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The television characters of 2021

A medium that lives in constant revolution has every year a large number of characters to look at. In 2021, the new forms of communication (Ibai Llanos on Twitch is the most significant example), have coexisted with the most traditional (Vicente Vallés or Karlos Arguiñano) without forgetting women who have made their own story (Nevenka Fernández, Dolores Vázquez or Monica Lewinsky) or those who are in front of and behind the cameras in hits like La casa de papel .

Trailer of the documentary series' Nevenka '

Nevenka Fernández, in an image from the Netflix documentary series.

Nevenka Fernández, Dolores Vázquez and Monica Lewinsky

Three women have been able to reappropriate their life story this year. They have done it, precisely, through television, decades after the media hung the poster of the guilty in a modern version of the witch hunts. Their testimonies arrive, with greater or lesser success, through new platforms, such as Netflix ( Nevenka ), HBO Max ( Dolores. The truth about the Wanninkhof case ) and Atresplayer Premium ( The Lewinsky case ).

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Monica Lewinsky confesses that she suffered serious mental health problems during the scandal over her relationship with Bill Clinton

Ibai Llanos, Spanish streamer, presenter and narrator in 2018.
Joan Sánchez

Ibai Llanos

Ibai Llanos does not compete against traditional television. In fact, he admires and is inspired by it to attract the masses to a new window like Twitch. He does so when he organizes and discusses quirky sports competitions, like YouTube star boxing evenings or a World Balloon Championships. Also when, with humility and cunning, he invites Ramón García, who is the Christmas tradition made cape, to share the chimes with him from the Puerta del Sol. It was Ibai who spoke in person with Messi when he made the jump from Barcelona to Paris- Saint Germain. And who has in his hands to reinvent small screen entertainment.

Trailer from 'Thistle'

Ana Rujas, in 'Cardo'.

Ana Rujas

The 32-year-old actress has uncovered with Thistle , her first series as creator (along with Claudia Costafreda) and protagonist, as an emerging star whose future work must be followed closely. With this story about the existential crisis of a young woman about to enter her thirties who faces traumas through drugs and sex, Rujas has received the applause of specialized critics and the support of the public, so much so that Atresplayer Premium already has renewed the series for a second season.

Pablo Díaz, winner of the 'Pasapalabra' jackpot in July 2021.
Santi Burgos

Pablo Díaz

After more than a year appearing every afternoon in the salon Out of thousands of homes with his constant smile, the 24-year-old violinist from Tenerife managed to complete the final test of Pasapalabra , the Rosco. In a program that aired in prime time and to which the network gave all possible publicity, the contestant, who began studying at age 18 to prepare for the program, managed to win the 1,828,000 euros on July 1 after having become the contestant with the most accumulated programs in the history of the format in Spain.

Vicente Vallés Choclán.
Víctor Sainz

Vicente Vallés

The journalist is one of the most visible faces of the success that has led Antena 3 to lead the audience in November. Presenter of the second edition of the network's newscasts since 2016 together with Esther Vaquero, his space has already accumulated 23 months of leadership with average audiences of 2.5 million viewers and 19.5 of screen share.

Úrsula Corberó, in an image from 'La casa de papel'.

Úrsula Corberó

The paper house has brought to global fame, interview on the show The night of the American Jimmy Fallon included in December, the month in which the series came to an end. His rise has been glued to that of Tokyo, his character in the gang of robbers with Dalí masks. The actress started 2018 with a million followers on Instagram. Currently, it has more than 24 million. One more example of its enormous popularity.

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Tráiler de la serie documental ‘Nevenka’



Trailer of the second part of the fifth season of 'La casa de papel'

The screenwriters Esther Martínez Lobato (c) and the producer José Manuel Rivera (r) pose this Tuesday during the graphic show and the red carpet of “La casa de papel Part 5 Volume 2”. Photo: JAVIER LIZÓN (EFE)

Esther Martínez Lobato

Talk about La casa de papel is to do it from Vancouver, the production company that turned its first project into a global success that has changed Spanish television. Behind Vancouver and its successes ( Vis a Vis or Sky Rojo ) is this woman born in Soria 45 years ago and who struggles to change roles and give female characters the entity they deserve.

Karlos Arguiñano poses in the vineyard of his K5 winery, in Aia (Gipuzkoa), in April 2021. Javier Hernández (Newsfresh)

Karlos Arguiñano

The Basque chef could in fact have been television character of the year any of the 32 that he has been working in the medium. But in 2021, the National Television Award recognized a career that still has no signs of ending. The jury thus highlighted the “creative personality” of the chef, who has already become a television showman , and “the sustained continuity of a complete career in the field of television, with special relevance in the consolidation and consolidation of a genre that brings together television, gastronomy and culture.”

Juanjo Cardenal, the voice of 'Saber y Ganar', in July 2021. CRISTÓBAL CASTRO

Juanjo Cardenal

For almost 25 years, he was the voice of To know and to win. The announcer and journalist retired in the summer at the age of 71 and forced the faithful of the very veteran public television contest to face a change that, in a format that has remained almost unchanged from its origins, seemed like an earthquake. The journalist Elisenda Roca took over in August as the person in charge of formulating the questions to the participants.

Verónica Forqué, actress and director, in an interview at her home in Madrid in 2003. Bernardo Pérez

Verónica Forqué

Winner of four Goya awards, Verónica Forqué, finds died at his home on December 13, he also lived an intense career on television. Although his last appearance was as a contestant on MasterChef , his journey is almost as extensive as that of the cinema or theater. The success of Pepa y Pepe (1995) or her appearance as mayor in The one that looms are two of his most memorable roles. He had several projects underway with Netflix ( A thousand kilometers from Christmas, available on the platform since December 24) and HBO Max ( Poor devil ). The latter will now be left unfinished.



Trailer of the series 'Lost Fagot'

Roberto Enríquez, known as Bob Pop.



Bob Pop

The 2021 has served for the public to discover the man behind the brilliant mind that became popular on social networks and later became a collaborator (and deputy director) star of the Late Motiv by Buenafuente. His autobiographical series Lost Fagot (TNT), along with the brilliant and generous promotional interviews he has offered for months, they have unleashed a wave of empathy and pride. Also positive reviews.



'Supongamos que Nueva York es una ciudad' - Trailer



'Suppose New York is a city' – Trailer

The writer Fran Lebowitz. Photo: NETFLIX

Fran Lebowitz

The American writer and comedian is somewhat less unknown among the Spanish public than in 2020 thanks to the documentary series Suppose New York is a city . The conversations between friends that the filmmaker Martin Scorsese has had with the peculiar Lebowitz, and that he has conveniently shot and chopped up for Netflix, have two great incentives. They are intelligence and humor. She displays them, moreover, in a caustic way before listening attentively to him, often broken by her own laughter.

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