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The Untold Truth Of Superior Iron Man


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By Brandon Rowe/Feb. 14, 2022 10: 39 pm EST

Within the Wonder Cinematic Universe (MCU), one single personality serves as the build to launch for extra than a decade’s price of storytelling. From 2008’S “Iron Man” to 2021’s “Spider-Man: No Means Dwelling,” the actions of one Tony Stark (aka Iron Man) (Robert Downey Jr.) consistently reverberate all the way in which thru the galaxy (and former), impacting the lives of every inhabitant of the MCU. Though the personality in a roundabout way meets his lead to “Avengers: Endgame,” few would ever contend that Tony’s contributions to the cinematic legend cease there.

After the introduction of variant timelines in the principle season of “Loki” and the introduction of the multiverse in “Spider-Man: No Means Dwelling,” a lot of MCU followers get begun speculating about the different of meeting other versions of the smartly-known personality. Finally, variants are known as variants for a motive… Plenty of versions of one personality can most frequently “fluctuate” in a pretty dramatic vogue.

In Wonder comics, one decidedly varied model of Tony Stark is is named Actual Iron Man. Seriously, some MCU followers divulge they’ve seen Actual Iron Man in the most as a lot as the moment trailer for “Physician Uncommon in the Multiverse of Madness.” Though it stays unclear if he’s on his solution to his MCU debut, Actual Iron Man already has a protracted-established history in the comics (via Villains Fandom). 

Let’s take a uncover on the untold truth of Actual Iron Man.

Actual Iron Man used to be created after an inversion spell

Wonder Comics/Yildiray Cinar and Tom Taylor/Twitter

All over a fight with Pink Cranium in “Avengers & X-Men: AXIS” (via Wonder), Physician Doom and Scarlet Witch cast an inversion spell in an try and convert their hideous-doer opponent’s motives into stunning. Unfortunately, their try and reverse Pink Cranium’s stunning compass doesn’t work moderately as deliberate. As smartly as to turning Pink Cranium true into a staunch human being (smartly, a staunch being, anyway), the inversion spell does something most surprising. 

Since the spell is also applied to all individuals else, the worst Wonder villains flip into paragons of advantage and peace, whereas Earth’s mightiest heroes suffer the true reverse fate. While the results of this spell are quickly reversed by Physician Doom and Scarlet Witch, no longer all the issues is returned to how it once used to be. Finally, a morally compromised Tony Stark aloof proves to be one in every of the neatest males in the galaxy. While under the impact of the inversion, Actual Iron Man devises a technique to defend himself from re-inversion, main to the perpetuation of an hideous model of the personality.

This region of events lead suddenly to the personality’s introduction in his get 2014 comedian sequence (via Wonder).

Actual Iron Man’s suit differs in one significant way

Wonder Comics/Yildiray Cinar and Tom Taylor

As any Wonder fan is aware of, the honorable element Tony Stark appears to be like to undergo faster than ladies folk is his armor. While few would seemingly get most traditional him to stay with the genuine armor from “Tales of Suspense” #39 (via Wonder), it’s also considerably surprising to expect simply how swiftly the billionaire most frequently decides to change his signature aspects. As it turns out, Actual Iron Man isn’t in fact any varied on this appreciate.

In “Actual Iron Man” #1 (via Wonder), Actual Iron Man designs a completely contemporary suit of armor in no longer as a lot as an hour. Alternatively, moderately that get it out of the extra traditional presents, Actual Iron Man opts for what he calls “endo-sym” armor. His contemporary suit is peaceable entirely of symbiote-infused metal that suddenly adheres to his body and hardens on connection. 

Additionally, moderately than the conventional gold, Iron Man Armor Model 50 comes infused with a vivid chrome end, something Actual Iron Man deems “sexy as hell.” While Pepper is skeptical of the contemporary suit, it’s without issues the least of her fears by the time she realizes what else has modified in her boss.

