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The video of a US teacher who promises to invite her students to chocolate if she puts a basket goes viral

Kathleen Fitzpatrick , a teacher at Holy Trinity College in Washington DC (United States) made a curious bet: if he scored a basket from a distance of approximately 10 meters, he invited his students to hot chocolate .

The challenge was daring, but there was a trick: the teacher, known to her third graders as' Ms. Fitz ', was a professional basketball player at Rutgers University

(in New Jersey, also in the United States).

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Surrounded by the expectation of dozens of children, who did not stop encouraging her at any time, 'Ms. Fitz 'prepares, concentrates and shoots, managing to score cleanly .

The hubbub and the merriment that rides around him has gone viral, and even school has given Thank you for the tokens of appreciation and because there have been many requests to make donations to the center.

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