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They denounce the murder of two people by FARC dissidents

  • The victims, natives of the Cauca region, were part of the indigenous guard

Two indigenous people died, including a minor , in an armed attack that occurred this Friday in a village in the Colombian department of Cauca (southwest), which

the natives attributed to FARC dissidents . The Association of Indigenous Councils of North Cauca (ACIN), said in a statement that the action occurred in the Las Delicias reservation, located in the town of Buenos Aires “by the Jaime Martínez Mobile Column, which until now leaves two killed and one seriously injured “.

The indigenous authorities had information of the presence of armed men in the reservation, so they ordered the sending of the guard to “do the verification”. However, when the guard arrived at the scene, the guerrillas surrounded the commission and “opened fire on the indigenous guard and the community present.” “Guillermo Chicame was assassinated at the scene and Fabián Camayo was wounded,” the indigenous explained in their statement, recalling that Chicame was a member of the Camayo security scheme and coordinator of the Las Delicias Indigenous Guard.

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According to the ACIN, the armed attack continued and a 14-year-old minor was killed, also in Las Delicias, who “was shot” on the highway. “These events are found in the same logic of attack and destruction of the local organizational process that the armed groups have been deploying for months,” the ACIN points out.

The UN Human Rights office Human Rights in Colombia reported last Thursday that at least 78 human rights defenders were killed in the country last year. When breaking down the information, the Office indicated that of the total number of murdered, eight were women and five of them were indigenous. Of the 70 men, six belonged to Afro communities and six were indigenous. The highest number of homicides against defenders occurred in Valle del Cauca, where 31 were killed, five of them in Cali, the departmental capital. Meanwhile, in the neighboring department of Cauca, the number of murdered was eleven, three of them in the town of Argelia, constantly besieged by illegal armed groups. These two departments have been in a spiral of violence for years stemming from disputes between different groups outside the law, such as FARC dissidents, the guerrillas of the National Liberation Army (ELN) and Mexican cartels, who are fighting for control of land for drug trafficking.

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