‘The Walking Dead’ Has Revealed First Season 11 Images And Announced An ‘Origins’ Series

When The Walking Dead last left off, the Whisperers had been defeated, Daryl and Carol were on the outs (although Daryl also has an estranged love interest), Gabriel and Aaron had bonded, Maggie was being trailed by the Reapers, and Negan had fully redeemed himself (except in the eyes of Maggie).

Meanwhile, there are eleven weeks until the 11th and final season of The Walking Dead kicks off in August, and as such, AMC will be dropping new photos, trailers, and more each week ahead of the 11th season premiere. The promotion begins with the first images from season 11, which are not particularly revealing but do remind us that Rosita (who was not a part of the bonus episodes) is still around despite actress Christian Serratos headlining a Selena series for Netflix.

It appears that Carol, Maggie, Rosita and Lydia will square off against a horde of zombie soldiers, while Negan — sans the leather jacket — will take care of some forest walkers.

Meanwhile, AMC also announced The Walking Dead: Origins, a series of specials that explores the lives of the four most popular and long-running characters remaining on The Walking Dead: Daryl, Carol, Maggie, and Negan. They’re essentially “Best Of,” episodes that mix clips from the most pivotal moments of their journeys so far with interview footage with the actors. The episodes, which will debut every Thursday starting with Daryl’s story on July 15th, are essentially repackaged material designed to promote the season 11 premiere and continue building up a subscriber base for AMC , where The Walking Dead: Origins will air exclusively.

The Walking Dead, meanwhile, will return on August 22nd with the first eight episodes of the final, 24-episode season.