Actual Iron Man’s ego makes Iron Man’s ego uncover tame

Wonder Comics/Yildiray Cinar and Tom Taylor

All the way in which thru his history in the comics and the MCU, Tony Stark is frequently compelled to confront choices between making the selfish different or accepting the morally correct one. Though most iterations of Tony struggle with a unfold of vices (anything else from alcohol to traits against a “superiority” advanced), Tony nearly consistently chooses stunning (severely when it matters most). Actual Iron Man poses the ask: What if a man with such last vitality didn’t consistently produce the valid different?

Actual Iron Man is the consequence of a Tony Stark whose fine adore the lives of others has been utterly removed. As an different, Actual Iron Man is motivated by pure hubris. With the identical level of his genius intellect at hand, an unrestrained Tony Stark quickly turns true into a extremely unhealthy element. In “Actual Iron Man” #1 (via Wonder), the eponymous personality charts out a course for perfection that in a roundabout way ends in his get destruction. Equipped with a horrifying contemporary level of satan-might perchance perchance simply-care attitude, Actual Iron Man relocates to San Francisco with a extremely particular region of devious plans in mind.

Actual Iron Man’s ego leads him to present fearless strikes

Wonder Comics/Yildiray Cinar and Tom Taylor

Upon Actual Iron Man’s arrival in the town of San Francisco, he installs a contemporary app on the mobile phone of every particular particular person in the town. The app infects every one with “Extremis 3.0,” an addictive techno-virus designed to remodel its hosts into what Actual Iron Man calls “the very most productive” versions of themselves. With Actual Iron Man’s invention, folk are in a location to change their our bodies with the easy click on of a touch shroud. As he lands in the town, Actual Iron Man arrogantly proclaims, “Okay, San Francisco. It’s time to search out fairly for me.”

Alternatively, what in the beginning appears to be like to be Iron Man’s most as a lot as the moment reward to humanity in fact turns out to be Actual Iron Man’s plan to improve himself. Following a free trial of “perfection,” every one in the town is triggered to pay Stark Industries a total of $99.99 a day, indubitably an impossibility for most folk. It doesn’t take long for Pepper Potts to decide out that Actual Iron Man’s plan for his most as a lot as the moment invention is a catastrophe in the making. Within about a weeks, nonetheless, Actual Iron Man u.s.a.the ante considerably.

In “Actual Iron Man” #2, Daredevil confronts the so-known as “genius playboy billionaire philanthropist” over the abusive tech way and the two temporarily tussle. Though Actual Iron Man without issues defeats Daredevil after which brags about it at a occasion, he saves his ideal surprise for the cease of the suppose. After another brief fight, Actual Iron Man uses a dose of Extremis to ideal quickly restore Daredevil’s learn, a cool reminder of Stark’s abilities.

Seriously, these are ideal two of many examples of coarse hubris displayed by Actual Iron Man all the way in which thru the nine-segment volume.

Actual Iron Man’s cease came in a fight with Captain American, nonetheless no longer how that potentialities are you’ll request

Wonder Comics/Jonathan Hickman, Stefano Caselli, and Kev Walker

Lastly, Actual Iron Man’s coarse ranges of arrogance get him into a lot of hassle. By the cease of “Actual Iron Man” #9 (via Wonder), the titular personality has battled a digital model of himself, a unfold of alternative self reliant Iron Man devices, and Pepper Potts herself (in her get Iron Lady suit). While he succeeds in defeating (and/or demoralizing) all of those opponents, nothing prepares him for the fight he faces in “Avengers” (Quantity 5) #44 (via Wonder Fandom).

Within the course of a massive fight between Actual Iron Man and Captain The united states, a multiversal fight (identified as incursions) occurs around the two feuding dilapidated colleagues. Belief Captain The united states is a success in defeating Actual Iron Man, the success is short-lived. They are each and each in a roundabout way beaten by a helicarrier simply sooner than Earth-1610 collides with Earth-616, destroying each and each universes in an instantaneous.

Though it stays to be considered if some model of Actual Iron Man will appear in “Physician Uncommon in the Multiverse of Madness,” he clearly appears to be like adore the make of personality that will pose a unhealthy probability.

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