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Things Jackass Fans Might Not Know About Johnny Knoxville


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By T.S. Lowry/Jan. 28, 2022 5: 47 pm EST

Unless you’re section of the “Jackass” crew, no longer many teams of visitors can tell they’ve made a living by job of imperfect stunts that in the case of indubitably resulted in damage. “Jackass” co-creator and alum Johnny Knoxville is well known for videos that transcend the limits –– and then beyond these limits. He’s been in the limelight on and off for many years, yet there’s aloof loads of tidbits “Jackass” followers might maybe no longer to find out about him.

Despite the indisputable truth that Knoxville is most productive identified for his antics all around the “Jackass” franchise, which has graced TV gadgets and movie shows alike, he has starred in limitless other movies that don’t involve him, smartly, risking his lifestyles with his pals. Knoxville even, once upon a time, got an provide from a indispensable sketch comedy and differ portray that takes plot on Saturday nights. The actor, comic, filmmaker, and stunt performer has lived a prolific lifestyles –– and listed below are issues “Jackass” followers might maybe no longer to find out about Johnny Knoxville.

His genuine name is no longer Johnny Knoxville

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Actors (and of us in artistic fields) robotically switch their names. One thing to salvage an edge in an otherwise intriguing occupation to ruin into. Whenever you’ve ever realizing that Johnny Knoxville’s name sounds made up, then you definately’re largely appropriate. His genuine name –– drum feature, please –– is Philip John Clapp. That is, no longer no longer up to, the name he used to be born with. Naturally, Johnny would appear to advance from his middle name and, in all likelihood, the Knoxville part comes from where he used to be born and raised – Knoxville, Tennessee.

Now not most productive is Knoxville’s name a nod to where he’s from, nonetheless it appropriate sounds appropriate for his occupation — even supposing there’s nothing execrable with Philip John Clapp. On the other hand, now you’ve got the very most attention-grabbing request for trivia night to beat your visitors. The name “Johnny Knoxville” is now synonymous with perfect jokes, stunt performances, pushing the limits, and a legendary “Jackass” all-indispensable individual.

He had loads of clinical concerns as a child

Knoxville will not be any stranger to accidents and sanatorium visits –– it comes with the territory of being a stunt performer –– but he also, sadly, had many clinical concerns as a child ensuing from his asthma. In an interview with Rolling Stone, he particulars his asthma concerns (which he aloof deals with on the present time) as a child: “It used to be a terribly fantastic childhood, and I used to be in actuality coddled,” Knoxville acknowledged. “But I used to be also in uncomfortable health a lot.” 

His asthma used to be so sinful that he couldn’t attain childhood activities, akin to having fun with in the leaves. Knoxville even had stints in which he had to use several days to per week in the sanatorium. He acknowledged he almost died on the age of eight as a results of getting the flu, pneumonia, and bronchitis all on the same time. Yet his chronic lung disease didn’t discontinuance him from having fun with sports ensuing from he “didn’t desire to be neglected or in actuality feel like a sufferer.”

He lickety-split attended the American Academy of the Dramatic Arts

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It’s natural for of us to aspire to be actors, as the profession is outwardly accompanied by reputation and riches. Despite the indisputable truth that a younger Knoxville presumably shared that sentiment, he chanced on out the exhausting system that it’s no longer in actuality that straightforward.

Johnny Knoxville is technically a classically knowledgeable actor … even even supposing his practicing used to be by no system formally accomplished. Per The Unique York Times, Knoxville moved to Los Angeles after highschool and attended the Pasadena College of Dramatic Arts. He, nonetheless, dropped out after six weeks.

Knoxville told The Washington Times that he indispensable to be an actor since he used to be 13 “ensuing from it sounded like a job with the least amount of labor fascinating.” That doubtless explains why he moved to Los Angeles. As luck would possess it, Knoxville would sooner or later construct it in the performing world with out a take care of degree. Yet it took some time and a irregular profession path, from writer to self-protection instruments tester to actor.

