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The Ted Moment In How I Met Your Mother That Didn’t Age Well

Ted does a diffusion of surprisingly execrable things on “How I Met Your Mother,” even breaking apart with a accomplice (Anne Dudek) on her birthday on two separate occasions, but Season 4’s “The Naked Man” is in actuality egregious. Early in the episode, Barney and Ted perceive that Robin Scherbatsky (Cobie Smulders) slept alongside with her date Mitch (Adam Paul) due to he tried “The Naked Man” trick. Fundamentally, all he does is undress and show himself naked to an unsuspecting Robin; he even tells Ted that it in actuality works “two out of three instances.” Each Barney and Ted then try it on separate dates, with Ted in actuality succeeding.

Yet, as u/CuddlePirate420 says in the “HIMYM” subreddit, “It’s silly, but even after I first seen it I became as soon as delight in ‘Barney, Ted, and Mitch’ are all responsible of sexual assault.’” Whilst you seen of it, the “Naked Man” isn’t in actuality a “pass” — it’s crude exposure, manipulation, and blatant lack of information of consent. U/JaneDarkbloom wrote that in my thought they “dont [sic] judge into consideration it assault but I’d be intimidated as hell and seemingly in actuality frightened [if it happened].”

The expose might maybe additionally paint Mitch as mettlesome for coming up with the “Naked Man,” but in the tip, it will also be argued that it’s a creepy, entitled gambit that makes girls folks uncomfortable. Per chance the unique Hulu traipse-off, “How I Met Your Father,” will comprise a stronger engage of wholesome dating strategies.

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