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The Surprising Sopranos Star Who Thought He Blew The Audition

Since “The Sopranos” ended, Michael Imperioli has expanded his horizons as an author (“The Perfume Burned His Eyes”), co-host of the “Talking Sopranos” podcast with Steve Schirripa, who played Bobby Baccalieri, digital meditation instructor, and member of indie-rock band ZOPA. He’s also married and a father of two. Nonetheless by all of it, diehard fans of “The Sopranos” might possibly now now not ever overlook him as Christopher Moltisanti, the drug-addicted nephew of Tony and abusive boyfriend of Adriana La Cerva (Drea de Matteo) with goals of a occupation in Hollywood.

Imperioli made Christopher an especially dynamic personality. Despite his many flaws, he used to be funny and sarcastic and viewers couldn’t abet but root for him. It appears impossible that there used to be any doubt relating to Imperioli’s casting, but he used to be satisfied he failed his audition (by approach of Conceitedness Beautiful). “Anything I might possibly remotely be handsome for, I might possibly more than likely win an audition for,” Imperioli recalled. “They introduced me in and I met with David. I believed he hated my audition on memoir of David’s a poker-confronted man. He kept giving me notes and giving me direction and I walked out of there and I was fancy, ‘I blew that one.’”

Useless to train, Imperioli did now not blow the audition. Nonetheless he did atomize up a Lexus (by approach of Internet page Six) whereas filming regarded as one of Christopher’s first scenes -– using Tony round –- after failing to mention his inability to power. Fortunately, Gandolfini used to be a true sport and Imperioli wasn’t fired. “He qualified appears at me and begins cracking up laughing and we both qualified broke down hysterically and I believed, ‘OK, this is going to be a true trip,’” he acknowledged. “That used to be a bonding moment.”

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