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Top 15 Anime/Manga Like The Emenese in Shadow

(Last Updated On: February 22, 2022)

The Emenese in Shadow or (Kage no Jitsuryoku Sha ni Naritakute!) is a new age manga which is created by Nardack (Art), Neko, Kouichi (Story). Moreover, this story is not limited to manga but is also going to get a TV anime adaptation in 2022. The manga of The Emenese in Shadow is still published every week. If you have already caught up with the latest chapter and want something similar to The Emenese in Shadow for reading or watch then keep reading the blog. 

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Below you will get a list of similar manga and anime series which are quite similar to “The Emenese in Shadow.” So, without further ado let’s start our list…

15. World Teacher: Isekaishiki Kyouiku Agent

The first recommendation on the list is World Teacher: Isekaishiki Kyouiku Agent. The manga follows the story of a special and strongest agent who got killed by some secret organization. Well, his life did not end up after his death because he got reincarnated into a new fantasy world with all his memories. The story of both mangas is quite similar where the protagonist reincarnated into a fantasy world. Moreover, both work in shadows (the agent also works in shadow) and hide their true identities. 

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14. Trapped in a Dating Sim

A similar manga on the list is Trapped in a Dating Sim: The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs or (Otome Game Sekai wa Mob ni Kibishii Sekai desu in Japanese). Well, the theme of this manga is a Dating Sim game. If you like the protagonist and background stories of The Emenese in Shadow then it’s a good choice. In both stories, the protagonist reincarnated into a different world. Moreover, there is also a little romance in the background to make feel good. 

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13. Spy x Family

The theme of both series Spy x Family and The Emenese in Shadow are quite similar. Both protagonists hide their true identities from the rest of the world. Moreover, you also get some romance in the air of the story. Spy x Family follows the story of a man who is a secret agent or you can say spy (or one of the best spies). Well, if you like the manga then April 2022 is going to be adapted into a TV anime show. 

12. Overlord

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Have you ever heard of Overlord manga, light novels, or anime? It is one of the most popular isekai series out there in which the MC is overpowered. Like The Emenese in Shadow, here you get to see many funny scenes and also mixed serious scenes. Moreover, the action sequels of Overlord are quite engaging and entertaining. The subordinates of both protagonists are quite similar when it comes to loyalty and strength. Last but not least, you get to see many similarities in the personality of the Protagonist. 

11. One Punch Man

Have you ever heard of One Punch Man manga or TV anime? If not then you are probably living under a rock or something similar. If you like the protagonist of The Emenese in Shadow then you will also love One Punch Man. The action scene of One Punch Man is quite good or even better than any other action mang. Moreover, you can also watch the anime series with 12 episodes. Last but not least, with action and story you get to a lot of comedy scenes.

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10. Konosuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!

The recommendation on this list is one of the best isekai anime or manga of all time. Konosuba is available as Manga and also has a TV anime series. Like The Emenese in Shadow, Here you get a lot of comedy and action with an awesome protagonist. Konosuba follows the story of a shut-in Otaku High Schooler who gets reincarnated into a fantasy world after his accidental death. The Light Novel is finished, Manga is in progress, and anime contain 2 seasons. 

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9. Berserk of Gluttony

Berserk of Gluttony is a manga series that is still in progress and comes from Light Novels. The most similar thing in both series is the personality and life of the protagonist. They both hide their true identity and live in the shadows. Moreover, they also train themselves to become stronger or you can say the strongest. Last but not least they have good subordinates or someone to support them in trouble. You can also read the Berserk of Gluttony Light Novel if you like. 

8. Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Harem-ken

Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Harem-ken follows the story of a boy who wins a lottery. But the lottery he won is quite special because it allows you to travel to another world. The protagonist of this series is quite overpowered like The Emenese in Shadow and has secret abilities. Moreover, this series gives you a good amount of comedy and action fighting scenes. The abilities of both protagonists are similar in terms of rarity and hiding. 

7. I’m Really Not the Demon God’s Lackey

I’m Not the Demon God’s Lackey is not an anime nor a manga but for a Manhwa. Manhwas are South Korean Comics like Manga and Japanese Comics. If you like The Emenese in Shadow then you will love this Manhwa series. When it comes to the similarity the protagonists of both series are overpowered and intelligent. Moreover, like The Emenese in Shadow, you get a lot of comedy scenes. Both are great actors and hide their true nature, desires, and abilities. 

6. From Overshadowed to Overpowered: Second Reincarnation of a Talentless Sage

From Overshadowed to Overpowered: Second Reincarnation of a Talentless Sage isekai is a little different from all other isekai manga or anime out there. Because the protagonist of this manga got reincarnated from Modern and high tech earth to a fantasy world. Unlike any other protagonist, he failed to acquire magic skills and become the best magician. Well, he practiced for 400 thousand years and again start his journey to become the strongest magical out there. 

5. It Seems My Body Is Completely Invincible

Another isekai manga on the list which is similar to The Emenese in Shadow is It Seems My Body Is Completely Invincible. The manga follows the story of a young girl who is always sick and unhealthy. But due to some events, she gets a new life where she gets an invincible body. The protagonist of both series is overpowered and superstrong in comparison to other characters. Well, the series is based on a light novel, I highly recommend reading the light novel if you want to get the real taste of the story. 

4. The Insipid Prince’s Furtive Grab for The Throne

The storyline of The Insipid Prince’s Furtive Grab for The Throne and the Emenese in Shadow is quite similar. In both series, they live a mediocre life in front of society but in reality, they are super-powered. In, The Insipid Prince’s Furtive Grab for The Throne follows the story of a prince who is weakling and unworthy in front of the empire. But in reality, he is an S-class adventurer (the highest rank) in his empire. 

3. Shadow Hero’s Daily Life

Shadow Hero’s Daily Life is a new maga that was released in July 2020 and is quite underrated. If you want to try some new releasing manga like The Emenese in Shadow then you must read Shadow Hero’s Daily LIfe. Both protagonists live in shadow where they are agents or train themself in dark. Moreover, they are also one of the strongest characters in the entire series. This manga contains a war theme and story of a character who wants to live after a hard battle. 

2. Let This Grieving Soul Retire! Woe is the Weakling Who Leads the Strongest Party

Well, we have a manga with quite a long title (or you can say a super long title). The manga is currently running in its 28th chapter and has only 5 volumes. “Let This Grieving Soul Retire” is a story about a man who is a treasure hunter and wants to retire. Their goal is to get fame and wealth as much as possible but the problem is this job is quite dangerous. And for this reason, he wants to leave this dangerous life and live in peace. 

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1. Doryoku Shisugita Sekai Saikyou no Butoukai wa, Mahou Sekai wo Yoyuu de Ikinuku.

Yes, the title is that long but do not worry, the story and other aspects of this manga are great. The story follows the daily life of a martial artist who gets reincarnated into another world. In another world, he works harder and becomes an apprentice of one of the former heroes of that fantasy world. Both protagonists train and make themselves stronger in the dark. Moreover, they both get one of the best allies and subordinates to support them. 

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