Tom Hiddleston And Jimmy Kimmel Enjoyed Going To Town On Matt Damon For Playing Faux-Loki

Ahead of Loki‘s Disney premiere, Tom Hiddleston stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday night where he fired a very specific threat at Matt Damon, much to the delight of the late night host who has a long-standing “feud” with the actor.

It all goes back to 2017 when Damon made a cameo in Thor: Ragnarok. Except it wasn’t just any cameo, he was playing Loki, or at the very least, an Asgardian actor playing Loki in a stage production celebrating Loki. Anyway, that was enough for Kimmel to find an opening to steer Hiddleston’s jealousy towards Damon. Via Entertainment Tonight:

“Were you disappointed when you found out he would be playing your character?” Kimmel asked.

“Loki, as we know, contains multitudes, and somehow contains Matt Damon, even in that suit,” Hiddleston joked. “It’s kind of like Matt’s trying to bump me from my own character.”

Kimmel, completely agreeing, said, “He’s taking things that don’t belong to him, and getting into places where he’s not welcome.”

With Hiddleston now committed to the bit, he warned Damon that turnabout is fair play. “Next time there’s a new Jason Bourne movie, maybe in another reality there’s another Jason Bourne,” Hiddleston said while pointing to himself. “It might show up around the corner.” Naturally, Kimmel chimed in that Hiddleston would be “a million times better.”

Of course, it may be a little too late for Damon. The actor reportedly filmed another cameo for Thor: Love and Thunder, so he might want to make sure he’s still locked in for the next Bourne movie. Maybe double-check that contract.