His first performing credit rating used to be an look on The Ben Stiller Level to (and other roles followers might maybe want left out)

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It’s regularly charming to salvage where celebrities got their birth and eventual mountainous breaks. Despite the indisputable truth that many target market individuals might maybe want first considered Knoxville on “Jackass,” which began as a TV assortment on MTV, his inaugural performing credit rating used to be in actuality an look on “The Ben Stiller Level to” in 1992. It wasn’t a critical feature, as Knoxville used to be a featured extra as a Medication fan. His costume is classic. Even celebrities as successful as Johnny Knoxville settle on to salvage their birth someplace.

Diversified roles audiences might maybe want left out Knoxville in consist of a “college man” in “Coyote Gruesome” in 2002, as smartly as Bob (as Phillip John) in “Desolate tract Blues” in 1995. Despite the indisputable truth that he had already made a reputation for himself, target market individuals would maybe be greatly surprised to study that he voiced Johnny Krill on “SpongeBob SquarePants.” All of the same, Knoxville has played a plethora of roles out of doors of his masterpiece efficiency as himself all around the everlasting “Jackass” franchise.

Jackass’ initiating put checklist entails Knoxville proposing the premise to study self-protection instruments

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Despite the indisputable truth that viewers might maybe use that “Jackass” used to be a TV assortment on MTV earlier than hitting the mountainous display conceal conceal, it began as a valuable smaller thought than that. Knoxville, according to The Unique York Times, used to be a writer for skateboarding magazine Gigantic Brother, where he “proposed a checklist for which he would take a look at self-protection instruments, like pepper spray and stun weapons, on himself.” Magazine editor Jeff Tremaine urged Knoxville movie the experiments and the remainder, as they tell, is history. This thought morphed into what followers possess advance to know and love as “Jackass.”

“We possess been on the air, and scores exploded, and I’m on the quilt of Rolling Stone,” Knoxville told GQ in a 2021 interview. “It appropriate took plot in an instantaneous.”

The portray has been successful to the tune of three seasons, limitless movies, and a myriad of hurry-offs, which consist of “Wildboyz” and “Viva La Bam.” “Jackass Forever” certainly.

Despite the indisputable truth that he’s identified as a stunt performer, he has different writing credits

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Knoxville is widely identified as a stunt performer on, naturally, “Jackass.” But followers might maybe no longer know that he also has different writing credits. Per his IMDb web page, Knoxville has 15 writer credits, which consist of initiatives akin to “Jackass Items: Contaminated Grandpa,” “Action Level,” and a lot others — including the mainline “Jackass” movies.

He’ll regularly be a stuntman first, but writing has played a mountainous section in his lifestyles and helped him salvage his birth. “Writing gave me self belief as a individual,” he told GQ in a 2021 interview. “It used to be like, I don’t settle on to appropriate distress about searching to construct it. I’m able to attain this and in actuality feel overjoyed and engaged.” Fortuitously for followers and Knoxville alike, the writer-became-actor did construct it –– and he made it mountainous ample to possess the means to flip down well-liked performing roles.

He became down an provide to be an part of Saturday Evening Are living

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Many performing careers possess taken off after acting on sketch comedy portray “Saturday Evening Are living.” Yet, that doesn’t mean it’s for all americans. Despite “SNL” being a launchpad, Johnny Knoxville became down the prolonged-working portray appropriate around when he used to be taking pictures the “Jackass” pilot.

In a 2005 interview with The Washington Times, Knoxville detailed his decision. “It used to be on the level where I both tell effective to my visitors, where we had the entire reduction watch over, or effective to ‘Saturday Evening Are living,’ where none of my visitors possess been in actuality going to be there and I had no reduction watch over,” he acknowledged. “I appropriate realizing I made the suitable decision.”

Clearly, he made a huge different as Knoxville and “his visitors” possess all considered major success. In 2005, Knoxville hosted “SNL,” proving that — with a small bit persistence — you can possess your cake and devour it, too.

