Things Don’t Look So Good For Maggie — Or Anyone — In The Newest ‘Walking Dead’ Season 11 Teaser


For such a short clip, AMC really packed a lot of drama, fire, knives, and tension in the latest teaser for The Walking Dead‘s eleventh and final season. While we see a lot of the Commonwealth and the Reapers — as well as Judith training the next generation of young zombie slayers — what’s most compelling is what seems to be in store for all the show’s fan favorites. In addition to Daryl’s situation looking pretty grim as a building burns behind him and he is enclosed by figures, the teaser ends with Maggie presumably falling from a height that would leave even the most badass of badasses severely injured or worse. We’d say there’s no way they could do it, but then again… we’ve seen enough prestige television to no longer utter those words.

If like so many of us you’re wondering just how the showrunners are going to tie up every loose thread and tragic storyline in The Walking Dead‘s final season, rest assured it’s going to be quite a bit bigger than any of the show’s previous seasons. Whereas former seasons of the AMC show run 16 episodes long — excluding the first and much shorter couple seasons, of course — The Walking Dead‘s final season will contain 24 episodes. However, before you get too excited, we’ll also be waiting a whole lot longer to watch them all. While season 11 premieres August 22, only the first 8 episodes are scheduled for release. The other 16 won’t come until sometime in 2022, so here’s hoping whatever cliffhanger we end on won’t be too brutal.

The Walking Dead‘s final season premieres August 22 on AMC. However, if you’re an AMC subscriber, you can watch each episode of the final season a week earlier via streaming. Regardless of when you watch, final seasons tend to have countless twists, turns, and spoilable-moments, meaning avoid the internet and your chattier friends like they’re a hoard of the undead themselves until you do.