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Three Kings' Day and your New Year's resolutions are already loose? These Apps Can Help You

Renée Zellweger in the movie 'Bridget Jones's Diary'.

Every January 1, Bridget Jones sets out, with her diary as witness, not to drink more than 14 drinks a week, stop smoking, have more self-confidence and be more assertive. But we have all witnessed, both in Helen Fielding's novel and in the film starring Renée Zellweger, how her New Year's resolutions resist her. If Bridget had lived through her thirties with her trademark somewhat fickle willpower in 2022 and not in her late nineties, she probably would have thrown away her smartphone to try to be more consistent in pursuing her goals. He might not even have kept a diary, but instead opted directly for a diary app. We will never know. What we do know is that there are a multitude of applications within reach of our phone that are designed precisely to help users acquire new routines and achieve the goals they have set for themselves, whether it is learning English or doing more sports.

There will be skeptics, but the proliferation of mobile applications of this type, which offer fictitious rewards to those who overcome the proposed challenges, help the user to keep motivated. At least for a while. It is a very simple mechanism, but effective in many cases. Most of the applications that we propose here are based on the idea that, when the user visually assesses their progress, for example, through a bar graph that shows weekly progress, they find sufficient motivation to continue. And, once the routine has been acquired, over time, these solutions may even no longer be necessary for you.

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Our proposals are based on the most common objectives: exercise, save money, use the mobile phone less… These applications offer mechanisms to make taking the first steps easier and lose the rhythm, more complicated. All the ones collected here are available for both Android and iOS in the Play Store and App Store respectively. The stars mark the average user rating (out of five) between the two app stores.

Nike Training (4.6 ★)

If what you want is to acquire an exercise routine, we recommend this Nike application, which offers all its features for free. To start, the user must register with an email. Once you have done that, you will be able to access dozens of workouts of different types and difficulties. The sessions, recorded on video, are dubbed into Spanish, something that does not happen, for example, in Apple Fitness, where, at most, subtitles are offered. In addition to training sessions, the application includes an achievements section, a history and the option to set reminders to exercise. In addition, if the user sees a program or training that is interesting to him, but cannot do it at the moment, he can save it so that he does not lose sight of it.

The Nike Training App.

MyFitnessPal (4.5 ★)

An objective linked to sport is weight loss. MyFitnessPal not only offers tools to pursue that goal, but also to gain weight or even keep it off. Its operation is based on the registration of the calories that the user ingests. You can store them manually, but also by reading the barcodes with the camera. It also includes free video exercise routines, although probably one of the most striking features it offers is the forum section: the user can select those they want to join and share their progress and experiences and read about those of others. people who pursue similar goals.

MyFitnessPal app.

Duolingo (4.6 ★)

If what the user is looking for is to learn a language or improve their skills, Duolingo offers free teaching of dozens of languages. In Spanish, it includes lessons in 10 languages, from English to Guarani, and, in English, more than 38 courses. In languages ​​such as Arabic or Chinese, lessons on various languages ​​are also offered. Duolingo's method is based on visualization and repetition. First of all, the user must select the language they want to learn or improve and take a short test to identify their level.

One of the features you can get the most out of is the simultaneous learning of as many languages ​​as you like. The same user can be learning Chinese, Russian and French in Spanish, Korean in English, etc., without limits. The interface of this application is very striking visually. As the student passes lessons, they level up. In each section, there are several ways of learning: cards with illustrations, writing, reading, spoken expression (recorded by the microphone)… If a user fails an answer repeatedly, that question will appear more times, so that the app makes sure you learn it even if it takes more effort. That yes, if several answers are failed, the user will lose the lives he had at the beginning, as if it were a video game, and will have to wait several hours for them to recover and try again.

The application sends reminder notifications to the device so that the user does not miss a beat, so that the more days in a row the lessons are completed, the more valued the student will feel .

Duolingo app.

Monefy (4.5 ★)

This application allows you to record personal income and expenses in order to be aware of all monetary operations that are carried out on a day-to-day basis and to be able to save. The data can be synchronized with Google Drive or Dropbox and offers the option to save a backup so as not to lose the record. Its interface is very visual: in a circle you can see the available money and, around it, the different categories into which expenses and income are divided. The former appear in red and the latter in green. There is a premium version, but many of the features can be used for free.

Monefy application.

Goodreads (4.3 ★)

For those looking to improve their reading habits, Goodreads is a good option. This app offers the possibility of setting a personal challenge, so that the user establishes a number of books that he intends to read before the end of the year. As you add your readings to the platform, the percentage of books read increases, so that the user can easily see their progress. Also, by searching for book titles, you can rate (from one to five stars) and write a review or read reviews posted by other users. That is to say, it is not only used to get motivation or keep a count, but also to discover new readings.

The application menu is in English, but the titles of the books are in all languages. If you are looking for Don Quixote, it will appear without problem. For example, the language of the application does not mean that, when performing this search, Don Quixote. In addition, the progress made by the user can be shared on their social networks thanks to the synchronization of these with the application.

Goodreads App.

Petit BamBou (4.6 ★)

The current way of life involves a level of stress and high activity that more and more people they try to counter. One of the best ways can be through meditation. Petit BamBou has two types: free (with a timed time) or guided, with the voice available in Spanish. It also contains programs aimed at specific problems, such as anxiety, mourning or forgiveness, breathing guides, a library of relaxing sounds… Although access to all types of sounds or programs is not complete, only a few are available for free; if not, the user must pay a subscription.

Application of PetitBamBou.

Forest (4.8 ★), Focus plant (4,6 ) or Plantie (4.7 ★)

And if the problem is Just that we use the mobile a lot? To enhance concentration and set limits on phone use, we offer three alternatives. Forest is the best valued and best known, but it is completely paid (€3.99). Focus plant is available only for Android and Plantie for iOS, both with free features and, in the case of the former, with pop-up ads. The same activity is carried out in all three: a fictitious tree grows more the less the user uses the mobile. In Forest not only does a tree grow, but an entire forest does and, in addition, it can lead to the NGO Trees for the future planting a real tree.

These applications offer a history with which the user can see the daily or weekly concentration time. If you use the mobile before the limit you had set, the tree growth stops or dies and starts from scratch the next time.

Plantie Application

Kwit – Quit smoking (4.3 ★)

Quitting tobacco is one of the goals that most people set for themselves in these dates. To help in this effort, Kwit not only seeks to keep track of the time that the user has been without smoking, but also seeks to offer alternatives when they are vulnerable. If you shake your device when entering the app, a pop-up card will appear with a tip, so that you don't relapse. The application includes a section for advice, another for breathing exercises, a diary where the user can write down what they want, a detailed follow-up of the time without smoking and a timeline that explains the changes the body is going through according to how long it takes without lighting a cigarette. In addition, it calculates the days of life expectancy that you have gained by not continuing to smoke.

Kwit application.

TED (4.4 ★)

Users who intend to learn new things on a daily basis can download the TED application, which includes thousands of free video talks, also in Spanish or, at least, subtitled and given by experts. The topics are enormously varied: from the functioning of the brain to reflections on marriage. This app not only meets a learning objective, but also seeks to motivate the viewer and inspire them through the stories that are collected. It also includes a section of talks in the format podcast, with dozens of episodes from different shows. The watched videos are stored in a history and the user can give 'likes' to receive recommendations, and can also create lists.

TED Application.

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