He used to be it sounds as if dosed with ecstasy all over a promo shoot for “Jackass Items: Contaminated Grandpa”

You don’t obtain Knoxville’s legendary station with out some crazy tales at your disposal. All the procedure thru a promo shoot for “Jackass Items: Contaminated Grandpa,” Knoxville told The Sun (by job of Digital Behold) that he ventured to a frat house on the College of Arizona — a seemingly very most attention-grabbing birth to an narrative joke. He used to be dressed up as his “Contaminated Grandpa” Irving Zisman personality on the promo, and the college students handed him drinks, with one of many drinks being unknowingly dosed with ecstasy.

“About 30 minutes into the screening, my heart begins racing and I’m like, ‘I am x-ing appropriate now, any individual dosed me,’ Knoxville acknowledged. “I used to be so chuffed ensuing from I haven’t accomplished x since my 20s.” This resulted in an inevitable damage. “For the remainder of the shoot I used to be appropriate a prepare ruin, and we got loads of humorous stuff,” Knoxville acknowledged. “But at some level I ruptured the tendon in my finger both busting thru a desk or hiking up a salvage.”

Knoxville is a father of three, and he has been married twice

Johnny Knoxville might maybe are living a crazy and wild everyday life on the display conceal conceal, but, off the display conceal conceal, he’s a family man. He’s a father of three and has been married twice. Knoxville and his ex-wife Melanie Cates had a daughter named Madison — now an grownup who lives in Austin as of 2021. Yet the 2 possess since divorced, and Knoxville is now married to Naomi Nelson. The couple had two younger of us together, Rocko and Arlo.

To no one’s surprise, he doesn’t desire his younger of us to use in his stunt performing footsteps. He told Entry in a 2010 interview that “Pranks are dazzling, no stunts. I don’t desire Rocco or Madison doing any stunts.” Suffice it to declare, his parenting tactics are a ways different from his performing systems. GQ renowned in a 2021 interview that “[Knoxville] is notably attentive to the bodily security of his younger of us.”

Knoxville’s non-public struggles

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Despite the indisputable truth that Knoxville has had a perfectly pleasing profession that spans many years, he’s no stranger to private struggles. He told The Unique York Times that he used to be once “a ways and wide … somewhat valuable a prepare ruin. I used to be, as my cousin acknowledged, ‘Rapid, faster and be troubled.’ These possess been the speeds I ran at.”

While he landed mountainous roles in movies like “The Ringer” and “The Dukes of Hazzard,” his marriage with Melanie Cates collapsed. To that dwell, he sooner or later went into therapy for “loads of sinful habits that designate me my first marriage.” Yet he didn’t have faith the pains and tribulations of success and stardom possess been the causes. “I wasn’t appropriate thoroughly trusty and then, ‘I’m getting well-liked!’ and then the wheels tumble off. I mediate I used to be working on two wheels for a really prolonged time.”

For what it’s value, he told The Unique York Times that, when he began therapy, he had one request for his therapist: “I don’t desire to repair the section of me that does stunts. Correct to salvage that out in the initiating. She goes, ‘Lets strive.’ I’m like, ‘That’s what I don’t desire to repair.’”

Knoxville helped Steve-O salvage sober in a irregular system

Kevin Winter/Getty Photos

Pals helping visitors –– it’s essential stuff. And the lengths Knoxville went to abet Steve-O is in actuality divine.

“We’d all had our behold on Steve-O ensuing from he’d gotten to a terribly sinful level in doing every kind of crazy medication,” Johnny told Entry Hollywood Are living’s Billy Bush and Equipment Hoover, of the 2008 intervention. “But [when Steve-O’s] e-mails roughly hinted at [suicide]… I got 10 of our closest visitors — mountainous guys –- and went to his house.” Knoxville & Co. told Steve-O he’s both going to rehab or they’d knock him out and then use him. Fortuitously, Steve-O determined to enter rehab.

Events, sadly, didn’t chase as smartly for Bam Margera as he told TMZ that he wasn’t allowed to be section of the fourth “Jackass” movie after he refused to use Knoxville’s guidelines.

Whenever you or any person is combating dependancy concerns, abet is on hand. Talk over with the Substance Abuse and Psychological Health Products and companies Administration web location or contact SAMHSA’s Nationwide Helpline at 1-800-662-HELP (4357).

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