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Things You Didn’t Notice In The Blue Bloods Pilot Episode


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By Brand D. McKee/Jan. 16, 2022 4: 30 pm EST

Endless TV pilots are shot, however reasonably about a them by no map behold the gentle of day. 

The conventional project to raise a TV series to audiences begins with shooting a pilot episode and screening it for studio executives. They’ll make a resolution to ship the repeat to series, and movie more episodes … or they region it loose into the unknown, by no plan to be heard from again. Furthermore, every so incessantly the pilot episode of a longstanding series can behold insanely reasonably diverse from what fans plan to know and esteem. All the pieces from reasonably diverse sets to unique actors can fully feel unrecognizable to an target market. As an illustration, did you know there used to be a pilot episode shot for “Fat Residence” with somebody reasonably diverse than Bob Saget as Danny Tanner? It will most likely presumably also feel fully foreign to maintain anybody reasonably diverse than Saget, however the first actor to play the role in the pilot used to be John Posey.

The long-running police drama “Blue Bloods” is one day of its 12th season, and by now, the actors and sets are burned into the fans’ memory. On the different hand, some things from the pilot episode feel entirely out of self-discipline when viewed after over a decade. Listed below are five things that fans might per chance presumably also no longer procure seen in the pilot.

Jamie’s obtained a brand unique lady

At this point, it’s exhausting to remember Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) used to be ever romantically enthusiastic with anybody reasonably diverse than associate-became-fiancé Officer Edit “Eddie” Jenko (Vanessa Ray). On the different hand, should always you rewatch the pilot episode as of late, you’ll be panicked to take into yarn that long earlier than Jenko arrived on the scene as his unique associate in Season 4, Jamie used to be engaged to the brainy brunette, Sydney Davenport (Dylan Moore).

Unlike loads of the differences in the pilot episodes, this one has a storyline spanning five episodes. One core attribute of Jamie Reagan has been his resolution to hitch the police academy as soon as graduating law college: this occurs after his older brother’s premature and suspicious demise on the job. Sydney is immensely supportive in the pilot episode — when she is around the Reagans, no longer no longer up to — however there is an evident stress between them as she clearly isn’t entirely contented along side her fiancé’s resolution. In the raze, being the wife of a police officer is more than she will be able to cope with, and when the pair call off the wedding, she strikes on along side her existence with out him.

Kitchen obtained a remodel

Regarded as one of a truly essential elements of a TV series that viewers fundamentally fail to see, when reminiscing about their current displays, is the importance of region. As soon as a series ends, the sets can become cultural icons. As an illustration, who doesn’t take into yarn the fictional espresso shop Central Perk from “Guests,” or Jerry’s condominium in “Seinfeld,” the put the whole hijinks and conversations take self-discipline? And when it involves “Blue Bloods” there might per chance presumably even be no region more necessary than the self-discipline the put all those beloved household dinners are made.

In the “Blue Bloods” pilot, although, that true region isn’t reasonably what you’d request. For one, the kitchen is smaller. Two, it has white cupboards, and one day of the leisure of the series, the color scheme changed to a more contented brown color. 

No clarification used to be given for the exchange. Maybe it felt a puny homier, or the deeper color felt more acceptable for the dark topics in the repeat, or the region might per chance presumably even procure factual been fully rebuilt as soon as the series used to be ordered. At least, the kitchen has confirmed to be a necessary half of the repeat. In loads of programs, it grew to become a persona of its enjoy. Right here is the put the household spends their time bonding, razzing, or debating each and every reasonably diverse. How time and again procure viewers considered two characters in the kitchen and identified what used to be about to happen?

Nikki used to be played by a enlighten actor

Recasts are a truth of existence for many TV series or movie franchises, whether it’s attributable to a conflict of pursuits — behold, the case of Terrence Howard, who played James “Rhodey” Rhodes in the MCU earlier than Don Cheadle took over — or an actor transferring on to bigger and better things. On tv, about a of the bigger recasts happen from the pilot to the series, essentially attributable to time passing between shooting the pilot and filming the leisure of the episodes.

This effect of switch took self-discipline with the personality of Nicky Reagan (Sami Gayle). While Gayle has become the face of the younger technology of Reagans, the pilot episode equipped the personality with a enlighten … successfully, face. The first actress to play Nicky used to be a young actress named Marlene Lawston. There isn’t worthy accessible on the reasoning for the switch, and since the actress’s IMDb net page displays no reasonably diverse exercise following her transient role on “Blue Bloods” — over a decade later — we’re going to come up with the option to most likely take that she moved on from acting to pursue a enlighten avenue in existence.

Henry’s leg used to be healed

Len Cariou knows what he’s doing. He is a just correct actor that understands factual theater and factual personality when he lays eyes on it. In uncover for you some proof of that effect of suited foresight, factual take a behold at his incredibly dauntless and award-winning efficiency of the very first “Sweeney Todd” in the gradual 1970s (per PlayBill). Taking that brilliance and foresight to “Blue Bloods,” he landed the role of patriarch Henry Reagan. 

While Cariou’s efficiency in the pilot used to be as sturdy as ever, although, the personality used to be a puny reasonably diverse — namely, he walked with a cane, a facet that is noticeably lacking from the leisure of the series. As a subject of truth, he’s shown to be a remarkably spry man for his age, in a while, as the series displays him incessantly getting enthusiastic with police issues. The region off of the cane and the limp given in the first episode is a hip replacement. The cane goes away without delay in a while, and is by no map spoken of again.

Given that Henry is the head of the Reagan household, his constant repeat of strength and resolve are a indispensable half of his personality. And in loads of programs, although he used to be purported to use a cane, you can presumably also request his Reagan stubbornness to retain him from doing so … worthy esteem it keeps him from giving up his riding privileges in later seasons, when he’s questioned about accurate scrapes to the auto. 

Frank had a lady friend

In the pilot episode, there are two shocking similarities between Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) and his youngest son, Jamie. The first similarity is that they’re each and every in relationships. The second, sadly, is that neither of them works out. 

Jamie’s fiance leaves him because his job is more than she will be able to cope with. His father’s relationship, although, involves an raze attributable to betrayal.

Unbiased like Jamie, Frank’s relationship is a storyline that plays out on conceal, although the latter sees his esteem existence plan to a cease inner the span of 1 episode. In the pilot, Frank’s lady friend, Kelly Davidson (Andrea Roth), is a reporter who appears to be like to be using him for ends in elephantine reviews. Frank is pulled away one day of the episode, and Kelly assembles her news personnel, arriving at the crime scene earlier than the police. After this, Frank understandably ends the relationship.

Frank is extremely closed off about his deepest existence, going to gigantic lengths to retain his relationships (the few there are) secret even from his household. After Kelly’s actions in the pilot episode, it isn’t exhausting to behold why.

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