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These are the seven 'tiktokers' that earn the most

The magazine 'Forbes' has published the list of the TikTok stars who have amassed the most fortune during 2021. The earnings of these tiktokers (all of them less than 25 years, they have increased thanks to his intervention in movies, TV, clothing commercials, live performances …

The stars of the social network, led by the sisters Charli and Dixie D'Amelio, collectively earned $ 55.5 million in 2021, 200% more than in 2020. They can charge up to half a million dollars for a single post, although they generally earn an average of between $ 100,000 and $ 250,000 per post,.

These are the 'tiktokers' that have earned the most in the last year:

Charli D 'Amelio

17.5 millions of dollars. 133 million followers

Has the highest number of followers of the application . She has signed sponsorships with advertising companies, cosmetics and Dunkin 'donuts, and much more ..

@dixiedamelio ♬ Rucci – DDG

Teens seem to like it the material. He stars in several TV shows with his sister Dixie.

Dixie D 'Amelio

$ 10 million. 57 million followers

Charli's older sister. Trying to forge her career as a pop singer, she has charted 25th on Billboard's American Pop Chart . H has given his fans access to not only to his family life, but also to his love life with Noah Beck , another TikTok star.

Addison Rae

$ 8.5 million. 86 million followers

It has highlighted its collaboration with Netflix. He had a lead role in the movie 'He's all that'. Netflix has announced a deal with Rae for several more movies. It has a lucrative sponsorship of American Eagle, one of Hollister's main competitors, the company that backs the D'Amelios. And she has her makeup line: Item Beauty.

Bella Poarch

$ 5 million. 87 million followers

He is the third person with the most followers on the application. Born in the Philippines, then raised in Texas, she served in the U.S. Navy as a helicopter mechanic, posting ads for Google, Prada and Tinder last year. He also wants to get into music.

Josh Richards

$ 5 million. 26 million followers

Despite his bizarre and reveler numbers he has achieved sponsorship deals from Amazon, CashApp and others. It has an energy drink brand, Ani, and a venture capital firm, Animal Capital. You have invested in a genetic engineering laboratory that aims to 'resurrect' mammoths.

Kris Collins

4.75 million dollars. 42 million followers

is another example of how fast someone can accumulate fame and money with TikTok. Before the pandemic, Collins was a hairdresser in Vancouver. With the covid making the job difficult, TikTok was downloaded and has since created something akin to a comedy show. She plays several recurring characters, many of them based on family members, including her immigrant mother. On YouTube he has 4.5 million subscribers. His humor has caught the attention of Hershey, Lionsgate and Pantene.

Avanni Gregg

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$ 4.75 million. 39 million 'followers'

In California, it was one of the original members of Hype House, the collective of influencers whose formation in December 2019 marked the beginning of TikTok's rise in pop culture. The publisher Simon & Schuster has commissioned an autobiography. The book, which came out last February, is titled Backstory: My Life So Far .

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