortment that has an fully recent favor on the vogue.

It’s a expose that explores the story of Yoshifumi Nitta — a Yakuza member/antique collector who’s had a fateful stumble upon with a mysterious girl from one other world.

Nitta at final discovers that this mysterious girl (Hina) has powers that may possibly possibly additionally abet him stable his set aside as a member of this gang.

Thus begins an no longer going relationship, and a assortment of hilarious interactions between a Yakuza member, a lady from an evolved civilization, and a whole lot of uncommon characters.

The whole humor on this assortment is particular to toddle away you grinning after every episode – and that’s partly why it stands out so worthy.

8. The Large Jahy Will Now now not Be Defeated!

If you occur to’re a fan of adorable demon-girl protagonists (or factual demon ladies most ceaselessly) then this one’s for you!

The Large Jahy Will Now now not Be Defeated! is believed to be one of the more moderen entries on this record.

And it’s also idea to be one of the easiest reveals to glimpse while you occur to’re making an try to search out reverse-isekai anime.

The expose excels in its outstanding portrayal of how it would in fact feel for any individual who outdated to be a tall-shot in the myth world, to then stay on recent-day Earth.

Handiest they haven’t any powers, no wealth, and no viable lifestyles ride to their title.

And despite having a worthy lighter and easygoing tone than varied reverse-isekai titles available in the market, this expose does contain some circulate scenes – and a ton of hilarious comedy while you occur to’re interested.


Speaking of reverse isekai titles with a lot of circulate scenes… GATE most ceaselessly comes to suggestions.

It’s expose that’s alive to about battle, abilities vs. magic battles, and otherworldly creatures.

GATE is believed to be one of my personal favorites right here, as it answers a inquire of that virtually every teenage boy has puzzled:

“What would occur if medieval and recent forces clashed?”

The resolution is already ravishing apparent while you occur to mediate about it – however I’d silent imply all of you to glimpse this one.


On myth of it’s merely that honest.

Which is ravishing amazing, if we end to take into myth factual how unhealthy some current isekai titles are.

6. Gabriel Dropout

If you occur to’re an angel persona enthusiast factual like yours in fact, then I’m particular you’ll gain this expose a ravishing stunning ride.

Gabriel Dropout, as its title suggests, revolves spherical the memoir of Gabriel — our angelic protagonist who’s hell-zigzag on staying on Earth despite heaven’s needs.

What’s the motive in the abet of this?

It’s because she changed into zigzag on Earth’s video games, after which modified into a small bit of a NEET in the technique.

Hmm, perchance all those Karens saying video games are unhealthy had been factual all alongside…

Finally, Gabriel Dropout is a assortment that I’d for my piece imply to any followers of isekai stuff. Largely attributable to its entertaining (and most ceaselessly hilarious) favor on angels, demons, and other people most ceaselessly.

5. The Legendary Detective Loki Ragnarok

Here’s a assortment that’s loosely according to Norse Mythology – so if that pursuits you, attend learning.

If you occur to cherished seeing Loki (as played by Tom Hiddleston) in the Avengers motion photographs, the Thor motion photographs, and in particular in his newest assortment – then this anime will secure you zigzag.

The expose depicts Loki as the predominant protagonist, and in a worthy varied gentle than what the “God of Mischief” is mostly depicted at.

After being exiled from Asgard for his unhealthy pranks, Loki must turn into the honest guy on this anime and accumulate the “unhealthy” that resides within human hearts.

To attain this, he’s created a detective agency on Earth with his human partner (Mayura) who helps him solve situations one after the other, Conan Edogawa-vogue.

4. Re:Creators

Let’s inform you’re making an try to search out only essentially the most high octane circulate-packed reverse-isekai anime.

If that’s the case, Re:Creators is precisely what you wish.

It’s a expose that parts moderately a huge selection of various fictional characters from varied worlds — all of whom had been mysteriously transported to Earth one day.

It has a lot of circulate scenes to blow you away, alongside with an keen set aside that will get even more taking part if you secure to the tip.

What else can I inform with out spoilers?

This assortment is many things – however lifeless isn’t idea to be one of them.

3. The Demon Lord is a Piece-Timer

With regards to combining intense circulate scenes and the hilarity of day-to-day lifestyles, “The Demon Lord is a Piece-Timer” stands out for being idea to be one of the easiest.

The expose revolves spherical Sadao Maou (seriously, that’s about as artistic of alias as he can secure).

Sadao is a literal demon lord who changed into thrown with out notice into Earth from his outdated world — Ente Isla.

He’s no longer by myself, even though. As he’s also adopted by his true second-in-expose Shirou Ashiya, the demon-turned-NEET Lucifer, the hero Emi Yusa, and a few others.

With out notice, the kicker is that Maou enjoys his work at MgRonald’s as a change of doing his well-liked “demon lord” stuff.

Sure sufficient, he silent plans to dominate the sector after rock climbing the company ladder.

This confuses Emi, his sworn archenemy, who then vows to protect up an gape on him while they’re caught on Earth.

Every thing about this no longer going relationship is what makes this comedy assortment so nice.

Certainly price a glimpse.

2. Fate Assortment

How may possibly possibly additionally we ever omit the Fate assortment from this ranking?

You realize, the assortment with countless mythological figures who may possibly possibly additionally even be summoned as servants on Earth to fight to the loss of life for their masters?

Yep, that sounds ravishing reverse isekai to me!

Fate is believed to be one of essentially the most seriously acclaimed circulate/myth titles of all time for a motive – and most varied titles on this vogue don’t even arrive discontinuance to it.

The expose’s history no longer only entails the manga it changed into according to, however also a gentle-weight novel, an eroge, and a cell gacha sport that I changed into once admittedly addicted to.

Affirm what you wish about Aniplex and Ufotable, however they particular know the map to develop an IP both as a sport and an anime assortment!

If you occur to’re recent to the Fate anime then I’d imply a glimpse issue record like this to show you how to make a preference the set aside to starting up & what to glimpse next.

1. Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

For our high entry we contain idea to be one of the easiest reverse isekai & cut-of-lifestyles anime to return out nowa days.

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid is a gentle-weight-hearted, hilarious, and oftentimes healthful expose that explores an no longer going friendship between an exiled dragon and a human.

Because the expose goes on, more dragons (and a few more people) are presented as successfully.

To which I inform, “The more the merrier!”

The assortment does contain some circulate scenes right here and there, however it absolutely’s silent a laid-abet expose in the starting up.

So while you occur to don’t suggestions a slower-paced cut of lifestyles anime that’ll tug for your heartstrings every infrequently, then I’ll recount that right here’s a must-glimpse.

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