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The Wild Parks And Game Theory That Explains Every little thing About Leslie Knope


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By Kim Bell/Jan. 3, 2022 11: 28 pm EST

Will indulge in to you indulge in been even a casual fan of NBC’s “Parks and Game,” not not up to a pair of things about the one-lady wonder that’s Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler). , as an illustration, that Leslie’s type-A persona bleeds into all the things about her, be it her dogged dedication to develop Pawnee, Indiana basically the most efficient darn metropolis within the entire impart, the seemingly inexhaustible effort she locations into her friendships and relationships, or her on the entire unbreakable enthusiasm and refusal to be deterred by even basically the most insurmountable odds. From a persona standpoint, it’s all rather endearing and admirable. From a logistical standpoint, it infrequently stretches credulity. 

A pair of years ago, a fan on the sequence’ subreddit came up with an interesting motive of how Poehler’s appealing character is able to juggle and prepare so noteworthy duty and so many burdens — be they self-appointed or dependable — and to be lawful, it makes tons of of sense. What began as a one-liner dropped by Aubrey Plaza’s deadpan April gradually evolved staunch into a expansive hypothesis about Leslie’s budget. Reddit user u/theblackduck writes, “In Season 6…April says to Leslie that she doesn’t ponder that Ben is appropriate for her and is totally after her money. On the starting up I belief this used to be factual April being April however as I regarded as it, it extra or less made sense.” 

Fans ponder Leslie Knope can be secretly prosperous

The user went on to listing their compelling proof, starting with the real fact that Leslie’s predicament as a govt employee capability she doubtlessly takes in “around $53,000 a year” (a host the poster took from a pay scale web role). It’s on no account nothing, however given all that Leslie’s in a location to finance, it does impart up some questions. The user identified that Leslie “buys and/or makes items for quite loads of oldsters for seemingly insignificant events,” (how could well per chance we neglect the lifestyles-dimension duplicate of the Iron Throne she had commissioned in Season 6), that “she paid for the Game heart classes to survive” in Season 2, and that “she paid for a minimum of April’s commute to London,” as neatly as “an define commute for Ron that took him to Scotland.”

Skedaddle, Leslie hand-crafts quite loads of her most notable items, however the offers and wrapping by myself would predicament her abet a dazzling penny, and she for sure doesn’t skimp on the standard, quantity, or low frequency of her reward-giving. What’s extra, because the fan identified, Leslie seemingly funded the filling of the pit for Ann (Rashida Jones) on her indulge in. “Filling the pit would assign $35,000,” they wrote, and after Leslie “tried the entire bureaucratic channels to salvage funded for that venture and failed,” she within the kill “hired any individual to factual maintain it in as a replacement.”

Lest we neglect, Leslie Knope is technically from Eagleton

Apart from to her quite loads of array of charitable deeds, Leslie managed to inch “a a hit political campaign against the heir to the Sweetums fortune.” Though Leslie relied on donations of each time and cash, it’s doubtlessly not she’d be in a location to defend her indulge in against any such prosperous candidate if she didn’t indulge in an even quantity of her indulge in savings. Other followers on the thread constructed on the fresh poster’s theory, with u/kablarkin bringing up that Leslie’s “rental seems actually kindly and fine for a single person on that salary,” and one more fan adding that she spent “over 1000 dollars one year at JJ’s on waffles by myself…” (by strategy of Reddit). 

Unnecessary to notify, not everybody used to be delighted. A pair of identified that Ben (Adam Scott) references the couple emptying their savings on their commute to Paris, and that he over and over stresses out over how they’ll develop ends meet while raising three kids. That talked about, as u/danny_fiasco argued, “savings are assorted than investments…if Leslie has some CD’s, or money market accounts, and uses a Roth IRA, as a replacement of, or to boot to her [government] 401good sufficient, at her age, if she saved at a excessive price, (she) could well per chance be price various hundred thousand dollars, and even the low millions if she used to be very ambitious.”

Whether Leslie Knope is prosperous, extraordinarily staunch at investing money, or in tons of of debt, lets on no account know, however a since-deleted comment on Reddit for sure seems to answer the question once and for all: “Unnecessary to notify she’s prosperous,” the user wrote — “She’s an Eagletonion.”

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