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The Zootopia Star Who Almost Played Anna In Frozen

One day of a January 2020 episode of the “Existence is Short” podcast, hosted by actor Justin Lengthy, Ginnifer Goodwin shared that Disney was drawn to casting her as Anna in “Frozen.” She explained that she “was portion of the usual read-by course of of ‘Frozen’ love 400,000 years previously.” She went on to direct that it “hurt” when she “did no longer in discovering the call to reduction going.” Goodwin then suggested she bought provided to play Judy Hopps, a tough-working rabbit who joins the police pressure, in “Zootopia” on myth of of her reading for Anna.

“I was then gay that I bought the call that I was as a substitute going to be doing ‘Zootopia,’ and this was 2013, I bought the call,” mentioned the “One thing Borrowed” star. Whereas talking to Lengthy, the actress additionally shared that the movie before every thing centered on the fox, Nick Wilde, performed by Jason Bateman. “I was factual going to be this sidekick,” mentioned Goodwin.

She explained that the solid had “recorded [‘Zootopia’] for a pair years” unless it was “fully rewritten.” Goodwin additionally shared that whereas recording the movie’s “usual version,” she had been “making very solid choices” alongside with her reveal acting and “was making an are attempting to sound love Holly Hunter.” The actress joked that contributors of the production group had asserted that they “would admire known as Holly Hunter” if they wished her reveal for Judy.

“‘Holly Hunter does Holly Hunter very, very wisely. So we don’t genuinely want you to function a nefarious version,’” quipped Goodwin with fun.

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